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Powerpoint can't read the outline from http://it/presentation.ppt. No text converter is installed f

I have a user on my sharepoint 2007 environment that has a Powerpoint file that continues to display this message.  Is there something that needs to be added to Sharepoint to enable this file to open?  Where is this supposed to be added?


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Answer 1

Jeff - Same problem here.  Has anyone solved this for you yet?


Answer 2

NO, didn't get any response to this, sorry.


Answer 3

This seems to be an issue with the lower version of Power Point installed  on the Host machine. Please check the version of PowerPoint installed on the machine.

Answer 4

I have the same problem. Besides I tried to open it with PPT 2007 unfortunately it did not work out either!...


Answer 5

Same problem here.... Try installing the MS Office Compatibility pack, then the Compatibility Pack Service Pack 1... (gotta love this stuff..... I can't wait til CPSP3!!!)


Answer 6

I'm having the same problem with a PowerPoint that was sent to our company in an e-mail. I'm on Office 2003 with the compatibility pack installed  and I still can't open the file. I have no idea what version of Office this PowerPoint was created with.


Answer 7

I had the same problem, the solution was simple!

Rename de file van ppt  to pptx en my file was working!


Answer 8

Well I tried renaming the file as you have suggested and I got the following error:

There was an error accessing the file <filename>
This error can be caused by some of the following conditions:
Your hard drive or floppy drive has a corrupt section (damaged track or sector).
A temporary operating system or network failure has occurred.
Your network is unavailable, slow, or is corrupting data packets (failure of a router, network card, or noise on the network transmission line).

I had received this PowerPoint in an e-mail and I copied it to my desktop, changed the file extension from .ppt to .pptx, the Micorsoft online Office assistant does not have any thing relating to this error message.


Answer 9

2 points:

 It's always good to use a zipped file to transfer the file.

 I've Office 2007 compatibility pack installed  on my PC.


Answer 10

Hi All,

I've seen this before with .DOC files.  It seems to be that when a file is saved in Office 2007 in an earlier format, it only seems to change the file name to .DOC or .PPT rather than doing the conversion on the file first.  Simplest way is to install the compatability pack on the office 2000/XP/2003 system and rename the file extension to the original .docx or .pptx.  The file will then open without any problem.


Answer 11


Are you sure you haven't changed the name of the destination file, so that when you click on the link in the email it can't open it as the file has been renamed.  Try saving to the desktop, renaming the file, and then opening it on the desktop.

Answer 12

Thanks Jan!!!

I had the same problem, the solution was simple!

Rename de file van ppt  to pptx en my file was working!

This worked for me, I'm not sure if it was named incorrectly or what.  I also had all updates/compatibility packs installed  and office 2003 sp3 and this is the only thing that worked!


Answer 13

Cheers mate. It was really helpfull. I was so worried about my presentation due tomorrow. To change the extension worked pretty well. Thanks

Answer 14

I work on a college campus.
We have the Office Professional 2007 suite installed  on all of our campus computers.
Fully updated with windows updates and office updates.

On a few rare instances we have received .ppt files from students and faculty that would not open.
We get the following error:
"PowerPoint can't read  the outline  from filename.ppt. No text  converter installed for this file type."

These files were originally created on earlier versions of office, ie 2000, XP(2002), 2003, not the newer 2007.
And the files are not corrupt being that they work just fine when the students/faculty open them up at home.

So our problem is not trying to open newer files on older software, or corrupt files, but rather opening the old files with the new software.
Normally we can open older files without a problem, but on rare occasions we get these.
I even installed the PowerPoint Viewer to give it a try, but to no avail.
Changing the extension doesn't help either.

Is there anything we can do on our end to view these files?

Answer 15


I had exactly the same problem. E-mailing a 2003 PowerPoint presentation and trying to open in PowerPoint 2007 brought up this error message. So following advice from another forum I zipped the original file on the original pc and resent it. RESULT? after unzipping the file it opened in PowerPoint 2007 without any problems.


Answer 16

You might want to check to see if the user  is pulling the file through a proxy server, or there is a bluecoat server filtering the files. Sometimes this will cause "PowerPoint can't read  the outline  from <file>.ppt. No text  converter is installed  for this file type."


Answer 17

Everyone is swinging but nobody is hitting the ball.  This has nothing to do with the Compatability pack update or Office 2007.  I went through all the steps, even some unconventional fixes that resolve a lot of Office problems but none of them worked.  At our company, some people do not have this problem but others do.  They are all using Office 2000 and the file was created in Office 2000.

I seen some people in other forums said it might be a file corruption problem.  I'm starting to think that's what it is.  I'm having the same problem here at work so tonight I will try it when I get home.  I have the higher version on my home PC with all the updates.  I'll give an update later this evening.

Answer 18

Here is the update I mentioned I would give.  I tried this on my home computer with all updates and different versions of Microsoft Office including 2007.  It did not help, the file still cannot be opened.  Although trying to open it from the Intranet link the file does open.

It might just be a permissions security issue.  Not really a problem but a security measure to prevent copywrite issues.

Answer 19

We are having the same issues here. 

user  from Argentina, one from Brazil have sent us a .ppt each.  We cannot open them and get the errors stated in the earlier posts.  I've tried opening them with Office 2007, 2003.  The 2003 system has the office compatibility pack.

Answer 20

thanks for the help...it helped in reading some critical presentations. thanks again

Answer 21

Ben Kane's solution did the trick for me.

Answer 22

Maybe a day late and a dollar short, but Ben Kane's suggestion above worked for me.

Answer 23

One user has the same issue, I checked the PPT file and found I can open it by using Office 2007, user use office 2003, but I have already installed compatible office 2007 pack on his laptop, so it's confused me. I use nother laptop which also installed office 2003 to open it, got the same issue. I renamed the file extension to pptx, it's resolved.

I think the creator of the PPT file saved the file as office 2007 format first, then he/she renamed this file by delete the "x" of the file extension, so it make people who got this file and use office 2003 can't open it, I think that may be the cause. I did a test to verify it.



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