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I have made a project in Visual Basic 2008 ex. ed. and then build and publish it. But I'm not sure what I got. Now, I see that in the Release folder I  have a few things:
- app. publish,
- my.project.exe,
- myproject. application manifest, etc. ..
I can  find myproject on the list of all programs on my computer, and I can use it as well as all other programs. I'm interested in three things:
- whether the program will work normally if I delete "myproject" in Visual Studio 2008 folder?
- whether the program will work properly if I uninstall the whole program Visual Basic 2008 ex. ed.?
- What  I need to transfer to another computer to install  and use the same program?
Sorry if questions are too silly, but this is all new for me, and I need further clarification.



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Answer 1

If your program is listed on the start menu I presume you have installed it after publishing it.  Once you have done that you can delete the contents of the publish  folder as all the required elements will have been copied to the installation location.

Visual Basic is not required to run a published and installed program.

To install on another computer just copy the content of the publish folder to a CD and use that to install on the other computer.  If you set the appropriate option in the publish options an autorun.inf file will have been created and the cd will run the setup program automatically if the other computer allows that.  Otherwise just run Setup after inserting the CD.


Answer 2

Dave, thank you for the explanation. Just something else.
If I install my program on someone else's computer in such a way (without Visual Studio 2008 folder), does that mean that the unauthorized copying of program is no longer possible in any way?



Answer 3

No - it would be very easy to copy your program once it has been located on the computer.  If you wish to prevent that then there are various options available but none that work are simple to implement and I've never bothered to investigate them much.

Additionally there are tools readily available which will decompile your program allowing anyone to see the source code.  To get round that you would need to obfuscate your code.  The full VS includes a basic obfuscator or you can buy one, but they're not cheap.


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