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Outlook Connector keeps asking for password

Hi, have two hotmail accounts setup in outlook 2003 via the outlook connector tool - they are synchronising and connected.  However, every time I start outlook I am prompted for the password for each account even though I have already set them up and ticked "remember password".  I am running Windows XP sp3. I have tried repairing the install of outlook but this makes not difference.

I am not sure but I think the version of Outlook Connector is 12.0.6423.1000

I would appreciate any help


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Answer 1

FIX!!! – If this didn’t work for you this might help.

After messing with this problem for days! I finally figured it out.

Under Mail Folders on the left panel, you should only have “Mailbox” if you have anything else like a SharePoint server or archive messages, delete those.

Problem solved! You are welcome!


Answer 2

Outlook Password Recovery is a professional password recovery tool to recover lost or forgotten passwords to password-protected Personal Storage Files (*.pst file) used by Microsoft Outlook to store emails, contacts etc. The program can also recover passwords to mail accounts created in Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, XP, 2000, 97, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Eudora and Incredimail. All passwords are recovered instantly, regardless of the length of passwords.

Answer 3

I have the same problem with Vista and Office 2007. I have tried repairing the install of outlook  connector but this makes no difference.

Answer 4

Hi joit

Yeah, I have been trying to sort this one out for a while - must be a bug that will be fixed in time I suppose.  I would appreciate it if you could let me know if you manage to resolve this.  The good thing is is that there seems to be quite a few users frustrated by this.



Answer 5

I changed my password  and did the SP2 update but nothing helped. The problem ist most anoying when starting the laptop after standby, which I use a lot. When I put the laptop into standby I don't even exit Outlook but the password prompt shows up after turning it on.

Is there anyone who knows how to fix this?


Answer 6

I still have no luck with this.  We should start a petition.

This is so annoying.


Answer 7

I am having the same problem with Office 2007 SP2 under Vista x64 , I guess the outlook  connector does not have enough rights to save the password? everybody has UAC enabled? maybe the plugin should be run as an admin?


Answer 8

Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for replying although I am running XP SP3 with an account setup  with full admin rights.  I don't think XP has the uac functionality.  I would be more inclined to think it was an external issue to do with windows live hotmail  as it does work, albiet,  very occasionally.

many thanks

Answer 9

Hi guys.
I had the same issue, (synching 4 hotmail accounts  at once),  but think i have now resolved it!
I welcome your thoughts..
 the solution... don't use the "outlook connector" menu to add the accounts.

In outlook.
go to
 - TOOLS menu
 - Add A new email account
 - Additional Server Types
 - Microsoft outlook  connector
 - and now setup  your details... AND dont forget to tick the "remember password  box".

I only did this for one account, rebooted outloook, and havent been asked for ANY passwords since.

I found that this meant ONE of my accounts existed twice... so then i just deleted the original account.. and all seems fine!



Answer 10

Hi Colin,

thanks for your help.  I tried what you suggested  - deleted my two hotmail  accounts from outlook  and then reconnected using the "add a new email account" option in the tools menu in outlook - resynce, which took a lifetime, but I still have the same problem.



Answer 11

I also tried Qroozn's tip but the problem remains.

Answer 12

Hi Joit,

Yeah, I remember Qroozn saying that he had only tried it with one account.  I think the problem happens when you have more than one hotmail  account set up via outlook  connector.  How may accounts  are you running Joit?

I may do some more researching as I haven't bothered for a while - maybe there is a fix out there somewhere now.


Answer 13

Sorry guys,
 my problem has now started again (although it is only occuring about 5% of the time it previously was). I'm still trying to search the web for answers too. I'm searching for "opening multiple hotmail  sessions at once", as i believe the issue it to do with the fact that you can't have two different hotmail accounts  open in IE in a single session (although in IE8 you can have two open in seperate sessions). If outlook  connector could treat each account as a seperate session... then i think this would fix our issue.


Answer 14

That's Cool Colin - your help is much appreciated.  I will let you know if I find anything unless you get there first!!

thanks mate

Answer 15

Same problem here, and I have only one hotmail  account setup  in Outlook. It was fine until very recently when it started prompting for password  for no apparent reason.

