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no navigation under look and feel

Dear All,

I have MOSS2010. im logged in with administrator account and have full control permission. I cant find the navigation option under look and feel. what im missing?

thanks a lot



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Please confirm if you have SharePoint Foundation 2010 or SharePoint Server 2010. This feature is not available in SharePoint Foundation 2010.

If you have SharePoint Server 2010, it depends on the template you used to create the site collection. Some of the templates do not by default activate the site feature Office SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure. If this is not activated then you will not see the navigation  under look and feel. To enable the feature:

If you are not at the root of your site, under Site Collection Administration, click Go to top level site settings. On the Site Settings page, under Site Collection Administration, click Site collection features. On the Site Collection Features page, next to Office SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure, click Activate

Now the navigation link should show up under look and feel.


Is it possible to change the look and feel of the OOB Top Navigation and Current Navigation in SharePoint 2007? What does it involve? Please provide details since I have limited knowledge on UI customization.


Actually my sharepoint site left navigation contains more links.so now we are scrolling down the

page and viewing the navigation links.

I tried tree view but that look and feel is not good

So could you please give me the idea to solve this issue

                Thanks for your help




I am building out a bunch of wiki sites to build a company's intranet. We are mainly using the Enterprise Wiki site template, but sometimes we use Document Workspace, etc.

The problem I am having is that the newly created sites set the top navigation to "Current site and below" and I really wish it would just always inherit the top navigation through the entire site (with highlighting, no pages).

Does anyone know how I can enforce this all the way through my site? I will be recreating all the subsites from scratch soon too. I am not using a custom site definintion, everything is out of the box.





I have created a kinda master page, using a WPF Custom Component, that holds a load of xaml HyperLinks.


  <Style TargetType="{x:Type local:Master}">
    <Setter Property="Template">
        <ControlTemplate TargetType="{x:Type local:Master}">
          <StackPanel MaxWidth="1152">
            <DockPanel >
              <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" DockPanel.Dock="Left">
                <Image Source="Resources\ProjectLogoV2Comp.jpg" Width="280"></Image>
                <TextBlock DockPanel.Dock="Right" HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" FontSize="14" Margin="10,10,5,10">
                  <Hyperlink NavigateUri="SignIn.xaml">Sign in</Hyperlink>
                  <Hyperlink NavigateUri="CreateAccount.xaml">Create Account</Hyperlink>
              <TextBlock DockPanel.Dock="Right" HorizontalAlignment="Right" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" FontSize="14" Margin="10,10,5,10">
                <Hyperlink NavigateUri="AccountHome.xaml">my account</Hyperlink>
                <Hyperlink NavigateUri="Welcome.xaml">Home</Hyperlink>
                <Hyperlink NavigateUri="HelpHome.xaml">Help</Hyperlink>
            <Image Source="Resources\Line.png" Height="7" Stretch="Fill" ></Image>
            <ContentPresenter Content="{TemplateBinding Content}" Margin="0,30,0,0"></ContentPresenter>

I am inserting this as the root element on all the pages I build and works well.  I can click around my hyperlinks quite happily from each page and the navigation works fine.

However I am now trying to navigate using a non-default constructor as I need to pass some information into the page.

publicpartialclass Home : Page
      public Home()

      privatevoid myLogin_LoginSuccess(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        //Login login = (Login)sender;//AccountHome accountPage = new AccountHome(login.login);//this.NavigationService.Navigate(accountPage);  

        CreateAccount createAccount = new CreateAccount();


Originally I was using the commented out code that passes an object to the page being called.  This navigation it's self works fine and I get to the right page with the information required.

However now that I am on that, page non of the Hyperlinks that I put in the master page work.  I get the same behaviour with the commented out code as well as the uncommented code.

All the links that work fine before I navigate using NavigationService.Navigate(Object) no give me the following exception.

System.IO.IOException was unhandled
Message: Cannot locate resource 'helphome.xaml'.

I really can't work out why this is happening and how I should be coding so that the HyperLinks continue to work.

Any advice/resources most appricated.

Sorry for a newbie question, but in going through the process of 'responding' to all the auto-generated threats, there are numerous cases where there IS a valid threat, but our design/implementation has (in our view) fully mitigated the issue.  I'd like to "certify" this (ie, I'm really happy about the state of this particular threat vis-a-vis some others).  Using the current modeller (v.3.1.4), what is the recommended way to show this?

I'm not wishing to certify there are no threats "does not apply because...", unless I'm certifying there are no RESIDUAL threats due to the mitigation.  If the latter case is what is being documented, then the current choices ("within a trust boundary", "mitigated elsewhere", "accepted risk (per bug bar)") don't appear to cover what I'm trying to document (nailed this, and here are the details how...).  Unless the "bug bar" is the key, but I'm currently modelling stand-alone, no bug bar available as far as I can tell.

The alternative (not setting the cert) leaves a long list of threats, some 'fully mitigated', some not, and the report really doesn't highlight the current status as well as I'd like.

Finally(!), what is the reasoning for not having Impact as a sortable/searchable "high"/"medium"/"low" field, rather than just a textual description?

Again, apologies if these are painfully elementary questions.

What is the best way to customize the UI?

I am hearing SharePoint Designer not good, because it puts content in database instead of file system of web server. That makes site slow. 

Do I use "Features" instead to deploy a custom masterpage?

Do I just need to customize masterpage or masterpage and layout page?






Since SP 2010 RTM is available I used to practice and have training on the Two wonderfull VM SP2010 RTM COntoso (Demo2010a & Demo2010b).

Once on the http://intranet/sites/sp2010pillars/SitePages/Home.aspx page there is a tab named "2007 Site". Click on this tab and you access a a website with the SharePoint 2007 Look feel.

