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Printing InfoPath 2010 Forms

Hi all,
This is probably really easy but I can't seem to get the "Print" option to appear in an InfoPath form under SharePoint 2010.

This used to work out of the box in InfoPath 2007 but for some reason does not appear in 2010. Does anyone have any advice?



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Answer 1

When you say "under SharePoint 2010," do you mean a browser form?  On both my browser forms and rich client forms in 2010, the Print option is available.  In browser form, it shows up in the Home ribbon by the name Print Preview.  This is out of the box and must be turned off for it not to show.  Go to Backstage > Info > Advanced Form Options > Filler Features (or Web Browser) and ensure that Print (or Print Preview) is checked.

Just to be sure, I clicked Print Preview, then printed the preview straight from my local printer here at home.  It works as expected.  In rich client forms, the Print options seem to be in the Backstage.
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Answer 2

When you say "under SharePoint 2010," do you mean a browser form?  On both my browser forms and rich client forms in 2010, the Print option is available.  In browser form, it shows up in the Home ribbon by the name Print Preview.  This is out of the box and must be turned off for it not to show.  Go to Backstage > Info > Advanced Form Options > Filler Features (or Web Browser) and ensure that Print (or Print Preview) is checked.

Just to be sure, I clicked Print Preview, then printed the preview straight from my local printer here at home.  It works as expected.  In rich client forms, the Print options seem to be in the Backstage.
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Hey Clayton,
Thanks for the reply. I am specifically referring to browser hosted forms.

Even if I have the option turned on for the forms I still cannot print. I am wondering if this might be a local setting on Windows 7 or if this is blocked by SP2010 someway.
I will look into it more and post a reply here if I find the solution.


Answer 3

I can't imagine it is being blocked by SharePoint - I would think maybe it's browser-related.  Can you explain exactly what you mean by "I still cannot print"?  Is the Print Preview button not visible in the toolbar?  Is the toolbar visible at all with options such as Save, Save As, Submit, Views, etc?

Answer 4

Yep its really strange...

By 'cannot print' I mean that the print option does not appear (or the printn preview button), however all the other buttons do appear....


Answer 5

Yes, that IS very strange.  Do you mind showing a screenshot of the Tools > Form Options > Forms Services tab in your template?  I'd like to see that it shows Print Preview checked.  =P

Answer 6

Hey Clayton,
No problem at all.

Here are the options:

Now where the ____ is print?

Answer 7

No, the browser tab, since it's a browser form.  The Filler Features only apply to rich client forms.

Answer 8

I might be going crazy but the only thing under File->Avanced Form Option-> Web Browser is the following, unless I am looking in a different place?!?


Answer 9

You aren't going crazy, I have the same issue :).

Answer 10

Wow, that is very strange.  Mine shows a lot more.  Mine has all of the options for the toolbar, including Save/Save As/Submit/Update/Views/Close/Print Preview, and each has a checkbox next to it.

Which version of Office are you using?  The current Beta?  What's the build #, and is it activated?

Answer 11

I believe I'm using the latest build available publically for the Office Professional Beta.

My InfoPath Designer build # is -- 14.0.4536.1000 (64 bit)

Yes, it is activated.


Answer 12

I need to figure this out.  I'll ask the InfoPath team if there is a known setting or scenario that causes this.

Answer 13

Right, I am using InfoPath 2010(beta) version 14.0.4536.1000 (64bit)
Office has been activated so that is all good.

So my impression is that it could either be one of two things:
1) SP2010 is blocking the printing of forms in some way
There could be a setting in forms services somewhere that is preventing this? Maybe one of the service application needst to be configured?

2) That InfoPath 2010 is the issue
If so how can this be rectified? For instance I dont get a 'Developer' tab either in InfoPath2010 which seems really odd...

Actually the plot thickens! If I create a blank form then I dont get the options that you are talking about (Developer tab as well as print options)

To be more clear in order to customise an existing form I am choosing the 'Customise Form' command within the list....

Answer 14

Actually the plot thickens! If I create a blank form then I dont get the options that you are talking about (Developer tab as well as print options)
Did you mean that if you create a blank form, then you DO get those options?  You wrote "don't," but that was no different than what you were already doing.  I was hoping that was just a typo.

"To be more clear in order to customise an existing form I am choosing the 'Customise Form' command within the list...."

