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I had Windows Live Messenger [(windows live messenger V.12 2009)(newest version)] but when I tried to help a friend through Remote Assistance, it said I needed to update my version??? (she also just installed messenger yesterday), so I followed the link that showed up in my IM and it was the site I originally installed from, no way to update.  I though maybe I had to reinstall then, so I uninstalled messenger through add/remove programs, manually deleted any folders left after that and went to the site and tried to reinstall, it just says this feature already installed.   Hmmmm...... so I went to start-> run-> regedit and deleted all registry keys and it still says already installed when I try to install it.  I NEED HELP PLEASE!!

I would like to reinstall this pgm.

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Answer 1

I also encountered the same problem n i was a bit irritated. Searched thr the web, finalli found an answer! U can download Zapmessenger to completely remove all msn files from your computer and after that you can re-install msn!

Here a web link for your reference: http://messengergeek.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!E3785B1281BBDA1!1118.entry

Answer 3


Windows Cleanup utility.. You click "Windows live feeatures" or something similar, uniuntall all the tjings starting with "Windows live", its specially tailored by windows to work with it =)


However if you are just try ing to delete live messenger you can get a very good 'cleaning programme' free at:-


It has a 'tools' icon on the left and in there it has uninstall (and startup uninstall) it does list all the messenger fiels in there and is easy to delete them

Answer 4

Thanks for the help It worked for me I used ZAPMESSENGER the re-installed mssenger and all is well. Once again thanks.


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