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Page_Loaded event fire on Back button Navigation


 I have implemented navigation in my application.

There are say 2 hyperlinks link1 and link2.On link1 opens page1 and on link2 opens page2,

If I open page 1 then page 2. If again I open page 1 from link1 or brosers back button then page_laoded event of page1 gets fired. I dont want to call it again.

So tell me how can i do that.




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Answer 1


Then you have to unsubscribe from Loaded event at first time or you have to use some flag which will show that it is not first time when event handles.


Answer 2


 Already I did that but i wanted to know is loaded fires again and again or is there any property to set to avoid that event.

Thanks for reply



Answer 3

If you unsubscribe, event handler won't be call later again.

Otherwise it will call.



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