Answer 16

only 1 account!

Answer 18

The first link is to the default Outlook page
The middle link is a default support page
The last link has nothing to do with this problem

But I think this one fixed it for me, but any attachments you receive will need to had a virus scan before opening as this shuts the virus scan off.


Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you follow these steps carefully. For added protection, back up the registry before you modify it. Then, you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
322756 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/322756/ ) How to back up and restore the registry in Windows

To work around this problem, disable zipping requests. To do this, follow these steps:

Follow these steps, and then quit Registry Editor: Click Start , click Run , type regedit , and then click OK . Locate and then click the following key in the registry:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ Microsoft\ Microsoft Office Outlook Connector
On the Edit menu, point to New , and then click DWORD value . Type ZipRequestDisabled , and then press ENTER. On the Edit menu, click Modify . Type 1 , and then click OK .

Answer 19

Hi ASH71,  thanks for this but this didn't work either.  It would be more worrying to me that my attachments would not be getting scanned on receiving them though.

kindest regards,


Answer 20

I still can't find a resolution - are there any other paths I can follow?

kindest regards

Answer 21

In the end it did not continue to work for me either. Worked for a little while though. I use Avast so it would get auto scanned when i tried to open it so no worry there.

Answer 22

I got the same problem but not only Outlook keep asking for the password  but it cannot connect to my account as well.
In Outlook 2007 I run on a Vista Home Premium SP2 it was fine until Microsoft imposes the use of Outlook Connector!
On the same computer and Outlook 2007 I have other mail accounts  than Hotmail and they continue working fine because they do not have to go through Connector.
And what is strange is that all my Hotmail accounts work fine on my XP Computer with Outlook 2003 and Outlook Connector!
Suppose that Outlook Connector has some issue with Vista.
It also prohibits the Google Calendar Sync with my Outlook Calendar. That Sync app. worked fine before Connector.
Would appreciate if someone help find a solution to it. With Microsoft FAQ there is no answers.

Answer 23

I am running XP SP3

Answer 24

Hi djartsinc,

Am sorry but the links you provided are of no use for solving the problems in question here.
As for me the problem is clearly Outlook connector  not able to connect to my accounts, as I try to relate hereafter.
I run my two Hotmail email accounts  with Outlook 2007 smoothly on a Vista Home Premium machine until Outlook Connector becomes mandatory.
Now, Outlook can no more sync my files with the Hotmail Accounts while it still works with my other email accounts that are not from Hotmail .
I have to access my Hotmail accounts through Firefox.
Outlook connector also prevents my Google Calendar Sync from working.
I guess that all my setting of Windows Live are correct since the same accounts are accessible on an XP machine with Outlook 2003 and Outlook Connector .
I also have created a new Hotmail account with the same results.
To my guess it is a matter of compatibility between Vista and Connector. When I click Tools/Send and Receive all, Outlook show the status as sending and receiving up to a certain percentage then displays Connection is not possible.
Could you help me to find a solution to this problem, please?
Thank you.

Answer 25

Same problem(s) here just not consistent every time I open Outlook. (Windows 7 Ultimate, Office 2007)

Answer 26

This is evidently a common problem. None of  the "solutions" work. How 'bout the moderator ollking into this for us?

Answer 27

I think that there is a major problem with outlook  Connector and related server at hotmail.
Recently I got a contact with the Microsoft Customer Service who said that she will "reset" my accounts.
But to today the same problems remain for me: not able to connect to my hotmail  email accounts  through Outlook.
Further more some accounts would send outlook into "not responding" state when added to outlook (through outlook connector).
I find that Microsoft don't pay any attention to customers.

Answer 28

I couldn't agree more - they just don't want to help.  I have been trying to get somewhere with this for months now!!

Answer 29

I'd like to know if this is a bug that only happens under certain circumstances or if evereybody using the outlook  connector has this "problem".

Answer 30

It happens on my three computers, one in XP Pro, one in Vista and one in Windows7.
All my three hotmail  addresses are affected, one would block outlook  from openning when added to the outlook connector, the others are simply unable to connect to the server.

Answer 31

i have the same problem. i uncheck "remember password" first, then check "remember password", then press "ok". it didn't show up again. so i think it's kinda bug problem.

