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Problems restoring a site-

MOSS 2007 restores have always been a headache for us- neither import/export nor backup/restore work reliably for us- sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. 
I encountered the following issue last week- does anyone know of a hotfix or some other solution for this error:  "The site collection could not be restored. If this problem persists, please make
sure the content databases are available and have sufficient free space."

More info:

I have set up a sharepoint recovery farm and have been backing up the sharepoint content databases and profile databases directly from SQL.  I was able to successfully restore a backup of the content database to the recovery farm.  The site came up fine on the recovery farm and I was able to create a backup of the site I needed via stsadm site backup command, however when trying to restore the site to the live farm (and I have succesfully backed up and restored other sites from recovery to live this way)  I got:


The site collection could not be restored. If this problem persists, please make
sure the content databases are available and have sufficient free space.


I tried deleting the site and recreating it, which put it on a new content database (sharepoi3 instead of 2) but still got the same error when trying to restore.
I did a databaserepair on all 3 content databases, to check for orphaned objects, but found nothing.
I restarted the windows timer service and did an iisreset on all 4 sharepoint servers. This did not help either.
The only other solution I could find would be to remove and then add the live databases (through stsadm) and since I wasn't feeling lucky and didn’t want to make the other sites unavailable,  I opted to try and find a workaround.
I did an export on the site on the recovery farm, which was successful, but when trying to import it it threw an error-
Start Time: 10/2/2009 6:39:18 PM.
Progress: Initializing Import.
FatalError: Could not find WebTemplate #10799 with LCID 1033.
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.ImportRequirementsManager.VerifyWebTemplat
e(SPRequirementObject reqObj)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.ImportRequirementsManager.Validate(SPRequi
rementObject reqObj)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.ImportRequirementsManager.DeserializeAndVa
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.SPImport.VerifyRequirements()
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.SPImport.Run()
Progress: Import Completed.

Eventually I manually recreated the site in live and restored content from the subsites, (save as template with content) but this of course lost all permissions.


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Answer 1

I first would like to verify that your recovery farm is using a different host header than the original farm.  Sometimes having two farms with the same URLs can pose issues.

What I've done to restore content using only database restores is to first back up the data that I need to restore in SQL running a maintenance plan.  Then, I copy that database to the destination SQL server (in a location that can be restored from).  Restore that database on top of the database you want to use for the web application using the SQL DBMS menus. 

Now, you have to run the stsadm -o deletecontentdb command to remove the content DB association with your web application that you want to restore.  After that command completes, run stsadm -o addcontentdb to reattach the same database which will associate your backed up data to the web app.  Now, you should be able to access the content.

Please note that the only exception to this process is Project Server content.  I would refer to KBs and Brian Smith's blog if working with Project Server restores.

Hope this helps.


Answer 2

Hi Dan, thanks for your response-

I first would like to verify that your recovery farm is using a different host header than the original farm. 

Yes- recovery farm is on seperate boxes, different IPs and URLs/host headers.  It's a completely seperate farm with its own SQL server and this farm runs parallel to live.

Sometimes having two farms with the same URLs can pose issues.

Not the case here- different URLs.

What I've done to restore content using only database restores is to first back up the data that I need to restore in SQL running a maintenance plan. 

Yes- this is exactly what I am doing.

Then, I copy that database to the destination SQL server (in a location that can be restored from).  Restore that database on top of the database you want to use for the web application using the SQL DBMS menus. 
Now, you have to run the stsadm -o deletecontentdb command to remove the content DB association with your web application that you want to restore.  After that command completes, run stsadm -o addcontentdb to reattach the same database which will associate your backed up data to the web app.  Now, you should be able to access the content.

OK, I did everything exactly as described above with ONE exception- I ran the stasam -o deletecontentdb on the recovery farm BEFORE restoring the SQL database.  Do you think this is what is causing the error when I later attempt to restore the site in live?  The site comes up fine on the recovery farm, it is only when I try to restore it to the live farm that I have an issue.

One other thing to note that may or may not be related- the site I was restoring was one that has previously gotten deleted and restored (yes, we have some issues with user education) and I am wondering if that is part of the problem as well.

Answer 3

If the site you are referring to was a subweb to a site collection or a site collection itself and it exists in the backed up DB, this should not be an issue during the restore. 

When you restore the database, you may need to make sure the proper security is added to the database as well.  You may have different service accounts accessing the database between the two farms and that could cause an issue. 

I don't think that running the deletecontentdb before restoring is an issue, but I've never performed the steps in that order so I truly cannot say.

Also when you restore the database, you want to make sure and select "Overwrite the existing database" on the Options pane and "Leave the database ready to use by rolling back uncommitted transactions.  Additional transaction logs cannot be restored. (RESTORE WITH RECOVER)"

Finally, after complete, make sure your database is Online in SQL DBMS.  Sometimes when doing the restore you may have to OFFLINE the old DB prior to the restore.

