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I recently purchased (and activated) a MSDN Expression Pro subscription, and I went to MSDN Downloads to see what I could download. Apparently, I can't download anything (from *that* site), even the free stuff, such as SQL Server 2008 Expresss.  However, I *can* download from the Expression Pro site, unless I want (you guessed it) SQL Server 2008 Express, or the SDKs, or anything else that doesn't require a MSDN subscription - because they're NOT LISTED.

Why in the frakking world is this the case? Why isn't my subscription valid on the regular MSDN download site?

Is this just an oversight, or has Microsoft somehow misplaced the meaning of the word "convenience"?  Really, I want to know.

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Answer 1

Isn't anyone from Microsoft going to respond to this?

Answer 2

Sorry for the delay in response John.  I'm a little lost on what your issue is.  SQL 2008 Express editions are not available from your subscription because they are freely available from Microsoft.  However, SQL Server 2008 Express can be installed/downloaded from this url: http://www.microsoft.com/express/sql/download/.

Please let me know if this doesn't help with your issue.



Answer 3

0) When I go to the Subscriber Download page, there are HUNDREDS or items listed for download, but each and every one is grayed out.  Being a subscriber, and being on the *Subscriber* Downloads page, this baffles me.  I have a MSDN subscription.  I am entitled to a a limited subset of the items available, yet I can't download them from the main Subscriber Downloads page.   I am forced to go to the Expression Pro subscriber site and download from there.  This makes no sense at all to me.

1) There are various items that can be downloaded without having a MSDN subscription.  They're listed on the main MSDN Subscriber Downloads site, but I can't download them.  So, where do you think I would look next?  That's right - the Expression Pro Subscriber Downloads page.  But gadzooks! Those same items that were listed on the main downloads page aren't listed on the Expression Pro download page. A google search and a dozen mouse clicks later, I've found a place where I could download it without that worthless WebPlatform Installer thing getting in the way.

It seems to me that the MSDN site could be made more convenient and usable for the  subscribers. 


Answer 4

hmm, that is confusing. 

Go ahead and hit up the 'site feedback' link at the bottom of the download page and fill out that form.  Be sure to include your Subscription ID, so I can look up your account.  I'll see if I can untangle this for you.



Answer 5

Done, and thanks. :)


Answer 6

By the way, would you help me to know what MSDN exactly is?

Answer 7

By the way, would you help me to know what MSDN exactly is?

Answer 8

I have the exact same problem.  Microsoft's reply seems to indicate they did not bother to actually read the original post.  I understood it.. I purchased an MSDN subscription, and the only things availabe to me from the MSDN download site are the same products that are availabe for free.... everything else is greyed out..  What is the value of this MSDN subscription if nothing is available except those products that do not require an MSDN subscription?

Microsoft, can you please post a reply (after reading first)?



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