Answer 32

Hi All,

This issue is a bug in outlook  connector. I don't have an answer or fix for it. The only thing I can offer at this time is to keep hammering microsoft to provide a solution to the issue. I personally, use windows live mail and windows live desktop mail application. I have mtiple email accounts, and don't experience any issues with opening multiple addresses at the same time, and my calender syncronizes just fine with my google calender.

Windows live( example@live.com) is the new hotmail,is much better, and without the hastles
Diana Microsoft Partner. MSDN, Microsoft, and Bing Community Forums Moderator. http://djartsenterprises.goods.officelive.com/default.aspx

Answer 33

Hi Diana,

so the solution would be to use windows live desktop mail application instead of outlook?

Answer 34

That's not much of a solution.

I have the same problem (W7U, O2007) and one thing I've noticed is that often, when I close Outlook, it carries on running (i.e., you have to go to Task manager and kill the process). There is no consistency in this, but I noticed that not only was outlook  connector prompting me for passwords when I'd already told it to save them, but all mail retrieval was hanging up.

There are definite bugs here and one can only hope Microsoft pull their finger out and fix them!

Answer 35

Hi all,

My problem is partially solved.
I emailed Microsoft technical support and lucky enough got a very helpful lady who follows my problem up and helps.
I have two hotmail.com addresses and a dual boot computer, with Vista and Windows7.
She got my accounts  reset (?) that took a couple of days during which time I had to not open Outlook.
Then one of my accounts worked normally with both boots; But I tried to add the second address to the Vista configuration and I am back to my problem on that OS.
Fortunately I did not do anything else on my W7 configuration and it keeps working. For the second address I work around by logging to it with windows live and take the option of forwarding it.
So I think that there is some bug with Vista-Outlook 2007-Outlook Connector.

Answer 36

Hi all,

Its 100% not just limited to a bug (Nguyen35) with Vista-Outlook2007-Outlook connector. This is my experience, which details why its not just limited to that.

I have several PCs on XP and Vista, and am using outlook  2003 and Connector:12.0.6423.1000. So it also affects Outlook 2003, but on one XP machine, fine, no problems at all and never get repeatedly asked for a password. On another XP machine - not fine, always tries to re-athenticate and force you to put password  in (twice). On a Vista machine, also does not work - exactly the same scenario in that I will nearly always be asked for a password twice before access to Hotmail account. It makes no difference if there is one account or multiple accounts, and it makes no difference if Vista or XP, and I have seen it happen elsewhere on Outlook 2007, so it also makes no difference if Outlook 2003 or 2007.

The only thing I can think of, is that the XP machine that works fine in this regard, is fully patched up, and all others are behind in patches. This is because of a natural caution with MS updates and patches. I could be wrong, but my feeling is that there has been an MS update that has addressed this, and the one thing I have yet to do to prove this, is update the other PCs to see if the problem goes away.

Can anyone confirm if they are getting this problem while also being fully patched up?  If so, then that would spoil this theory. All I know is that its incredibly annoying, especially when MS forced everyone onto connector  when they stopped the old Webdav protocol. What I can't understand is stopping something that worked very well, and forcing users to use something that is not tested properly and affecting so many people. Come on MS - fix this issue before we all go a bit mad!


Answer 37

Fully patched, Windows 7, Outlook 2007. Still asks but less frequently than before. ie: once every 14 days instead of once every 2 days. <fwiw>

Answer 38

Fully patched, Windows 7, outlook  2007. Still asks but less frequently than before. ie: once every 14 days instead of once every 2 days. <fwiw>
Hi Tony, That's a shame. I was hoping un-patched was the missing link - simply because one of my XP boxes "is" fully patched and is the only machine not showing this problem. Its so frustrating that MS have not addressed this! Every time I load Outlook 2003, I have to put the password  in twice on my Vista box, every single time!! If they force us off Webdav and replace it with Connector, can they not ensure it works properly first? Remember that they had well over a year to prepare for this, because they postponed the switch over for more than a year after people complained. To me that is incredible that nobody picked this up in all those months....and has done nothing since.

