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How to permanently disable "Use Automatic Configuration Script" (IE - Tools - Internet Options - Con

Every time I start the computer, "Use Automatic Configuration Script" (IE - Tools - Internet Options - Connections - LAN Settings) is checked, although I have unchecked the box before. It makes it difficult to open an webpage. 

The current address is set to "". 


I have followed the advice on Microsoft Support, which is "Click Start, click Run, type regsvr32 /u ahiehelp.dll, and then click OK. " But it was unsuccessful. It popped up and window saying 


"Module [/u] load fails, pleas make sure the binary is saved in specified path, or debug to check whether there are problems about the binary and relevant .dll file. Cannot find the specified module."


My OS: Windows Vista Home Basic;  IE 8


instead of 



DllRegisterServer in ahiehelp.dll succeeded." which is the one mentioned by Microsoft Support.


I don't want to remove the program "tudou web accelerator", because I need it when watch videos online. 

Do you have any solutions to permanently disable "Use Automatic Configuration Script" and clean the address 

"" without removing program "tudou web accelerator". 


Thanks a lot in advance




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Answer 1

This forum is for writing web  sites. For questions caused by Todou web accelerator, visit http://www.tudou.com/service/?type=others. For general questions about using IE, visit http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/community/default.mspx.

Answer 2

Every time  I start  the computer, "Use Automatic Configuration Script" (IE - Tools - Internet Options - Connections - lan  Settings) is checked, although I have unchecked  the box  before. It makes  it difficult  to open  an webpage. 

The current  address is set  to "". 


I have followed the advice  on Microsoft Support, which is "Click Start, click Run, type regsvr32 /u ahiehelp.dll, and then click OK. " But it was unsuccessful. It popped up and window  saying 


"Module [/u] load  fails, pleas  make sure the binary  is saved  in specified path, or debug  to check  whether there are problems about the binary and relevant  .dll file. Cannot find  the specified module."


My OS: windows  Vista Home Basic;  IE 8


instead of 



DllRegisterServer in ahiehelp.dll succeeded." which is the one mentioned  by Microsoft Support.


I don't want to remove  the program  "tudou web  accelerator", because I need it when watch  videos online. 

Do you have any solutions  to permanently  disable "Use Automatic Configuration Script" and clean  the address 

"" without removing  program "tudou web accelerator". 


Thanks a lot  in advance



Maybe the accelerator  does not support  ie8. You can uninstall and reinstall it, and check.




I am using a .net WebClient to download some images from web. In the Internet Explorer LAN Setting dialog we selected the option of “use automatic configuration script” and given the URL of the .pac file. If I navigate to Internet(www.google.com) , it is happening through Proxy server which is given in the script file. But WebClient is not picking up the proxy server which is specified using Configuration script rather it is connecting to the web without any proxy settings.


My C# code and code in the script.pac as follows,


webClient.DownloadFileCompleted += newAsyncCompletedEventHandler(wcTest_DownloadFileCompleted);

webClient.DownloadFileAsync(newUri(strURL), textBox1.Text);



function FindProxyForURL(url, orighost) {

return 'PROXY';



WebProxy wp = newWebProxy();

wp.UseDefaultCredentials = true;

wp.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;

webClient.Proxy = wp;




webClient.Proxy  = WebRequest.DefaultWebProxy;


webClient.Proxy  = WebRequest.GetSystemWebProxy();


But nothing is worked out. Am I missing anything? How can I apply the proxy specified in the script to WebClient.


Thanks in advance


Hi Friends,


Today I was testing the IFD tool so as to easily switch users on a machine but it didn't work. I coplied it in the tools directory of MSCRM/Server/Bin and it successfully executed the setting I provided it. In my case I just added the IP address and Subnet mask of my computer as suggested by the tutorial. The rest were its default settings. I selected IFD+On Premise too.I don't understand what I'm doing wrong there!