Answer 4

Just an update-
I took the same .bak file I made of the site from the content db restore on my recovery farm, copied it to the filesystem on our pre-production farm, and did stsadm -o restore and it worked perfectly.  This is so frustrating. 

To clarify- restoring the content database from a backup of live to the recovery farm works perfectly.  I only have a problem with restoring the site backup to the live farm. 

Answer 5

The issue turned out to be that the site was in a content database that was missing two fields from the dbo.Sites Table (FullUrl and UserAccountsDirectoryPath).  This is why it worked to restore it to my recovery farm- that database had all the fields. 

Eventually I ended up editing the db in SQL (not supported), because without making that change I couldn't apply SP2.  I needed SP2 to move all the sites out of that damaged database, so I added the fields to the damaged database, upgraded to SP2, then created a new content db and moved all the sites to it and deleted the old corrupt content db.



i have a publishing portal site with 6 publishing sub site

i need to take this site by all its sub site to another farm(server) u can say i need to publish it to the production server

i try to back up and restore site collection but it give me the file not found 


any idea

please i need full steps so i can handle where the process will fail




'm unable to restore our Sharepoint site from backup because of a 'is already an object with the Id ..... in the database from another content site collection' message that I continue to receive during the restore. I have already delete the site collection and created a new one from a blank site on numerous occasions but I continue to receive the same message. Please assist.

Hi there,

I just found out that if I have restored a site but then realized that I need to put it on a different URL, I can't add it anymore.

Here's what happen ...

We have 2 SP servers, the live one and the test one:
- live --> sp.company.org
- test --> sharepoint2010
The plan was to backup the site collection from the live one and restore it on the test server.
The site in question called mysite and the current URL (on live server) is http://sp.company.org/sites/mysite

Using SharePoint2010 Management Shell, I did:
restore-spsite -identity http://sharepoint2010 -path c:\backup\mysite.bak

And I realized that mysite was restored at the root of http://sharepoint2010 ... I thought it will re-create the path (/sites/mysite).
So I delete that '/' collection and tried to restore it again to a different path.

I ran:
restore-spsite -identity http://sharepoint2010/sites/mysite -path c:\backup\mysite.bak
--> note that the mysite part is a non-existent path to avoid using -force switch

but then it gave an error:
Restore-SPSite : The operation that you are attempting to perform cannot be completed successfully. 
No content databases in the web application were available to store your site collection. 
The existing content databases may have reached the maximum number of site collections,
or be set to read-only, or be offline, or may already contain a copy of this site collection. 
Create another content database for the Web application and then try the operation again.

then, I found this:

adding a new content db, IMO, is not the most efficient way to go (although he says it's gonna work).
what's going to happen when we need to test some different sites or change the structure? we could have hundreds of content_db just for that.
Unless I misunderstood something ....

so my question is/are:
- is there a way to somehow "delete" the original GUID of the site that was restored?
- And why the GUID stays after the cite collection has been deleted? at least that's what the link mentions.
- is this a known issue? will there be a fix for this?
- is this happen only on sites imported from other server or this will happen on ANY site?

I really appreciate anyone's input on this.



I am using SharePoint (Version: 12.0.6318.5000). The scenario is like that;

I have created a Site Collection and under that I have 2 sub sites and under each sub sites again I have a sub site (Site Collection [level 1]>>>SubSite+Lists [level 2]>>>SubSite+ Lists [level 3]>>>Lists, Doc. Library and Picture Library). I have modified a master page and given different name and used as custom and default master page throughout site collection. My master page is having some custom CSS and Image links (used $SPurl so that it should appear in all the sub sites). I have created Some Custom Pages using SharePoint Designer and saved at the same level of home page(default.aspx) of site collection and sub sites alsoNow I have used Solution generator to generate WSP (with the help of WSP Builder from Codeplex site) and created custom 3 different site definitions for each level. Our need was that, If we need to create any level we can easily create new sub site and all the custom pages, library will be available automatically

This WSP has been verified and accepted by our client and they have deployed in test environment. Due to some reason they used it as the live site and now they have lots of data in it.

Now my problem is if we take backup and restore it to the some other location using stsadm admin tool, all the navigations are showing 404 file not found error exceptsetting pages(_layouts/pagesnames.aspx).

Is any possible way of resolving this issue or any other alternatives of restoring data to other server with Custom Site Definition.

Thanks in Advanced



I am using SharePoint 2007.

I created a blank site. I have a site template available in the Application. I want to restore the site template to the newly created site.

How to restore the site template for the newly created site?

I am not sure of the term used.. Is it restore or import.