Answer 39



Ok guys I have been having the same problem as all the rest.  No matter what solution I try, besides the registry edit one which I shy'd away from, still nothing has worked.  I use Outlook 2003 with Outlook Connector and every time I start MS Outlook the thing asks for a dam password  for each of my homail accounts  I use it for.  I have 4 hotmail  accounts and 2 gmail accounts all interfacing with Outlook.

After searching this problem and reading page after page of info I have come to my own solution.  I must say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to the people who thought it must be a hotmail problem due to it not allowing more than one log-in at a time that led me to it.

Here's what you do:

- Open Outlook and go to Tools > Options > Mail Setup > Send/Recieve
- In this section you should have all of your accounts umbrella'd under one "Send/Receive" group
- You need to open the "All Accounts" group and deselect all but one Hotmail account
- Then set up new groups for each of the corrisponding accounts you use
- After you set up a new group go into it and select ONLY ONE of the accounts you are using
- Duplicate the settings you had prior for Send/Receive options
- Do this (a seperate group) for each and every Hotmail Account you are using


I have my 2 gmail accounts and one Hotmail account under "All Accounts" and then a new group for the remaining 3 Hotmail accounts I use.

This worked for me, FINALLY, so I hope it does for you.
Again as others have suggested it must be related to the way Hotmail.com processes email accounts with Outlook Connector and not liking something about multiple accounts accessing it at the same time.  Although this wouldn't exactly explain why there isn't a problem, for me anyway, when the Send/Receive happens every 20 minutes, as I have set in my options, only when it first connects.


Answer 40

Hey, WhiteSphynx, I really must thank you so much. This issue has dogged me for months. As you have experienced yourself, the frustration of entering passwords (in my case twice) each time you fire up Outlook has been a real pain. Thank you SO much for your solution. Its worked for me. I really can hardly believe it!! Totally Fantastic! Rob

Answer 41


Well done my friend

Answer 42

Unbelievably...... so persistent is this error, that it has only partially worked (at least in my case). On my Vista box, it has worked 100%. Can't get it to go wrong there. But on my XP box, despite using the same version of Connector, and the same version of Outlook 2003, it is a mixed result. I am asked on the XP box for a password  up to 4 times for the two Hotmail accounts. Then, once Connector has done all that rubbish, it will settle down, and as long as you leave Outlook 2003 loaded - it will actually survive a hibernation. In this respect, I can get my XP box to be happy for as long as Outlook remains running. But come out at all, and you are back to multiple password requests, time after time. But on my Vista box, no such problems. It is still amazing me that MS can withdraw the old Webdav protocol, and yet leave so many users with elementary basic issues like this - without so much as a peep out of them. And on a separate subject altogether - just for what its worth - MS do not even seem to have got the hang of how to program open windows where you leave them: on my Vista box, icons and windows resize and move themselves from where last left all the time. Nothing to do with this issues at all....but my point is that some of these things are so elementary, and yet still flaky. All the same, thanks very much for this solution which at least has made a big improvement even if not the complete fix I was hoping for. Rob

Answer 43

yeah - thought it had fixed it for me on xp but when i restarted the machine it is back as it was.  oh well guess i am resigned to sign every time, which isn't too much hardship.

Answer 44

...only have this now on XP - Vista really is 100% ok. But I have another XP box (third machine here) which "had no problem in the first place!" Never had to adjust this one, so that's three different scenarios. That's why this is so hard to pin down. But there is DEF a connection with the multiple accounts  thing, because I can see changes in behaviour once this has been adjusted, so I have a feeling that its THAT in combination with something else - perhaps a particular Windows update, or some other patch that may exist on one machine but not on another - which when used in combination, has the magic effect of a complete cure. Glad you don't mind signing in each time - it was driving me mad!! Best of luck. Rob

Answer 45

Thanks a lot guys this definitely has been a pain in the butt for me as well.  Seems some of you using XP still having the problem.  I am on Vista 64bit.  I must confess I thought it was 100% fixed because I restarted Outlook and even rebooted a couple times to test it fully before I posted the solution, but I am getting the same dam thing every once in a while.  But only on like ONE of my accounts  or another and only 1/10 times, and only on first start up no conflicts except initial starting of Outlook.  So for 4 accounts for me only ONE messing up one time in 10 starts of Outlook...I'll take it!
Maybe along the way someone can expand on my discovery and make it a 100% fix and end this mess for good.  It would be nice to really truly know what the issue is and since M$ makes Outlook, Outlook Connector and runs Hotmail you'd think they'd come up with a fix already or suffer losing ppl to the competitors.  Until then I know I'm much happier now.
I'm sure you can relate that the most annoying thing about having it happen every single time is if you're too quick and hit the OK button before checking the REMEMBER password  box then you have to type the whole damn password in the next time you start Outlook, so annoying.

