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How do I populate listview in 2 columns from 2 arrays in WPF VB.net?

I am using Visual Studio 2010 (WPF). I have a few texts stored on 2 arrays. I want to populate first column with 1st array and 2nd column with 2nd array. But I can barely use this list view control. Its easy in windows forms. But I want it in WPF form.

Suppose, 1st array is "Company" and 2nd array is "LTP".

The two column headers of the list view control will be "Company" and "Value"

Tell me the code for creating these 2 columns and then populate these with the 2 arrays. Plus, I will also have 2 text boxes in which I want the selected items texts. First box will contain the selected text in 1st column and second box will contain the selected text of 2nd column.

P.S. If list view control is not suitable for this then forget it and mention the name of the most suitable control with codes.

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