Thanking you in advance,


Sebastian :)



I need to disable CLR Exception Debugger permanently

But thing is when ever i take new code base for my application it is getting enabled

how to disable it permananetly

my internet explorer will not load web page it comes up with box stating :-   Runtme error!       Program C:|  program files | internet explorer| 

                                                                                                                                IEXPLORE.EXE           Abnormal program termination

Also when i go to internet options it wont open....
Computer is xp   ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,    im not very good with computers so any help would be great thanks......

SQL Server 2008 R2

I'm using  MS SQL Server Management Studio and the Generate Scripts wizard off the tasks menu for a database. In the Advanced Options the 'Script Data' option is not present under Table/View Options.

Did that feature move to another aspect of the MS SQL Server Management Studio?

At base I'm trying to automate the INSERT statements need to move data to another DB not accessible from the source.




I am trying to configure TFS 2010 (in any mode - Basic, Advanced, etc), but when I select the mode and choose Configure, I get this error:


The invocation of the constructor on type 'Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Management.Controls.WizardCommon.EnableSQMControl' that matches the specified binding constraints threw an exception.

If I press ok (the only button available on the dialog box), the dialog box goes away and that is it. If I go through the same process to configure TFS, I will get the same problem...

How can I fix this?




Running the wizard completes successfully but does not configure the web.config for Commerce Server at all. I end up with the following error after trying to browse a sharepoint site that I just ran the wizard on:

"Could not load type 'Microsoft.Commerce.Providers.SharePointCommerceOrderModule' from assembly 'Microsoft.Commerce.Providers, Version=, Culture=neutral,PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35"

Is there something missing ? Or do you know how to configure it ?

Please do not mark your suggestion as the answer until I'm able to test and confirm it. Thanks.


I'm looking for a version control tool (configuration management tool) like Clear Case to store FoxPro programs and maintain them. So the tool should allow me to check-out the Foxpro code, update, check-in back. Also that should handle the file types of FoxPro.  Please suggest me the best tool that I can use (provide me both open source and purchase options)





I am developing a Report in SSRS in which we have to show 2 Pie Charts next to each other. One pie chart has got 5 data points and other pie chart got 3 data point. The data points on both pie chart is dynamic.

Now for some reason the size of Pie chart get adjusted automatically based on the content and because of which both pie chart looks different in Size after it gets render.

Any idea on how to stop SSRS changing the size of pie chart based on the data points?




Hi my sharepoint site automatically logout after 20 minutes of inactivity. How would I stop this? I want to extend it for 30days. I turned off Web Page Security Validation of Web application general settings (SharePoint Web Application Management category)in the sharepoint central administration . But still I get the issue.

Please somebody help me on this

A session will timeout after, by default, 20 minutes. 

If the timeout is too fast, you can modify it in the IIS Manager Dialog (Properties/Home Directory/Configuration/App Option/Session Timeout).




Hello all,  I'm having a problem with SP automatically logging users out.  I looked up some information on the forum but didn't find the right answer.  This was the closest I could find but didn't understand his response.

Users get logged out after about 20 minutes and management doesn't want them to be automatically logged out.  Ever.

I went into Central Administration > Application Management > Web Application General Settings  and under web page security validation, turned it to "NEVER".  It still continues to log people out after 20 minutes.  

I looked at Francesco's answer and I'm not sure where he is referring to.  When I open the the IIS Manager 7.0 program, there are quite a few areas listed and on my end, nothing looks like (Properties/Home Directory/Configuration/App Option/Session Timeout).


It isn't clear if each website is set individually on the right hand side or if the right hand side this applies to all of them at once.  If it is individual, which one to set? The closest I could find to timing out is the Session State option on the right.  They are all set to "In Process"  and the cookie settings are set to expire after 20min.  I'm not even sure if this has anything to do with my issue.  I haven't tried changing it yet.


Working with RS2008 and SSAS 2008.

When we specify a parameter in a dataset, the RS designer very helpfully creates a query to support a lookup for that parameter. 