Don't forget to rate helpful folks! Thx

Answer 46

Hi WSX, You're lucky if most of the time - you DON'T have to put a password  in. In my case, nearly all of the time - I get offered (up to 4 times for two accounts) completely empty password boxes! Can you imagine that before you can even see your two email accounts, that you have to type FOUR SEPARATE PASSWORDS into completely empty input fields?! In that machines' case (Vista), it didn't survive a hibernation, so it was each and every time the PC was fired up. But thanks to your solution, that machine at least - is corrected now - even though its not on XP. Strangely enough - just once yesterday, it asked again on that Vista machine - even though I had thrashed it and tested it so many times and had not got it to go wrong. So I'm not convinced its 100%. Sadly, I'm not sure MS care much about it. I can live with 95%!! I've also found problems using POP3 settings instead of connector. So that's not been much of a solution either. There must be so many people this is affecting. Why can't MS just issue a patch for us that has been really thought out and works for all scenarios? Also, have you noticed that since they put an end to Webdav, that Hotmail using connector  does not sync very well. For example, you can delete some emails using Connector - then go to the web interface for Hotmail, and find that they are still there, even though you deleted them in Outlook. The old protocol never used to suffer that flaw. Eventually, the messages catch up with themselves, but for a time - it can leave you wondering what's in your inbox and what's not - since the sync appears to have some sort of delay before a)webmail and b)connector both agree with each other. Anyone else had this as well? Rob

Answer 47

Hi Guys.

Been monitoriing this issue for a few days now and I must say that this is the best forum yet. You're trying to resolve the issue rather than just blame MS and/or copy stuff over from other forums.

I'm going to throw the 'cat among the pigeons' and say that this problem could be hardware based.  You (quite correctly) seem to think that this is a problem with the connector.  There is also a fact that MS can't reproduce the error else they would have had a fix months ago.  However, the connector  IS doing what it has been asked to do.  Also something to note that this is not caused by corrupt registry entries unlike the old issue of outlook/outlook express not remembering passwords where the password  box is always empty.

Some background info on me.  I'm a self taught/self employed PC maintenenace guy here in the UK - hardware and software.  The setup  in the house consists of 4 PC's all sharing a wireless connection.  I use outlook  on only 1 of the PC's - my 'Work' PC.  It's Outlook 2003 with the 12.1 connector.  Email accounts  consist of 2XPOP3/SMTP and 4XMAPI (3of them are on one office live domain and the other is on another).

My Work pc is bascially a 'heinz 57' made up of bits given to me over the years.  It has just (within the last 6 days) been completely upgraded and it's only since then has this issue with the connector asking for the password occurred.  My old setup was a 1.9Ghz P4 533FSB 512MB SDRAM 120GB IDE HDD - yes slow but it worked - I NEVER had this password problem.  The PC now has a 3.4P4 HT SKT775 with 1GB DDR2 400GB SATA2 HDD - ok still not the fastest but the mainboard is only a year old (I know I fitted it) and this problem has started.  Sometimes it's 3 of the office live accounts other times it's only 2 of them or no problem at all.  There's no difference in the version of outlook and I am using the same usb wireless adapter but I am now using XP MCE with SP3 whereas before it was XP HOME SP3.

WhiteSphynX - I believe you are correct when you say that hotmail  will not allow simultaneous logons to 2 accounts and your fix for setting up send /receive groups will work for slower systems.

Let me say what I beleive what is causing the problem.  We know that the number of hotmail accounts matters.  The connector works it's way down the list of accounts and tries to logon and sync to each one.  On my old slow setup there was a time delay between logging on to each of the accounts - due to the fact that it was so slow.  The hotmail/office live account logon procedure had time to complete and start the sync before the connector was trying another account.