That's the problem that you never mentioned in your details.  You are creating a list form, and these are options are not available in list forms.  I thought you had created a full-fledged browser form that was published to a form library.  List forms are in the browser, but they are much different, and clicking Customize Forms lets you edit the list form, which has different options and behavior.  I didn't even know this myself, but as soon as I asked the InfoPath team, they responded saying those options are not in List Forms.  Sounds like we have a match?

Answer 15

I think that answers my issue. I've been creating a new form in InfoPath and publishing directly to a list. That's too bad you can't customize the controls...it's a much better solution in my opinion than having a form library.

Answer 16

But these are two separate things.  You can't publish a form to a list unless it is a list form template, which is limited relative to a full-scale form template.  Regular form templates cannot be published to a list.  List forms are not the same as InfoPath forms that go in form libraries.  They can both be modified in InfoPath now, but they don't serve the same purpose.  The columns in a list form define the data schema for the InfoPath form when you modify it.  Yes, you can add fields to the schema in InfoPath, but then those automatically become columns in the list.  This is ok, but this is not a replacement for a form in a form library, because you can't do repeating data structures.  Also, with a list form, you are not submitting XML to a form library, but rather writing the data straight into a list item.  This is cool, but it only works for the list form on that list, not for other forms that need to write to a separate list - there is no provision for that unfortunately.

Can you explain why you considered them to be a better solution than a form library?  I don't see them as being the same, so I'm wondering what you see.

Answer 17

Let me start off by saying I appreciate your respones and also that I'm pretty novice when it comes to InfoPath but here is the approach that I've taken and it may help you understand my thought process...

I've just provisioned SP 2010 and created my subsites for our organization. In each org subsite, we want to have forms for things such as Expenses, Time Off, Timesheet, etc.

To create these I've simply opened InfoPath 2010 and selected New -> SharePoint list. Then I've made my form and added fields. When I hit publish it creates all my columns etc. This seems very simple and efficient for the novice like myself but as I'm now learning perhaps not as customizable.

We really like how the form opens up in the browser window and then I can create my custom views from the list it has created. Am I going about this the wrong way?


Answer 18

I wouldn't say you're going about it in the wrong way - it's just that this is brand new functionality that can easily be confused with the full-blown use of InfoPath.  In 2007, we couldn't customize list forms with InfoPath - that is an awesome new feature of 2010.  What may be confusing is that you started in InfoPath.  Typically, you would create the list the way you want it in SharePoint, and you would add columns to it that were created at the site level or even site collection level.  That way, the columns are usable all over SharePoint and not just in your list.  Then, after you've gotten the list created and ready, you click on "Customize Forms" from the ribbon, which allows you to immediately convert all the built-in ASPX forms into InfoPath forms that you can then modify and spruce up to your heart's content.  There is a fundamental difference in these two approaches.

If you built the list form template first, and create the list + columns from this direction, then you do not get the same administrative controls for determining the exact nature of your list nor the columns.  Columns should be carefully planned not just for the list but for your entire site and site collection.  If you create the same column over and over again, then you aren't utilizing the robust nature of SharePOint.  I know it seems cool that you are creating these lists by starting in InfoPath, but you aren't really creating Expense forms and Time Off forms.  You are creating lists that you simply get to modify the look and feel of with InfoPath.  The built-in forms of a list do this, too, except the built-in list forms are not nearly as capable.  You can't design the layout and graphics of a built-in list form, and you can't add in custom logic or other data connections with built-in list forms.  InfoPath forms can do this, and so can list forms customized with InfoPath, but it's not the same thing as if you built a regular InfoPath form and submitted to a form library.  When you do that, you actually have a full-fledged FORM with a document (XML) that stores your data.  The list version is just using InfoPath as a beefed-up front end, but in the end, it's just a list item in the content database, not an XML form.

Typically, for expenses, time off, timesheets, etc., you would have a full-fledged form where someone goes to a form library, fills out the form, submits that physical XML form back to the library, and you have full functionality and capability of InfoPath (browser or rich client - either way).

I think it's important to also point out that Beta will not have an upgrade path to RTM, so don't build more than you're willing to rebuild after RTM release.  Also, browser forms utilize Forms Services, which is only available in the Enterprise version.  Be sure you plan to purchase, license, and implement the full Enterprise level of 2010 when going this route with testing.  Just a heads-up on those things!  I will be doing Enterprise all day long, so I'm with ya!  =)

Answer 19

Ah hah! That makes good sense to me. Thanks for explaining it. This is the first time I've looked into InoPath when using SharePoint so it's interesting to hear the pro's and con's of doing things one way or the other.