However, we frequently need to modify that query.  (For example if the query is for a date, we want only the last 36 months to appear as a parameter and we do not want the year to appear in a hierarchical view.  It is easy to modify the query to achieve this result).  BUT if we change something else in the main dataset or in the parameter set, RS regenerates the date query, erasing all our work.  How can we make it STOP?  This is driving me craay.


I have a simple automatic test scripts that was were in batch.
1. What is the best way to run testing cycle on an environment?
2. Do I have to create a project from visual studio?
3. How do I report Pass or Fail from tests that were written by batch?
4. Do I must use the E2E workflow in order to run my automatic build?

Thanks a lot!


We are working on a migration to Windows 7 from Windows XP.  There are a few applications we have that need to have compatibility settings altered (i.e. XP SP3 mode, Run as Admin) and I was looking for a way to do this automatically, either by powershell or other scripting method.  I've looked into trying to run msdt.exe /pcwdiagnostic but I wasn't finding any detail about what parameters there were for this package.  Does anyone have a good idea.  I can't believe I'm the only one that would want to automate this, which leads me to believe I've missed a solution somewhere.  Any help would be appreciated.




My requirement is to edit a single record in a table.

When I create a new context, all the records of my parent entity are automatically loaded. Is it possible to create an empty context and to load the parent entity on demand?


I have a navigation based app and I want to be able to disable the automatic back navigation that occurs when the user presses the backspace key and the focus is not on a textbox or other control that uses it. This behavior is very disconcerting to our users. I have always hated this feature of regular web browsers and I am surprised that WPF has incorporated it by default.

I do not wish to enter into a philosophical discussion about whether or not I should do this and what "standard behavior" should be. Keep in mind that our users are REQUESTING this so I am not imposing my desires on our users.

With that in mind, I am looking for a solution that will disable this behavior at its ROOT CAUSE. I am not looking to trap the backspace key in some sort of PreviewKey* event for each and every page in my application (I can do this already and it is very iffy). Also, I have already seen this topic: http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=764670&SiteID=1. It does not appear to me to be relevant because the other poster wanted to disable ALL navigation which is not what I want to do. I simply want to disable the navigation that can occur when the user presses the backspace key (or potentially other keys as well).

I'd like to understand why this navigation is being triggered in the first place and what I can do to stop it other than trapping individual key events at the page level. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I have set up a VSS server successfully (I think) with the Internet option.  I can see the VssService.asmx from anywhere on the Internet (I deliberately turned it on for troubleshooting purposes).

I have one notebook which was previously on the same LAN as the VSS server.  A VS2010 project was created and stored on the VSS server.  At that time it uses the local path \\server\VSS.  When the notebook is now outside on the Internet, the VS 2010 project works fine.  It connects to the web server, I have to enter login credentials, and can check in/out files.

But from this PC or any other PC with VS 2010 I can't browse the VSS server over the Internet.  On each PC I set the Tools Options Source Control plug-in selection to Microsoft Visual Sourcesafe (Internet).  But when I File Open Project/Solution, on the left I see a Projects folder and Miccrosoft Visual SourceSafe link (note: not Visual SourceSafe (Internet)).  Clicking Microsoft Visual SourceSafe shows an empty folder on the right with three colums: Item, Details, Web Service URL.

How can I use VS 2010 to open projects/solutions on a VSS server over the Internet?



I tried to download the Adobe FlashPlayer and it wouldn't download and when I searched for an answer for that problem, I found out that the problem may lie in IE7.  I uninstalled it and did a few other quick fixes that I found and nothing worked.  Now I can't reinstall IE7 or anything else.  I can't download anything, can't access Internet options because the menu bar (Favorites, tools, etc) is gone.  When I try to access internet options through the control panel, a little box comes up and then disappears.  This is my first time posting so I hope someone has an answer for me.  Thanks for looking.


How to implement AD(AD users) + FBA(external users, suppliers and job seekers) login option in SharePoint 2007 internet bilingual site. How to proceed with this?



How to implement AD(AD users) + FBA(external users, suppliers and job seekers) login option in SharePoint 2007 internet bilingual site. How to proceed with this?  




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