With the 3.4P4 the code for the connector is running alot faster.  It is trying to logon to another account before it's has successfully completed the logon to the previous one.  Hotmail is not freeing itself up in time before the next logon attempt or the connector is not freeing up the services it uses to access the accounts making the next account inaccessible.  Remember when you lose you broadband connection or the the isp mail server is slow and outlook express cant find/access the mail server - it prompts you for the password for your accounts.  This is what the connector is doing.

By setting up seperate send/receive groups you are forcing a slight delay in that logon procedure.  Also by entering the password manually you are also adding a delay - the connector has finished with the previous account.  So, on slower system it will resolve the issue.  RobSJ, I beleive the reason why it works on your Vista system and not the XP one is just that Vista is a slower OS. 

What's needed is an option in the connector to delay the logon to the account (say 5secs) to give the logon procedure time to complete the previous account.

Also something to consider is the speed of your broadband connection and when are you using outlook.  No idea what it's like in the US but here in the UK anytime between 3pm and 1am everything slows down.  The varying speed of the connection over different periods could also be a factor. ie the problem happens more often when your connection is faster.  That's why the problem seems to come and go for some of you.

Simply put the problem only happens on faster systems (say less than 4 years old).

The BETA version 14 of the connector logs on in a different way - it expects you to be logged on to messenger before outlook is started - else it just hangs when trying to connect. (After installing it the connector would not connect to any of the accounts.  However, after a restart of the pc and starting outlook, messenger appeared asking me to logon.  That only happened after I installed V14.) Must be that MS are aware that it's a loggin on issue and are working on it - getting the account logged on before the connector tries to sync.  My only concern is that I hate messenger and would never want to be logged onto it and how would it cope with my 2 diff domains?  So I've uninstalled 14 it and gone back to 12.1.

Answer 48

I have exactly the same problem, I have wasted hours trying to resolve it.

The biggest irritation is that when the password  prompt has appeared it changes the default mail account from my pop3 (business) mail account to one of my hotmail  accounts.

So often I send business mails from my hotmail account without realising.

This is a commercial liability.

As a software developer myself I cannot understand how such poor quality development ever passed acceptance testing.


Answer 49

To : HollowPoint123

That's an interesting idea - about the hardware being fast or slow and this in turn affecting how connector  behaves. It sounds slightly hard to accept this idea in some ways, but on the other hand, there is a variable nature to this issue that might just bear this theory out.

My vista box seems to be behaving about 90% of the time. I simply have no idea why 10% of the time, this suddenly triggers again. As a software developer myself, it completely bucks the normal thinking that a bug exists or it does not. To have something just go wrong "some" of the time is somewhat unusual, and would suggest that some other thing is at play at certain times.

But MS appear to care little about this. What bugs me is that webdav (that did not need connector) was mostly completely reliable. Its very annoying to have something broken that for years was fine until they changed it. That in essence, is the most annoying thing here.

And Dave_e - agreed, the quality control on this is abysmal. Just do not know how it passed any sort of testing.

Ahh well, back to webmail then - which is probably what MS want us to use, so that we can look at their advertising.

Answer 50

To: All

Well it's been a while since I last reported about this problem so time for an update.

The news is not so good.  After my initial fix the problem returned, although seemingly slowly at first.  Now when I first start M$ Outlook after a reboot, and I think even if I've closed the program and re-opened it without a reboot, about 50% of my hotmail  accounts, that's 2 of 4 and I got 3 gmail accounts  also all on Outlook, 7 total for reference, these still require me to hit the stupid remember password  checkbox and hit OK.  I have all of my hotmail accounts seperated under different groups at this point.

