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How to remove a saved password from a users computer

Hi, I have an asp.net website that requires users to login using their Active Directory credentials. All users of the website have AD accounts. Some of the users are at remote locations and share a common computer login (I know this is not recommended but it is what it is, I have no say in that). Every so often a user will log into my website and click the Remember Passwod box which causes the next person that comes along to not be prompted to log in. All users are on IE 7.  I have tried having them go into tools and deleting the cookies, saved passwords, etc but when they go to my website they are still not being prompted to log in. I have recently migrated to IIS 7 and I understand there is a way to have the user enter the site through a custom form but I have not gotten that far yet. How can I make sure the users password is removed from IE? Thanks for any help.  


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Answer 1

Try doing this

1. Click Start and select Run

2. In the Open field type "rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr"

3. Once the Stored Usernames and Passwords interface opens you can select any of the entries and select Properties to view the existing information

4. To remove  a saved  password you can select one of the entries and select Remove. A confirmation screen will appear. Click on OK and the account will be removed

5. You can add additional saved passwords as well by clicking on the Add button and entering the appropriate information

6. Repeat the steps above as needed to add, remove or edit saved passwords

7. When you are done using the interface click the Close button

Plz mark as Answered if it helps.


Answer 2

We seem to have resolved the problem but I'm not sure now that it was a saved  password issue. I'll post what worked for us in the hopes that someone else finds it usefull.

1. IE Tools Compatibility View Settings - Checked the option  Display All Sites in Compatibilty View

2. IE Tools Browser Settings - Checked Always for "Check for newer versions of stored pages"

I'm not sure which setting was the one that did the trick if not both but it does seem to work now. I'll keep your suggestion in mind if it comes up again. Thanks for the post back.


Answer 3

Which system do you use?

On windows xp, try this:
Boot computer  and press Ctrl+Alt+Delete twice when you See Windows welcome screen / login screen. It'll show classic login box. Now type "Administrator" (without quotes) in username field and leave password  field blank, press Enter and you should be able to login Windows.
Now you can reset your account password from "Control Panel -> User Accounts".

If that doesn't or you use windows 7 or vista, try this:
1. Enter a computer that can link to Internet. Download windows password recovery and install the software on that computer.
2. Run the software and create windows password reset disk by follow the instructions.
3. Eject the created CD/DVD and insert it into the locked computer.
4. Reboot the locked computer (it's necessary for you to change your locked computer's BIOS setting to make it boot from CD drive) and then follow the instructions to reset your password.
5. Now login Windows and set a new password.



Hi All,
Please help me
I have issue. In VB .Net I want to login other computer in network by username and password.But I can't do that , Please help me

Example : In my net I have one compter with IP
Usename : MrpServer
Pass : ****

In which way I can login it (in VB .Net)

i tryed something but cant success..here code block

Sub ConnectServer()
    Dim ConnectionParams AsNew System.Management.ConnectionOptions
    With ConnectionParams
      .Impersonation = System.Management.ImpersonationLevel.Identify
      .EnablePrivileges = True
      .Authentication = System.Management.AuthenticationLevel.Connect
      .Username = "MrpServer"
      .Password = "***"EndWithDim Session As System.Management.ManagementScope
    Dim ComputerName AsString = "MrpServer"
    Session = New System.Management.ManagementScope("\\" & _
     ComputerName & "\root\cimv2", ConnectionParams)
    If Session.IsConnected = FalseThen
      MsgBox("Servere Baglanilamadi..")
      MsgBox("Servere Baglandi..")

Anyone has any suggestion, please let me know..

Thanks alot



I am using win ce 6.0 R3,  and I have enabled default user through registry entries created using ntlm api's.  simply called api ntlm set user info and copied registry entries created by using this api, in project.reg for adding default user with os image.

now I am looking for any component instead of custom application add/remove users or changing password.

Is there any component which can enable user to change the password ,or add/remove users ?





I have a file on the server that users will have the possibility to download to thieir computer.

For example the filepath could look like below.


How would it be possible to save this to the desktop or C:\ etc.. ?

            String FileName = Server.MapPath("Folder1/file1.dat");

            //Is it possible to save this file on the desktop on a users computer ?



i have an ftp fetch package in bus development studio 2008.  it runs from that interface.  i imported it into Integration Services, set the password along with the EncryptSensitiveWithPassword and if i manually enter password each time i can run successfully from sql integration services.  but i cannot schedule as a job because the password won't stick.

any help out there would be great.


how to restrict web site one time login(1101) at same time nobody used  this id (1101)


Hello all ,

I had been trying to solve this but there is a hidden key i wish someone point me to.

I had a simple membership database with users in first the Membership  Provider configured for clear password

to retrieve the original password .

Now a new requirement say that the password must be hashed and reset .

I configure the Membership password to hash , and Implemented the Reset Password Module.

My problem is as follow.

If the user is new registered user with the new configuration the password and the security answer is hashed.

also when I go and reset the password it continue to be hashed.

Now I thought that with new configuration if any previous user with clear text configuration , If he use the password Reset module , because my configuration now is hashed , I expected that the new password  and security answer will be hashed  . what happen is old user continue in clear text even if the configuration is hashed.

so If I had new users everything is fine.

old users Membership Provider somehow know they had been stored in clear text and it keep change password and security answer in clear text .

If I delete this user and create it , Membership Provider understand that everything will be hashed.

I need to know how it know this , I need to migrate users not to delete and recreate users .

If there is a solution for that kindly explain it.

Also if there are no solution for that , I wish Microsoft Consider it in future cause it is a real user scenario, that can happen imagine a business system that related to membership user Id , deleting users and recreate them is not a solution .

