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Office Communicator installed and running, but IM options not available for TFS Power Tools Team Mem


I have the September version of the TFS power tools installed and we just installed Office Communicator at our office. Office Communicator works fine.  We do use the advanced sign in that requires manual configuration and an internal server name.  In any case, even though SharePoint and Outlook automatically intergated no problem, Office Communicator is not available for the team members listed in the Team Explorer (i.e. the little round ball icon is still greyed out).

It seems like Team Members is failing to sign-in to Office Communicator!  If I open the Team Memebers > Personal Settings, I see that Office Communicator is selected as the collaboration tool provider and is shown is a state of running?

I know that using the advanced Office Communicator tools options for signing in required that I enter the internal server name. Even though Outlook and SharePoint just "worked," does Team Members support sign on to Office Communicator when the advanced signin method is used?

All our .NET developers are counting on this working!  Please let me know what needs to be done.



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Answer 1


It's working now.

Since I justed switched over to Windows 7, I suspected it could be a permissions problem.  I changed the application properties compatibility mode to run XP SP3 compatible. I also changed to run as administrator.

Bob Hardister

Answer 2

Hello Bob, 

if you have UAC turned on, Office Communicator and Visual Studio need to run in the same elevation either both being running  as admin or both not for the integration to work properly. I guess that was the issue you are seeing.





Answer 3

Yes, good point!  I'm running  VS 2010 Ult in Admn mode. Thanks for clarifying the issue :)


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