@ Hollowpoint:  I don't know about a hardware problem as I'm running a pretty nice setup  over here; Vista Home Premium 64 bit with a Core2Duo and some other nice hardware.  Personally I got no real issue with Vista.  People seem to compare it to Windows ME but I dont' see how.  ME was a shell built on Win2000.  Vista isn't a shell built on XP and has a totally new Kernel and more modular design than XP.  Personally for me XP crashed and blue screened way more often.  I had to format my XP machine every 1-2 years max to make it function properly.  My Vista box here I haven't formatted once since my original install back in 2007.  And I'm just now considering a format due more to viruses and ____ than any issues with the OS.  I still work my Vista OS same as I did my XP, lots of different software on and off it all the time, which for those who don't check out apps that tends to cause all kinds of little problems.  With XP weird stuff would start to happening that coudn't be fixed in registry or anywhere else I could find, thus making me have to format.  I do however agree this quite possibly could be related to some kind of timing problem with Outlook trying to connect to Hotmail accounts all in tandem instead of one after another.  The only way to know for sure would be if there was a setting somewhere in the groups settings, /Tools/Options/MailSetup/Send/Recieve/ in M$ Outlook that would space the groups out by time somehow, but there isn't one.
My 3 gmail accounts are all setup under IMAP, gmail can be setup as either POP3 or IMAP for incoming mail, Hotmail only POP3, and there is no problem there except sometimes the IMAP times out when first starting Outlook, but even that doesn't seem to actually stop it from updating mail.  Now this last few months is my first time using the IMAP with Outlook and it is definitely different.  From what I've read I guess IMAP is older tech, but from what I've seen it seems to have a one-up on POP3.  If anyone is using Gmail with Outlook, or any other email with Outlook that can do IMAP, it does have its benefits.  Main one being that you don't need to have send/receive setup to re-occur ever so many minutes as IMAP seems to update immediately when you send or receive messages.  So if Outlook is open, even minimized, and someone sends you an email, BAM you get it without hitting Send/Receive.  Drawback I guess would be the folders are kinda weird.  There's an 'All Mail" forlder which seems to store everything coming IN whether it be spam or junk or normal, and seems to update strangely but whatever.  I don't really get it to tell the truth.  I haven't researched this exstensively either though as it doesn't seem all that important to me.

Anyway.....I must say again.....Hotmail is at the end of the day M$, and Outlook is also M$, and Outlook Connector is also M$.  So why should Gmail work better than Hotmail with Outlook....I dunno.  But I can only beg that the fine developers at Hotmail or Outlook fix this aparent problem, and maybe some of the other security holes Hotmail has, because other new email services pop up everyday and are starting to pass them by.
Lastly, let me say a thank you to everyone trying to fix this issue as there are obviously those of us frustrated by it.  You can bet there's a heck of a lot more having this issue than the few of us reporting it here.  What do they say in education classes?  If one person dares to ask the question there's many more who have the same one but don't ask it.  If anyone has any other info or a good fix for this ongoing issue please share it with us searching souls who just like things to work, even if it takes US a little work on our part to make it so.


P.S. On a side note, what is with the new LiveMessenger.  I used to love MSN messenger over AOL or Yahoo but now they getting all over bloated and forcibly integrating with other windows apps like Windows Photo Gallery for example and its messing up my OS and 9isses me off!
For any M$ personell who might read this:  Please bring back some sanity to your email apps before you lose all your happy customers from hotmail and MSN messenger to better, more streamline programs that offer what most people want.  SOMETHING SIMPLE THAT WORKS.
My opinion:  Never bloat a program or website to the point where navigation and functionality take a back seat.  Streamlined and Tasteful always wins the fight.  They don't need to be overrich with features to be powerful, and more importantly, USEFUL!


Answer 51

A quick update to my post last week, and details of my latest attempt to resolve the problem:  << THREE POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS >>

I use outlook  with one POP3 account and two hotmail  accounts.
Ever since "Outlook Connector" was introduced I have had problems with the prompts to sign in, and unexpected changes to my default mail account.

I sent an important e-mail from the wrong mail account due to this problem.

After more googling I realised that microsoft MVP's are clueless about this, their best suggestions seem to end in a link to an unrelated topic. 
What I have done:

My existing profile now contains only one hotmail account and my POP3 account.
I have set up a second profile containing my second hotmail account, this is my "unimportant" account.

How I did it:

Control panel / mail / profiles - then select the profile when starting Outlook, easy to work the rest out for yourself.