Thank you


Hi All,

           I have restored the SharePoint site through stsadm command from an environment that has a farm configuration. I have restored the site to the testing environment that has a standalone SharePoint environment. Now if I try to change the site collection administrator from the central admin for the web application at which the site is restored I get :Access Denied" error.

Can anybody help me to figure out what is the problem





i have just restore the sharepoint site to a new server, while rest site under this site are working fine.

the error i am getting is

 "An error occurred during the processing of . Could not load file or assembly 'EasyTabParts, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b15a43dfe3a17723' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified."

 please if you suggest me would be great for me 

need more detail please ask 







I took a backup of a site on one server (my production wss 3.0 server) with Sharepoint Designer using Site > Administration > Backup Web Site and was able to successfully create a .cmp file.

When I try to restore the file to an other server (my development wss 3.0 server) I get this error:

"Error occurred while importing the web <URL>.

Could not find file 'C:Windows\Temp\c7360118-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\Export Settings.xml"

I follow the steps at this URL -  http://farhanfaiz.wordpress.com/2008/02/06/moss-microsoft-office-sharepoint-designer-2007-restore-web-sites-error-exportsettingsxml/

But now I get this error:

"Error occurred while importing the web <URL>.

The version of the package is ifferent from the current version this program supports,"

Can anyone help me out?





On a sharepoint 2007 server, I have a site (toplevel site, forexample:http://test.com) and I want it as a subsite in another server (example:http://newserver/test.com).

I have used backup/restore but it will delete the target toplevel site and will create a new one which we don't want. I used export ,but it created two cmd files. In my test enviroument with import.export I lost my data on the detination. I mean I have all the tabs and evrything,but no files.

In my production with export I got two files,what should I do,should I import both?

Please advice.




This is confusing me no end, so apologies if it isn't that clear.  I have been piloting a standalone Sharepoint Foundation 2010 installation and have a bunch of content beginning to appear as I test concepts and ideas for how the site will work.  I've been backing up the 'farm' and also the site collection.  I'd like to keep this content.

I recently discovered Search Server Express which I wanted to add to my Sharepoint installation as the builtin search for Foundation is pretty poor.  I had issues installing Search Server Express as it kept telling me that it could not create sample data (that's because I already had a running site).  Fair enough, I backed everything up, removed the Sharepoint site and then installed Search Server Express, which worked.  I then wanted to try to restore the content I had from my Sharepoint testing earlier (it is a lot to try to recreate as it is probably going to form the basis of the production site).  Restores all failed, for various reasons - including there already being a site on port 80 (even when I moved it from that port), or when trying to restore the site collection, it failed because it said the farm was not available.  I'm not looking for specific answers to those issues here, hence not going into more detail.

What I'm trying to understand is whether it's even possible to restore that site given that it was created in Sharepoint Foundation and is trying to restore into Search Server Express which will then be running on the default port 80; from this link it seems that Search Server Express is not something you install over the top of Sharepoint, but that it includes it - I'm confused about this because it isn't that clear that's how it works.



So if I install just Search Server Express, I will be able to run a full Sharepoint Foundation site?  That's fine - but is it then not possible to restore my farm or my site collection any more?


I am in the process of uninstalling everything and putting just Search Server Express on, to see where I get to.  If anyone has anything I could try to get to my final goal that would be great.  To summarize, that goal is:


-Sharepoint Foundation site running with Search Server Express to index it, all on port 80

-My existing pilot data restored into that installation


[edit - more info found]

This link suggests that you DO install Search Server Express on top of an existing farm - but that would be for a proper farm and not the standalone installation I have, presumably... does that mean I would now need 3 servers, 2 for the existing farm and one for the Search Server?




Thanks in advance for your time.

Dev Lunsford

I need to restore my entire site collections from the SQL database backup.


My test server crashed and now somehow managed to up the central administration site. I have had more than 50 sites collections in my server. I have only SQL content database backup files (.bak) for ‘my portal’ and ‘my site’ collections. I have tired resorting from central administration and tried with stsadm mergecontentdb commands. But nothing seems to be working.


When I use the restore stsadm command its show its successfully done. And I could see all my site ID in the dbo.Webs table under the newly created database. But when I open any site (for ex http://myportal.come) it shows page cannot be displayed or 404 file not found error.

Could you please advice.


Hi all, i went through the mithycal granular restore procedure for restoring a site collection from an old Sharepoint 2010 disk i attached to the new VM as secondary disk (someone destroyed the old server), as follows:

attach DB with a new name "WSS_old", picking files from the secondary disk. SP central Admin UI->backup->granular->restore from detached...->backup site collection. during the process it throws error: server extensions cannot access to file "" (sorry if i mis-traducting from italian version).

What next? Am i wrong in supposing i can restore the old sharepoint site collection just starting from the DB files?