I've already had to reinstall my SP 2010 site and you are right, re-creating the form and lists are a bit time consuming. I definitly do not want to recreate these lists over again once we upgrade to RTM when it hits. And yes we will be using Enterprise as well.

I think my next step is to research a bit more about utilizing form libraries so I can utilize the reuse of my resources as you state as well as the other customization features. Thanks very much.

Answer 20

Guys this was a really informative thread to read, as I am in a very similar boat to Mr Jstin.  I am even more novice than, and I have created an InfoPath form from a custom list by clicking on the 'Customize Form' link after creating all the columns.  Everything works great but i've hit a dead end on the printing forms.  It looks like I should be creating the form from a template in InfoPath then publishing to a custom list?  Which form template should I use?  And should i have a custom list in place or should i have the form create a custom list when i publish?  Thanks in advance!


Answer 21

Dalek, you took the right route. The other route is fine, too, but no matter which way you choose, there is not a print option for list forms.  If you really are just using a list and then using InfoPath to make the list form look nice, then it will not be printable.  If you are wanting to build a custom form solution, then you would create the form template as a form library template.  That gives you the full-fledged capabilities of InfoPath.  Do not confuse the list form capability of 2010 with being able to publish forms (XML files) to lists.  It's a new feature that is awesome, but we still cannot submit forms to lists.

I would think I'd have been awarded an answer by now!?  =P
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Answer 22

Thanks Clayton for the thorough and very quick response.  I believe you have answered the avalanche of questions on this thread. Hopefully you can give feedback to the InfoPath Product team w.r.t. the ability to print these list forms.  at the same time, i agree it is a great new feature as it stands today.

Answer 23

Yeah, I went to them to find out why this was happening, and they were the ones who told me it was because that option is not available on list forms.  I agree that it is a need and really seems as if it would be inherently available.  I meet with them each week to discuss bugs, suggestions, issues, problems, likes, dislikes, etc.  This is one that seems as if it would be a great feature, because we can't print list items easily, so how nice would it be to print our InfoPath-based display forms?  Very nice.  I will see what they say...


Answer 24

Hi guys ,

Is there any news from Dev team? Are they going to include this feature?


Answer 25

The IP team is who gave me the answer, and they didn't mention that it would be changing, but I will ask directly...

Answer 26

Hi everyone,

interesting discussion.
Clayton, any further news about the printing feature?

Kind regards

Answer 27

Klunky workaround to print InfoPath 2010 list forms:

1. Open the Display Form web part page (make sure to select the correct content typs if you have more than one....). You can do this by clicking Form Web Parts > (Content Type if you have several) Display Form

2. Edit the InfoPath Form Web Part. Set the Chrome to include the Title (Give it a nicer title if you would like).

3. Add a Content Editor to the page. Set it to Hidden.

4. Add the JS from http://www.endusersharepoint.com/2008/12/09/jquery-for-everyone-print-any-web-part/. It was designed for WSS3/MOSS2007 but the same HTML structure exists in my MSS2010 Beta 2 installation. This is done differently in MSS2010. There is no Source button in the tool pane, you need to click the web part to edit the text, select the HTML dropdown > Edit HTML source.

5. Save the page.

You can now click the little icon (or you can modify the JS to insert a button to say 'Print Form') and the HTML of the web part opens in a printable window.

It worked in mine with several data connections (REST, SP lists) but your mileage may vary.

I really hope the IP team adds OOTB print functionality to RTM. The new IP features have so far proven 80% awesome and 20% frustrating/debilitating (I have a couple other posts on issues). This could be one of the top reasons to expediate upgrading to 2010 if a few tweaks are made.

Anyways, enough rambling, I hope this helps....



Answer 28

Landon, thanks for this post.  It's buried so deep after this long thread that I never saw it until someone just referenced it.  I will tag this so that I can reference it, because the question gets asked all the time, and I had seen no way to do it even with a workaround like this.

Thanks again!



I have created a detailed infopath form that is connecting to multiple sharepoint lists, some of which contain thousands of rows and dozens of columns.  To tailor for the data load i have enabled the form to only pull in data as needed and on some of the lists i have created 5 or 6 data connections to the same list, each only looking at a certain set of data, and as you make your way through the form selecting your options, the data is pulled in.

If i preview this form from within Infopath or if i launch it using Infopath filler this works great, the data is pulled through in under a second.  However if i then publish the form to the browser and launch it through the browser, it now takes roughly 30 seconds to pull in the data.

