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PDF documents are not overwriting in sharepoint 2007 site

I have one staging sharepoint 2007 site and production sharepoint 2007 site. Users updating at the staging environment and we are using content deployment to change the content in the production site.We are mainly uploading and updating  PDF documents. Content deployment is scheduled every 15 minutes. PDF are uploading but not updating, the production is still displaying the older version of the pdf files.

We have set up no check out for the document edit at the production environment. We cant overwrite any pdf file in this production environment.


Any help really appreciated.




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Answer 1


are you planing to append the text in exisiting pdf  file?


Answer 2

Yes. I am planning to append the text in the existing pdf  file. I checked out the file first and then saved to my local folder and upload again with the overwritten checkbox enabled, then finally i didnt get the changes in the pdf.

I am checking different ways to get this work done, but no hope.


Any help greatly appreciated!





Answer 3



I assume you have two pdf  files and they have different contents.

Let’s say 1.pdf and 2.pdf.

Please try to check it as following:

1.      Upload 1.pdf to SharePoint site

2.      Delete 1.pdf in local

3.      Change the name of 2.pdf to 1.pdf

4.      Upload 1.pdf to SharePoint site

5.      And then could you get the two version of this document with different contents?


Please let me know the result.


Hope this helps






Answer 4


Thanks for the reply.

Actually I have one pdf  file and I uploaded to Sharepoint site, then i want to update the same pdf , i uploaded it again with overwriting  option enabled, but i am not getting the changes i made to the pdf.




Answer 5

i know you have only one pdf  file.

because i have no pdf eidt tool, so i didn't change the content of pdf.

in order to reproduce your issue, i use the way i said in previous reply.

please have a try and let me know the result.


Answer 6

Thanks for the reply.

In the second step you are saying i need to delete the document from my local folder but not from the share point right?




Answer 7



1.      Upload 1.pdf in local to SharePoint site

2.      Delete 1.pdf in local

3.      Change the name of 2.pdf in local to 1.pdf

4.      Upload 1.pdf in local to SharePoint site

5.      And then could you get the two version of this document with different contents?


Answer 8


Sorry, I tried the above workaround and didnt even update the document. Its still showing the same content.








Answer 9

after you finished updating the document, can you check the Event View and ULS logs.

i can't reproduce your issue in my local.



Answer 10

I am not getting any error message. The document is still the older version, we cant see the changes we made to the document. This is only for PDF documents. Is that some thing with Cache or Alternate Access Mapping or any thing like that.?

Answer 11

I have recently resolved an issue like this. Not sure if this is the case you're facing. In my case, this is just a disk-based caching enabling. Just open the web.config of the web application and check if the BLOBCACHE setting is enabled and if the pdf file type is specified in. For more information, take a look here http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb727371%28office.12%29.aspx#MOSS2007OptPerfWCM_ServerResponseTimes


Hope this helps,



Answer 12

yes i checked my web.config and looks like pdf  is in that list. I just removed pdf from web.config and tried it, but didnt change the document. actually i didnt make a iisreset, but i need to do that too.

But i noticed one thing my site  has alternate access mapping when i checked the site with servername:port/sitename/doclib/s1.pdf, i was able to see the update, but when i use that alternate name like alternateaccessmappingname/sitename/doclib/s1.pdf i couldnt see the update.



Answer 13

Seems like you are working on a couple of sites that have different web applications (e.g. internal & internet site). So my suggestion is to scan all web.config files of all relevant web applications and change the setting as you did

Answer 14

Thanks a lot. That worked!!


Actually i spent a lot of time for this one, trying to use some kind of custom solution and all.

But this is a great suggestion and really appreciated!.






Answer 15

can you post how did you resolve your problem, is it  BLOBCACHE setting?



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