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Printing Problem :- Style.Overflow property in Firefox -- JavaScript

Hi All,

I have a web application which has two DIV, one is main and one is child. I am having  problem in printing multiple pages. There is a lot of data in the child DIV and i am using JavaScript functions to control the print functionality. When i print using window.print(), only the data on the main page currently being showed is printed. I further researched and checked out the Style.Overflow property.

Now i am using divMain.style.overflow = "visible"

After this the complete print comes. But in Firefox, the scroll bar disappears and only single page is left with no scroll bar . 

Now if after print i give divMain.style.overflow = "Auto" OR divMain.style.overflow = "Scroll", still the scroll bar doesn't come and if it comes then its inactive. I am unable to see the complete data on the page after the print is taken.

The problem is not coming in I.E and the full data with scroll bar is recovered in I.E.

Please help me how to get the normal page with full data and scroll bar after printing in Firefox. 





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Answer 1

Hello Manuj,

You're posted your question to a newsgroup for the scheduling software, Microsoft Project.  Please search the forums for a more appropriate place to post -- although from my read, it appears the issue is with Firefox, not a Microsoft Product.  See:


I hope this helps.



Answer 2

Hi Manuj,

This forum is specifically for matters dealing with Microsoft Project.  I suggest you try to find a more appropriate forum that deals with your software problems.

Mike Glen

Project MVP




Answer 3

Thanks for the assistance. :)

Answer 4

Thank you for the suggestions Mike. 

Answer 5

You're welcome, Manuj :-)

Mike Glen
MS Project MVP
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