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Please help! I am in school this semester and taking CIS 111 in Information Systems. We are learning SQL and have to use Premiere Products Database for our examples. I already had Access 2007 on my laptop that came with Office 2007. However, I don't see this database. I can't find the database for Premier Products online. Can anyone that's ever worked with this database please tell me how to or where to find these files? I don't feel like I will catch on properly without have it firsthand to practice with. My instructor does not seem to be concerned that there are quite a few of my classmates that can't find this information. PLEASE HELP!!!

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Answer 1

It probably came with the book. See http://studentoffortune.com/question/106051/Premiere-Products-Exercises---Chapter-6---Database-Design

In SQL Server most developers now use AdventureWorks database as a sample database. In older version of SQL Server there was Northwind Database.

The database you're talking about is probably from the book you need to use for your course (and may be it's on the disk for the book). Try to get this book in your library.

Also, this link http://tunweb.teradata.ws/tunstudent/databases.html shows several books referring to this example database.

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Answer 2

Not sure but my search gave me this..

Above talks about "Premier Products database" but unfotunately it talks about Oracle not "SQL Server" So i guess this is wrong place for the question.

Answer 3

I too am taking the same CIS 111 course at the same time you are, no disc came with my books either, I hope you have good luck in our class :)



Answer 4

Thanks for your help, but a classmate got the info from our school or somewhere..thanks again :)

Answer 5

oh ok Hey there! Did you see the link that Marcus found with the database info? It's in the one of the discussions. I think it's for week 1. Maybe Discussion 1 of week 2. Look for his name and check out the info. :)

Answer 6

Check out the info that Marcus found. He provides a link for the Database. It's in one of the Discussions in Week 1 or Discussion 1 of Week 2. Check it out! :)


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