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Permissions on stored procedures in SharePoint_Config database getting revoked


We are getting frequent errors in event viewer for SharePoint server. It occurs in every 1 minute interval.

The exact error text is as follows:

" Insufficient SQL database permissions for user '' in database 'SharePoint_Config' on SQL Server instance 'SQLDBSERVER'. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below.

The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'proc_dropObject', database 'SharePoint_Config', schema 'dbo'. "

The steps which we have followed before this error starts generating are:

1.We had run one patch named:

a.hotfix(package: February 6, 2007, Wss-kb931636-fullfile-x86-glb.exe)

( http://hotfix/search.aspx?search=934790)

2.We ran SharePoint Configuration Wizard.

3.After that the system started logging the error in event viewer.

The error indicates that the Execute permission is missing for a few system procedures for System user. Name of the Stored Procedures and relevant database name are as below:

proc_putObject (Sharepoint_config database)

 proc_putDependency(Sharepoint_config database)

 proc_DeleteAllMarkedTimerLocks(Sharepoint_config database)

 proc_DeleteTimerTargetInstance(Sharepoint_config database)

 proc_getNewObject(Sharepoint_config database)

 proc_deleteAllTimerLocksAndRunningJobs(Sharepoint_config database)

 proc_GetListFields (SharePoint_AdminContent_1f46ecd5-631c-4595-8852-5e949c64236b database)

When we  explicitly give Execute permission to above stored procedures then the error stops logging in Event Viewer.

This error also stops the SharePoint workflow from triggering normally. It holds the workflow in "Starting" state only.

We are using Server Farm topology so we have both SQLServer and SharePoint Server on different server machines.

Can anyone please guide us as to why we are getting this error. Because of SharePoint Configuration Wizard or because of the patch that we ran? and how to get rid of this issue?

Thanking You,



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Answer 1


Unfortunately, I do not have an answer, just a few thoughts:

1. You would probably be better off posting this in the SharePoint - Setup, Upgrade, Administration and Operation forum.  Although the particular problem is related to workflow, it is really more of a system issue.

2. While manually correcting the permissions in the DB fixes the symptom, it does not necessarily fix the cause.  I would urge you to get to the root cause and fix that, whatever it may be, to ensure that your environment is supportable.  In this particular situation, updating the DB manually is certainly understandable, it unfortunately also makes your environment unsupported.

Good luck,



Answer 2

Thanks David,

I have already posted this to  SharePoint - Setup, Upgrade, Administration and Operation forum.

I am trying to reach to the root cause of the issue. Please update me if you got any clue regarding this.




Answer 3

No workflow content. Moving to the setup, upgrade, etc forum as recommended.




Answer 4

Hi Indrajeet,

 Go to the SQL server database which you are using to get data from the database and ->go to the Propertires _>set all permissins to the user which login to the sharepoint site.If both are different the add that user to the sql server administrator group and provide rights .assign all the rights to the user which is DB administrator.


  If Possible Try to keep same user login in SQL server and Sharepoint.IT will solve the Problem.


 Thanks & regards

Vinod Kumar Tiwari



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