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Using Microsoft.office.interop.excel.dll witout installing Office


I need to open Excel 2007 files with over 2700 columns each. I tried using OLEDB and it only retrieves the first 255 columns on each query. Cannot seem to get them all at once. Then I tried Office Interop. I am able to transform the Used Range into a DataTable. Now the problem is that I cannot migrate my code and compile it if the target machine does not have Office Installed.

Is there a way I can install the Interop assamblies without installing Office?
Efrain Juarez


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Answer 1

Hi Efrain,

Thank you for your reply.

To obtain the reference to interop  with excel  in your program, you have to install the PIA of excel (first install Excel). Thus, you need to install Office. Then install PIA.

Hope this helps! If you have any concern, please feel free to let me know.l

Have a great weekend.

Best regards,
Yichun Chen

Answer 2

Hi Yichun,

Thanks for your response. I have another question though, is ti possible to reference to Interop without installing  Excel at all? I would like to be able to develop my app with the Interop with Excel 2007 in it, but at the same time, I would like to run my app in other boxes without Excel, or any other Office product installed in it.

Thanks, you have a nice weekend too.

Efrian Juarez


Answer 3

Hi Efrain,

Thank you for your post.

I can understand the situation that you came across. However, as far as I know, I'm afraid that it's not possible. To refer to Interop, we have to install excel  before the PIA of excel.

Hope this helps! If you have any concern, please feel free to let me know.

Best regards,
Yichun Chen
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Answer 4



I've found you can actually get that dll  from the Excel viewer, so if you want a lighter install try that.


I keep Office tools off my dev machine, but had found it useful to have a viewer. I'm not sure how much smaller or lighter the viewer is, mind, so this may not help much.





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