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PowerPoint Presentation in C#

I am webbrowser control in  a form to display ppt presentation, but it is displaying only one slide after clicking on that it is displaying next one....

but i want to display all slides one by one in the web browser......

so anyone can tell that logic.....


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The webbroswer control  is similar to the webbrowser  you use. (IE) It actually creates an instance of IE and give the methods to deal with the control.

If you are having a problem like this and if you want to view the slide  show at once (all the slides); the webbrowser control has nothing to do with that. It is the way the web  page is designed.

You can write a piece of code which detects the next hyperlink and and auto navigate to that after a specific time. Since you have the Navigate() it won't be that hard to do this. All you have to do is find the hyperlink to the next slide (even this won't be a hard task)

if you want further classifications do a post here.


Answer 3

Hello Jai Mallesh Babu;

The links you provided here give examples for programming PowerPoint with C#. For the sake of the reason of creating a slide  show they can be helpful, but I do not think they have some context regarding to 7sajjad8khan6's question.




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