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Missing CRTDLL.dll again.

I am building an embedded system using a just-downloaded eval version of Windows Embedded 2009 -- version 2.0.1500.0. 

I found that my application would not run because it is missing the CRTDLL.dll file, which is a fairly common runtime DLL in standard windows.  I could include the file in my custom component, of course. But wouldn't it be better to install the corresponding component?

I searched all the components on my system for that file name.  Not found.

So I went to these forums and searched.  One gentleman had asked the question [url=http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/quebecmisc/thread/9b89fecf-be67-4a8d-a870-d6917772bd8f] in this thread [/url]. However, I cannot find the components he speaks of on my system. 

So it's a simple question: In which component is this file located? 


Brian P.


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Answer 1

The DLL is part of the C Runtime Library component, which has a visibility of 200. Set the visibity level to 100 and you will see the component.

Tools->Options-> Advanced




Answer 2

Absolutely correct. Problem solved.




Brian P.



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