Thanks in advance...



I want to be able to back & restore of subsite in same application, or in another application, or another server. I want to make backup of site and restore it whereever I want :)




            I am using MOSS 2007 with project server. Last year, we changed the name of our database server using rename server command. After that the Central Admin and web application were working fine but last week after installing the patches when I ran CA/web application, it is giving me

HTTP/1.1 404 Connection: close Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 13:33:12 GMT Server: Microsoft-IIS/6.0 MicrosoftSharePointTeamServices: X-Powered-By: ASP.NET.

In the event viewer, I m getting

Error 3351 : "SQL database login failed. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below. Login failed for user 'domain\username'”

I checked the registry of the server and noticed that the SSO database is still pointing to the old database server while all other databases are pointing to the new database server.

As we have only one site running on this server, I need to restore it. Is there any way to restore only one document library?

Can anyone please provide me the detail steps for restoring the site?




I have a site and took backup from the same. And when I try to restore using the same I am getting 'add new content db and restore the site'. but I really don't want to add any new content db under my existing site collection list. Since i have few sites running under the same site collection and I am adding the site under the same site collection.

My question is how to restore the site under some specific site collection without adding any content db or in a same content db?



I have a really weird question...  I have two copies of SharePoint Virtual environment with same domain and same user ids.. While I am testing the site collection backup (Backup-SPSite) and restore (Restore-SPSite) process using the powershell command, everything looks great.. All of the workflows, contents, pages, navigation works great except the non-system users logging issue. I can log into site using the site collection admin user but if I try to login as users (from approvers, owners, or other groups), I get user can't access the error.

According to this article (applicable to MOSS 2007), it seems like backingup and restoring the site on new domain with conflicting user id causes this issue. Have anyone seen this? If yes, how would I back up site collection (including workflows and non-content stuff) and restore on new farm who would have same users as source farm?


Here are the highlevel steps I have followed..

Backup the site collection from Farm A, Web App A using Backup-SPSite Create the new site collection on the Farm B, Web App B Restore the backed up site collection on the Farm B, Web App B using the Restore-SPSite



My sharepoint installation was deleted without any backup, but i do have the mdf file. I think I attached the file to a web application to an existing site, and now the data on the mdf is missing.

The size of the mdf file did not change, it is and was over 2GB. but now, when i attach it to a web app, i see an empty site, whithout all the original data.

When i look at the DB in management studio i cannot see the data from my old sites, but again, the file is very large.

Is there any way to recover the data that was in the mdf file, which seems to still be there since its size did not change.



We have 2 site collections in a farm


URL of site collection 1 is : https://teamsiteqa.portal.keane.com/sites/pdc   

URL of Site collection 2 is : https://teamsiteqa.portal.keane.com/sites/pdc-arc


Both pointing to only one content db.




1<sup>st</sup> site collection has huge content and having around 188 sub sites in it. We would like to have entire same data to 2<sup>nd</sup> site collection  for that reason we have 2<sup>nd</sup> site collection is having blank site template




site collection has huge content and having around 188 sub sites in it. We would like to have entire same data to 2<sup>nd</sup> site collection  for that reason we have 2<sup>nd</sup> site collection is having blank site template


In order to meet this requirement we have tried out following steps but no luck. I really thankful to you who can help in this matter.


we have used stsadm restore option but it failed with error GUID ( backup is 1<sup>st</sup> site collection)

we have tried to add content db by using stsadm neither this works

we have used content deployment option to replicate entire data but this also failed with GUID


Please help us in this matter as this is something urgent. 




When I restore a list item from the normal recycle bin I can access the item using properties.ListItem. However, when restoring from the Site Collection recycle bin, the listitem is null?!

Ok, I thought, the SPItemEventProperties object I have also provides me with WebUrl, ListId and ListItemId so I can spin up a new SPSite with WebUrl, use openweb to get my SPWeb, use ListId to get the correct list and then the ListItemId to get the item. A bit long winded but should get me where I need to be. This would be ok, but at runtime I got an exception list not found. On investigation it seems the WebUrl property is wrong. I've run this on a few different lists/sites and it is consistently wrong! The value I'm seeing is http://[webapp]/sites/[sitecol]/sites/[sitecol]/[web]. Note the repitition of /sites/[sitecol]?!

This is really frustrating and very poor. So not only is the ListItem property null(?), but there is no easy way to get the list item manually! Does anyone else see this behaviour? Sharepoint is really testing my sanity this week!




hi all

I am aware of a version dependency on the stsadm -o backup/restore operation.

But will the same dependency exist for a content DB backup restore..

i.e. for example will we able to restore a content DB backup taken from a server with version say to a server with say assuming that the versions of SQL is the same in both cases.

Will the version difference in SQL create issues

Thanks in advance




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