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Questions about UAA specification


I have already emailed this question to uaa@microsoft.com, but received no reply. Can anybody advise if this email is still active? I hope somebody can help.

I have been asked to develop a driver for an external audio streaming device. The specifications are as follows:

Support for multiple versions of Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7)
Multi-channel (up to 16 channels supported)
Low-latency (can achieve about 6 or 8ms of latency)
USB compatible (device will be connected via USB)

As a rough guide, the device will be something like this:

I want to know if the UAA standard can support a hardware device of
such demanding specifications?
If so, the hardware must just be UAA compliant, no need for a driver, correct?

Otherwise, what driver interfaces do you recommend I use to implement
the driver (eg. AVStream, USBsys etc) ?
I have read the DDK documentation, but am still a little confused. If
 anyone could offer some advice or resources it would be
really appreciated.

Many thanks,

Daire O'Neill



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