My question is therefore this,  Is there something i can do to speed up the way the data is pulled in when launched through the browser?  are there transport protocols i can alter or something like that? maybe config in central admin or infopath config?

any help would be gratefully appreciated as if i can not get the form to pull the data in fast through the browser then the whole project is a waste of time as my management team will never go for the solution if it is slow and will get slower as more data is added.


Hi all,
This is probably really easy but I can't seem to get the "Print" option to appear in an InfoPath form under SharePoint 2010.

This used to work out of the box in InfoPath 2007 but for some reason does not appear in 2010. Does anyone have any advice?



Hi i create a  print view brower enabled form in Infopath 2007 with header and footer. In Infopath works fine. Margin was ok, header and footter to. But then i try to print this browser the margin, header and footer it changes to default setting of browser ? I try also create a print button in form with VS 2008 code, but method :

this.print(); not working.

It is possible to print the "print view" in browser as the same like in Infopath 2007? Does anyone have the code how to create a print button in C# on browser enabled form?


I had an infopath form with few rich text field. When i copy some content from somewhere and paste in the richtext Box then while Printing the form I get Lot of Blank Spaces Infront of the rich text box.

I tried creating teh print view too but still i get bunch of empty pages printed before by richtext box control.

Is there a way we can remove those blank spaces.....

I am not able to find out what is going wrong here....


What did I miss?

I just did the following steps to publish an Infopath 2010 form to a SharePoint 2010 forms library.


1) Installed SharePoint 2010 Server Enterprise

2) Created my first top-level site

3) In Central Admin opened Configure Infopath Form Services and  checked "allow users to browser-enable form templates"

4) Created a forms library in the top-level site

5)  Checked the Advanced settings of the forms library to ensure that Forms would open in a browser

6) Designed an InfoPath 2010  form using the "SharePoint Form Library" template

7) Saved the form and chose the option to publish to a SharePoint Library

8) When prompted, entered the url for my top-level SharePoint site that contains the form library


Then I received the error "The following url is not valid".  The url is valid when copied into a browser takes me to my top level site.

I have site collection admin permissions.

Not sure what is happening - can anyone please help?


Thanks in advance!



I have an infopath form that have 2 people/group picker. When I check design,it gives me this warning:

"The custom control has duplicate attributes or elements.Please check the XSL to ensure there are no duplicate values."

When I remove one of them, this warning does.'t show up.

How can I edit the attributes of the people picker field??


I found an issue when testing existing InfoPath 2007 forms via the Infopath 2010 Designer client.  Integer fields in the form template are publishing to a SharePoint Forms Library and show in the default view.  However, if that library is then used as a Data Connection in another or same form template those integer fields are not displaying or available for selection. 

This is not a problem using the InfoPath 2007 client.  It is not an option to convert the field to text as it could affect existing forms in existing libraries.  Also, existing integer fields are no longer appearing in previously defined SharePoint-based secondary data connections.  Only the ID field still appears.  But, those existing fields still work in the form and are selectable for functions, etc.

Is there a solution to this?

Thanks much!  Mike - www.ProgramNetInc.com




Does anyone know of any good step by step articles on a state machine workflow with ASP.NET forms and or inforpath forms ?

Ive created a blog on a generic workflows but want to learn more about the forms side of things - any pointers would be great.



PS here is my how to guide : http://sp2010site.blogspot.com/2010/09/how-to-create-and-debug-state-machine.html


I have 2 Form library
Library 1 :
    Employee ID
    Employee Name
    Employee Age
Library 2 :
    Employee ID

I want to create one form using Info Path as master details form. i.e for Library 2 repeating field.
How we can do this any one have any idea.

I have tried to submit this form data into 2 data connection in info path, but its not working ....


Hello all,

The workflow deploys successfully, goes to first state as expected. When I click to change the task [using InfoPath task form], instead of showing the InfoPath form I see SharePoint 2010 edit form for the task list

Here are my files:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Feature xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/ "
ReceiverAssembly="Microsoft.Office.Workflow.Feature, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c" ReceiverClass="Microsoft.Office.Workflow.Feature.WorkflowFeatureReceiver">
    <Property Key="GloballyAvailable" Value="true" />
    <Property Key="RegisterForms" Value="*Forms\*.xsn" />

Package.Template.xml :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Solution xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/">


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Elements xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/">

I have my InfoPath files under Project->Features->CMWF2010 

I see that the InfoPath forms are not being deployed to Central Admin -> Manage Form Templates

Please suggest.


