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Matching two different entity records


I have a requirement where i need to compare some fields from Lead entity to some fields from other custom entity i.e., if i take a Lead and try to match it with other custom entity i need to able to retrieve all the custom entity records that match with the Lead. The comparison will be performed based on some fields like email, telephone, etc. Do we have any tool that allows us to perform such action?


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Answer 1

The Duplicate Detection feature allows you to compare fields from different entities, but only for the purposes of duplicate detection. If you need to compare two different entities for some other purpose, you'll need to write some custom code. How you design and implement the code will depend on the purpose of the comparison.



Answer 2


Do we have any third party tool that performs the comparison in more intelligent way rather than string comparison. I mean John Smith and Jhon Smith should be treated as same (John typed wrong as Jhon in other case). 


And also duplicate detection feature will allow to compare records of only one type of entity, in this case we need to compare records of one entity with records of other entity. 


Answer 3

A agree with Neil as we will have to tell the system about all the possible combinations otherwise it would judge.

1. An easier appoarch will be to have a report to compare all similiar record.

2. An ifame or web page showing all similar records of other entity using LIKE operator in fetch statement.


Answer 4

You can check the Dynamics Marketplace for any Apps that might be available to perform this function. 


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