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Microsoft SQL server error:233

I am getting this error when connecting to sql. I cant get into my databases now- its pretty ugly.

"A connection was succesfulyl established with the server, but then an error occured during the login process.

(provider: Shared Memeory Provoder, error: 0 - No Process is on the other end of the pipe.)Microsoft SQL server error:233

Anyone who knows what is going on soem help would be much appreciated.



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Answer 1

Which application do you use connecting to sql  Server ? Did you try another one ? Did you try to see if there are any event log entires for the time trying to connect ?

Jens K. Suessmeyer



Answer 2

You may also want to try connecting with a different login if you haven't already.


Answer 3

Thanks for the answers guys. I tried every possible login to no avail. I ended up having to remove visual studio, sql  server 2005 then .NET framwork. Then reinstalling in that order. Just removing/reinstalling SQL did not work. Took around 5 hours all up.

Pretty soul destroying stuff but thems the breaks I guess.


Answer 4

You could try first checking if the following protocols are enabled from the SQL Server Configuration Manager:

1. Named Pipes


Also, check from the Surface Area Configuration Manager to find out if your SQL Express Instance is configured to accept remote connections.

Please refer the following link for more help:




Answer 5

OUCH! Thanks for posting your resolution. I would have hoped you could have found a less drastic measure.



Answer 6

I meet , restart your database. To restart your databse at "SQL Server Configuration Manager.


Answer 7

hie.. all the solutions are right..
after trying all.. see your sql  server agent[ sql server  configuration manager] also start your server from run-->services.msc]
it might be stopped.. if it is so.. make it connected from both way i mentioned..

me too getting same error...


Answer 8

After several frustrating attempts to get this resolved, I completed the following steps to resolve the "Microsoft sql  Server, Errorf:233.  

1. Log into an administrative account that has access to both the machine and sql server  2005 database
2. Open up SQL Server Management studio with "Windows Authentication" 
3. Click on the security folder
4. Click on "logins"
5. Then click on the account that is not working 
6. Answer - Make sure there is a database within the "Database Default"  specified "I placed the admin account to master"

In my case there was no database specified within the default which put the login into limbo causing the Error:233


Answer 9

After restarting the SQL server, i'm able to connect to the Database from my application.

Answer 10

I had similar issue.


I had an user on SQl as abc(name changed), I deleted the user and without rebooting I created a user with same name as "abc", and tried login to SQL with abc credentials.
A connection was succesfulyl established with the server, but then an error  occured during the login process.

(provider: Shared Memeory Provoder, error: 0 - No Process is on the other end of the pipe.)Microsoft SQL server  error:233

I created another user xyz and tried login with same xyz and I was able to login.
Then I rebooted the machine and tested with abc account and I was able to login.

Now I deleted xyz and created xyz again, now I was not able to login with xyz with same error.

It seems when we deleted a user SQL Server requires a reboot, if we want to create user with same name again.

Answer 11

Make sure the user is not disabled

1. Login as an Administrator into the SqL Server
2. Expand Security/ Logins folder
3. Right Click on the particular user and go to properties
4. Click Status Permission: Granted
 Login : Enabled

It worked for me after it is enabled


Answer 12

1. Login as Administartor
2. Right click on the Instance name - Server Properties
3. Security page
4. Set the Server Authentication - 'SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode'
5. Restart the SQL Service

Answer 13

I have suddenly this same problem with an express 2005 running on XP for years. I've tried evrything you suggested to no avail! the sa login is now useless. Any new suggestion?




Answer 14



Thanks Guys its worked for me.Especially Thanks 2 Moshez


Answer 15

Thanks for the answers ,i tried everything from the start of the post ,my sql  server had everything mentioned here like allow remote connections,tcp/ip,in security in login the user allowed,default db set.finally the one that worked for me was a simple step go to the services and click sql server  and stop it and then start it again there,it worked :-) cant believe this simple thing kept me wondering for hours how to fix it



Answer 16

Goto Services.msc and start "SQL Server Browser" Service. It will work.




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