Does it work:

Seems OK so far, I have not seen this solution suggested anywhere else.
A bit fiddly changing between the profiles as I need to exit the Outlook.
Unfortunately not so good for those with four hotmail accounts, for those people I suggest a combination of this and suggestion TWO below.

Suggestion TWO:

Sign into a hotmail account using the web interface at hotmail.com  go to options / more options / forward mail to another e-mail account.
This should work OK as long as you do not need to send regularly through the account, but you must sign in every 270 days or the account will be deactivated.

Suggestion THREE:
I believe it is now possible to receive hotmail into outlook as pop3 mail, however only the inbox is synchronised.
I have not tried this one

Moment of realisation:
Clicking on the personal page of a (lady) MVP,
--  expecting to see technical qualifications and strategic project plans
--  finding pink flowers and cute kittens
--  realising that I need to fix the problem myself.



Answer 52

I agree with Dave.
I tumbled on the solution just by chance some time ago.
Upon having problem with my two hotmail  accounts, I tried to un-install and re-install Outlook and OUtlook Connector.
When my first Hotmail account proved to work with Outlook, I just let it as it was and forwarded the second account to the first. And everything works from that time on, for many months now.
Looks like this is the solution.

Answer 53

Update to my post three days ago.
Putting each account on its own outlook  profile - works well - No password  prompt, occasional problems when mixing one hotmail  and one POP3 account on an outlook profile.  Each account needs its own profile. Thanks for confirming the hotmail forward method Nguyen -Yes - And the Hotmail POP3 I have - not tried -


Answer 54

I like that setting up of diff profiles for each account. 

Problem is that my setup  I have emails coming in from all the accounts  at the same time and they need to be sent from that account thet received them.   Changing profiles would be too much of a pain with all my email accounts. 

As for hotmail  using POP3...(diff problem but may help) Pocket MSN on Win Mobile 5 is being phased out.  Those great guys at MS have decided that we should all use the new live thing that is a poor replacement to Mobile 5's pocket outlook  mail.  However, some clever boffin got hold of the POP3 server names for the hotmail servers.  So, when we can no longer use pocket msn through pocket outlook mail to receive hotmail/office live emails we create new accs using the POP3 servers instead.

If it works in Win Mobile 5 then it should work in Outlook.

The servers are:-

POP3 = pop3.live.com
SMTP = smtp.live.com

Actually I'll try it now...hold on....

Yep seems to work.  Just make sure that you set the outgoing server requires authentication and on the advanced tab check both pop3 and smtp ssl connection boxes making sure the port for the pop3 server is set to 995.

I'm now going to have to delete all the emails coming in from it.....Oops! but at least I know it works.

Answer 55

I have resorted to outlook  firing up a vbscript which waits for 20 seconds then looks for instances of the Outlook Connector password  popup then uses sendkeys to tab through to the sign in button:

On Error Resume Next

set objWSH = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")


intLoopCount = 0
Do While objWSH.AppActivate("Microsoft Office Outlook Connector") And intLoopCount < 100

 objWSH.SendKeys "{TAB}", True
 objWSH.SendKeys "{TAB}", True
 objWSH.SendKeys "{TAB}", True
 objWSH.SendKeys " ", True
 objWSH.SendKeys "+{TAB}", True
 objWSH.SendKeys "+{TAB}", True
 objWSH.SendKeys "{ENTER}", True

 intLoopCount = intLoopCount + 1



If intLoopCount > 0 then
 Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
 Set objFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile(" [REPLACE WITH LOG FILE PATH] ", 8, True)
 objFile.WriteLine Now() & " " & intLoopCount & " instances of Microsoft Office Outlook Connector password popup handled."
End If


This needs to be called from a macro within Outlook, put the following in to the ThisOutlookSession module in the VBA editor, enable macros, etc...:

Private Sub Application_Startup()

 Shell "WScript " & Chr(34) & ScriptPath & " [NAME OF VB SCRIPT].vbs" & Chr(34)

End Sub

Or if you fire up Outlook at startup you could run the .vbs there as well, but I'd increase the 20 second delay to around a minute to allow outlook to start up first.

Yes, I know it's real ugly and I can hear all the MVP screaming about using sendkeys etc. but this is the only way I've found to get it working reliably every time.




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