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How to read SD Card CID on Windows Mobile 5.0?

Hi! I have found several ways to read CID register, but all of them are suposed to work on Windows CE. I need to develop an application that works on Windows Mobile 5.0. Here is what I have found and what problems I have encountered:

 - Send CMD2 / CMD10 to SD card via IOCTL_SFFDISK_DEVICE_COMMAND of DeviceIoControl - it does compile, but I get error 87 (wrong parameter). Possibly I am doing something wrong, but it would be a shame to use such low level utility, don't you think?

 - Use IOCTL_DISK_GET_STORAGEID of DeviceIoControl (supposed to work for WindowsCE 3.0 or later) - my Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK lacks Diskio.h file

 - Use SDCardInfoQuery (supposed to work for WindowsCE 5.0 or later) - the most curios case. I have the header file that declares the function (<Sdcardddk.h>), but library that defines it (Sdcardlib.lib) is nowhere to be found! So it is present, but only partialy!

I'm using Visual C++ 2008. Can anyone help me please with this?


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I don't think this is achievable with windows Mobile 5. Pocket PC has no SD-specific APIs. So you'd have to talk to the driver
directly which is different on every Pocket PC. Contact the manufacturer
of your Pocket PC to see if they expose a way to do this.

Also Check the thread bellow you might find something useful:






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