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Project Server 2010 lookup table update error

I defined 3-level text lookup table in Project Server 2010. Initial loading was made by program and was succesful. Now I have about 6500 records in it.

When I try to add, delete or modify record everytime I get error:

"The lookup table could not be saved due to the following reason(s): An unknown error has occurred"

I can only watch the data in lookup table (Project Web App -> Edit Lookup table: Contracts). In case of this table navigation (every kind of "movement") takes a long time.

In case of smaller tables everything works fine. I read that there are some limitations to number of records in table, but .....is there any possibility of changing settings, prameters, configuration?

It's single server installation.





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Answer 1


You are pushing the envelope with this one. 6500? Are you trying to store unique values? With what type of field are you associating the lookup table?


Answer 2

Gary thanks for a fast answer.

It's some kind of "interface". We import name (ID) of contracts from another system. All records are unique values. In project we defined additional column (contract) to connect task with exact contract. In my organisation very often happens that one project is devided in many contracts. The esiest way to implement was to story all contracts in one lookup table. It's 3-level hierarchical table so even in case of 6500 records it's quit fast nad easy to choose exact contract.




Answer 3


Well, I suppose that you could make sure that your database is well maintained. You might try running a SQL trace when you're manipulating the lookup table to see what's going on. You are definitely not using the fields as intended, so you might want to open a call with Microsoft to see if they have any advice on this. Your other option would be to build this outside of Project Server, perhaps by extending the RDB.


Answer 4

Check the ULS and App logs to see if a more detailed error has been captured. If not, you can try increasing the diagnostic logging level and reproducing the issue.

Despite the lack of detailed error logs, I think your issue could be caused by any number of things (anything from the PWA UI to the fact that it is a single server deployment). I would consider programmatically changing in the table structure when working with a table this large.



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