I tried :





I have a infopath database form that I created it is a work order form and some of the sections like the materials used/required may or may not contain data. Can it only print the section if it contains data?

The infopath turn off the print option and Idont know how to activate it.

It is a list item that desiend with the infopath desiener and have some data conections to other listes at the same site




I have a user who says that they can't view any of their text that they cut and paste into the fields of a form when they choose Print Preview, in the forms library.  They're using IE8 to access the SharePoint site.

When I access the same form in the same library from any browser from my computer, I can view pasted text in any field when I click Print Preview.

Anyone see this before and can help me??






I am trying to create a Print functionality in the Infopath form. I selected the empty infopath template. I have a textbox, in which user enters the child image name. I have a Picture tool taken from the toolbox added to the page.

I have 2 buttons on the page. First button is search and second is print.

 Once the user clicks on search, i am retrieving the image from the picture library and showing it in the picture. I am not sure of doing the Print. How to print the Image alone, when the user clicks on the print button from Infopath

I have a form library IP 2010 - I want to have the option for the user to print the IP document in a pre set formatted MS Word document - Is this possible via action from the Infopath form.  Thank you 

Hi all,

I am experiencing a problem with submitting a infopath 2010 form to an document set in SharePoint 2010.
I have created an document set as an content type, this content type includes an infopath 2010 form (also content type)

In the document library i create a new document set.
In this document set there is only the created form available.

I want to fill-in the form and submit to the document set!

It looks like this is not possible, it only is possible to submit a form to previously in the form configured document library or external destination but not an document set (dataconnection). There are going to be a lot document sets, this is why the submit connection has to be dynamic.

Can someone tell me if it is possible to submit a infopath form to an document set without code?

Ruben van Putten

I’m trying to deploy InfoPath 2010 Forms as WSP. Therefore I followed this Workaround for SharePoint 2007 on alonsorobles.com


The WSP is deployable and you can open the form without any permission errors, but the form does not open in the browser, InfoPath Filler 2010 starts every time you click on the form.

Enterprise Features are enabled and every other SharePoint-setting suggested in different internet discussions couldn’t solve this problem.

I tried publishing it with InfoPath 2010 Designer directly to a SharePoint Form Library and the published form opened in the Browser.

What can I do to make my forms in the WSP browser-enabled?




I am using sharepoint 2010 beta on Windows server 2008 R2, i have developed an infopath form in which i have two fields on the same row as shown in html below:

First Name
<asp:textbox ..... />
Last Name
<asp:textbox ..... />

But when i publish the form, an error messege is returned saying that publishing process could not be completed and it cannot be determine that the form has succesfully published or not. when i see the form in the browser, each field of the form get saperate row in the form.

Can anybody help me out with this....



I'm creating a form in InfoPath 2010 to be filled out in the browser within our SharePoint 2010 instance. It's pretty simple, four columns with total table width of about 650 pixels, textboxes, checkboxes, datepicker and one multiselect list box. The form is working fine up to the point where I invoke a data connection which emails the form to myself. When it arrives in my inbox, the format of the form included in the body of the email is funky. When I open the email and set it to a full screen viewing window (1440X900) the area that takes up the form exceeds the width of my viewing window and requires scroll bars to see all the fields on the form.

When printing the form from my email the area is so large that no data will show up in the printable area (it appears to be centered on the form and it is cutting off the "extra content" to the left and right which contains the form data as the user entered it). I'm using Outlook 2007. I also forwarded the email to a person who's using Outlook 2010 and they experienced the same problems as myself.

Things I've tried to fix it: Setting each column width, setting each control width to a pixel length (instead of using %). I added some code behind to switch the view to a two column view with a table width of 400px before it sends out the email. It's closer to being at a state where it's useable. Only the first letters on the left side is cut off of the form when I print it from Outlook.

So, has anyone experienced this yet? If so, what did you do to fix it? All help is appreciated. Thanks


Is there a way for anonymous users in a public facing site to submit InfoPath List Forms via an InfoPath Form Web Part?

Currently when I go to a page with the InfoPath Form web part configured as an anonymous users I get the following error message:

Error loading the form

A form template (.xsn) file cannot be accessed. You may not have the required permissions to open the file

The list allows anonymous users permissions to add and view items

When logged in the form works fine


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