Here come 3 questions:

Does any one know how to proceedto obtain this ?

Is there any way to export a 2007 site and import it in SP2010   Farm ?

Is there any Labs from Microsoft to perform a this kind of 2007 Look and feel Site in SP2010 ?


Thanks in advance for your responses,







Since SP 2010 RTM is available I used to practice and have training on the Two wonderfull VM SP2010 RTM COntoso (Demo2010a & Demo2010b).

Once on the http://intranet/sites/sp2010pillars/SitePages/Home.aspx page there is a tab named "2007 Site". Click on this tab and you access a a website with the SharePoint 2007 Look feel.

Here come 3 questions:

Does any one know how to proceedto obtain this ?

Is there any way to export a 2007 site and import it in SP2010   Farm ?

Is there any Labs from Microsoft to perform a this kind of 2007 Look and feel Site in SP2010 ?


Thanks in advance for your responses,




Why does Quick Launch show up on some root sites and not on others.  I'm designated with Full Control Permissions.  However, there are so many things that vary from one site collection to another, like the disappearance of Site Actions > Site Settings > Look and Feel > Quick Launch.

That control for Quick Launch is needed for being able to add both pages and sites within the Quick Launch area and in the order we designate.

Any suggestion on what I need to change to get access to it?




We have ported our code (VSPackage implementation for SCC/ Source Code Control) from VS 2005 -> VS 2008 -> VS 2010. There are few custom toolbars (in some of our tool windows). We added them as a control (using Toolbar) in the tool window.

In VS 2010, the default theme color is not updated for those custom toolbars.

What do we need to do in order to get the look & feel of those toolbars updated as per the current theme in VS 2010?


I am using SP2010 client Object model to display the recent activity list web pat,What i need is i should have to display my web part like list/Document Library look and feel.


Is there any control to bind the data?




I need assistance finding the CSS file or even the CSS that dictates the look and feel of the Quick Launch in SharePoint 2010.  We have used the new theme feature in SharePoint 2010, which creates a secondary corev4.css which lives here: http://server/_catalogs/theme/themed/F4153468/CoreV4-8A0ABD2F.css

I have noted that both ms-quicklaunch and s4-ql are used in css files to manipulate the QuickLaunch.  I've changed these tag properties, and countless others with similar attributes, in all possible css files to no avail (corev4.css, core.css, and the file noted above).  I am trying to get the Quick Launch to delineate the header vs. items in the menu more appropriately by adjusted the font size of each item.  I haven't had any luck.

I was able to add this to my masterpage:

.s4-ql a {
   margin-left:20px;  }

And this creates a margin to the left of the items under the header, creating some navigation separation between the header and the items below.  I can't use this tag to dictate font size properties, however, which is a major need.

So my question is two-fold:

1) What is the CSS that dictates the font size of the Quick Launch?

2) If using anything but the default theme in SharePoint 2010, where is the css file that has the tag for Item #1 above?  (NOTE: I can put the css directly in my masterpage if we can't answer this one, but answering #1 is imperative)


Is it possible to have the same look and feel/theme of sharepoint 2007 in SP 2010? Even when you upgrade from 2007 to 2010, how can you retain the default look and feel of 2007 in your new SP 2010?




I'm customizing the look and feel of reporting services so that it better matches the rest of our company's color templates, but I ran into some problems and I need some help. The bar that contains the export, print, find, paging, ... functions has a gradient in the background that doesn't fit. Is it possible to change that gradient? I ditn't find any matching pictures in the ReportManager\images folder.




Hi Everyone,

Can anyone give me a direction how to get started customizing page branding/look-and-feel and page layout (I believe this equates to modify HTML and CSS). Is customizing the master page is the way to do it or is the only way? Thanks all.


On a new server I installed SP2010. For the my sites creation I followed these steps:


But when I navigate to http://mysites, I get the old my sites from 2007 and not from 2010.

Is the site definition for the 'My Site host' is the wrong version in the RTM of 2010?



We have setup the Document Repository for a Sharepoint 2010 website. Please let us know how we can customize the UI of the document repository. Our customers are looking for a a simpler version of the document repository (w/o the ribbon, check boxes, etc)


Aritra Saha


I subscribe to MSDN Professional as I am self-employed and that is what my budget dictates.

Microsoft should offer their COMPLETE set of development tools and not peace-meal. That means as developers, tools that integrate with VS2008 should be INCLUDED in the MSDN Professional package, like Expression Blend for intance.

How can MS put out tools that go together and make development that much more "streamlined" from design through to delivery and NOT include a tools like Blend for Silverlight?

Sorry, feeling rather short-changed by MS right now and I'm sure others feel the same on different tools. I don't need Team Suite and Visio etc etc that is in Premium but at least complete the basic toolset in the Professional Edition.

Microsoft, show just a lttle respect for the 1000s of developers that DO subscribe to your product libraries and make more complete packages conducive to a full dev. setup and not continually expect more $$ around EVERY corner.  Another $1300 more for a Premium subscription that I don't need...just for the Expression tools which, in my opinion SHOULD go along with Visual Studio? I think not!

Thank You.

Now I'm wondering if your moderators will even post this :)  Guess we'll see!


Hi Experts,

How can I change the look and feel something like below:-


I have attach sample image, such that right side shows me Main-folders and sub-folders on the Report Server and right side shows me under-neath details, something when we open Windows-Explorer.

Any body can help me out. How to achieve it?



I am working with SharePoint 2007. I am interested in changing the presentation of the Site Usage Report. I thought we could not change it; but recently I created a subsite, checked the Site Usage Report for that specific subsite and found that it has a different look and feel in the report. Where do I find the setting to change the other sites to that specific look and feel?

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