Any Ideas.



I need a little bit help to correctly use the Network Management Functions in Windows with VB.NET.

I am currently creating a tool that can manage local user accounts on Windows-PCs. I am using the functions described on this MSDN page ; and after some struggling, I got most of them to work.

Unluckily, I haven't found a way to set the option "User must change password at next logon" while creating a new user account. I use the NetUserAdd -Function to create the new user. I set the level to 1 and supply a USER_INFO_1 -Structure . This structure accepts flags, and the flag UF_PASSWORD_EXPIRED seems to be exactly what I want - but when I set it, the user can log on without changing the password first...

Is my implementation just wrong (yes, I'm new to using Windows APIs) or is that flag just the wrong way to accomplish my goal?

I'm developing on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit using Visual Studio 2010 Express.


Thank you very much for your time!



Here's my code:

#Region"Constants"PublicConst UF_PASSWORD_EXPIRED AsInteger = &H800000
  PublicConst USER_PRIV_USER AsInteger = 1
#End Region#Region"CreateUser"Structure USER_INFO_1
    <MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPWStr)> Dim UserName AsString
    <MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPWStr)> Dim Password AsStringDim PasswordAge AsIntegerDim Privileges AsInteger
    <MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPWStr)> Dim HomeDirectory AsString
    <MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPWStr)> Dim Comment AsStringDim Flags AsInteger
    <MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPWStr)> Dim ScriptPath AsStringEndStructure'struct definition according to MSDN:'typedef struct _USER_INFO_1 {' LPWSTR usri1_name;' LPWSTR usri1_password;' DWORD usri1_password_age;' DWORD usri1_priv;' LPWSTR usri1_home_dir;' LPWSTR usri1_comment;' DWORD usri1_flags;' LPWSTR usri1_script_path;'} USER_INFO_1, *PUSER_INFO_1, *LPUSER_INFO_1;PrivateDeclareFunction NetUserAdd Lib"netapi32.dll" (<MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPWStr)> ByVal servername AsString, ByVal level AsInteger, ByRef buf As USER_INFO_1, ByRef parm_err AsInteger) AsInteger'parameters according to MSDN:'__in  LMSTR servername,'__in  DWORD level,'__in  LPBYTE buf,'__out LPDWORD parm_errPublicSharedSub CreateUser(ByVal UserName AsString, ByVal Password AsString, ByVal ExpirePassword AsBoolean)
    'That's my function that handles all conversions and checks for errorsDim NewUserInfo AsNew USER_INFO_1
    With NewUserInfo
      .UserName = UserName
      .Password = Password
      .Privileges = USER_PRIV_USER
      If ExpirePassword Then
        .Flags = UF_PASSWORD_EXPIRED
      EndIfEndWithDim ErrorCode AsInteger = NetUserAdd(Nothing, 1, NewUserInfo, Nothing)
    IfNot ErrorCode = 0 ThenThrowNew Exception("API-ERROR NetUserAdd: " & ErrorCode.ToString)
  EndSub#End Region
When I call CreateUser("Test_User", "P@ssw0rd", True), the new user can logon without changing the password.


MICROSOFT VISUAL C++ RUNTIME LIBRARY RUNTIME ERROR PROGRAM 5B79CFD1-6845-9D7D-6BE89DF2C-135}\SETUP\hpzrcv01.exe    this shows up evertime I turn on my computer.  I don't have a clue on how to remove or why its there.....




Is there a way to join and remove a compuer to and from a domain in vb.net instead of using netdom?



Access 2007
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

I created an accdb database and encrypted it with a password.  Now I want to remove the password.

I opened the database exclusively and entered the password.  The help instructions say:
2.On the Database Tools tab, in the Database Tools group, click Decrypt Database.
The Unset Database Password dialog box appears.

Unfortunate, the Database Tools group is displaying "Encrypt with Password" and clicking on that brings up the Set Database Password dialog box not the Unset Database Password dialog box.

Is this a known bug?

There is also an Encode/Decode Database in the Database Tools group but there does not appear to be anything in the help information about it. 
Decode Database results in a not found response and Encode Database retunrs a link to Encrypt a database by using a database password which refers to the "Encrypt with Password" section of the documentation which refers to "Encrypt with Password" in the Databse Tools group.

The only way it appears you can remove a password is to create a new unprotected database and import everything from the old one it.  Unfortunately, that leaves behind things like the layout of the Relationships window, all property settings, etc.


im creating a create user wizard and i would like to know how to change the minimum password length to '6' instead of '7' and remove the '1' Non-alphanumeric requirement



i have created a collaboration site collection using sharepoint 2007 on my pc

i have two groups in the site collection called group1 and group2

 i haved added domain1\\user1 to group1 and domain1\\user2 to group2

then i removed domain1\\user1 and domain1\\user2 from the site collection

i exported the site collection from my pc and imported on another pc

note:the domain on the new pc is different

then i added domain2\\user1 to group1 and domain2\\user2 to group2

when i am adding the above mentioned users i have noticed that in the people picker, that the domain1\\user1 and domain1\\user2 still appears even they dont exists in the site collection

i have searched for the problem and i have found multiple articles which say that the users exists in the users information list which is hidden in sharepoint

but all the articles didnt talk about how to delete the users from the users information list

i have tried using web.SiteUsers to delete the users but the property only retrieves that users that exists in the site collection and didnt retrieve that are found in the users information list

any help would be appreciated


Hello everybody.

The subject of this thread is my question and I am really very sorry, I cannot brief it. I have generated the pdf file which contains text taken as input by various web-form and have saved it in my local drive then sended it to some email addresses. Now I want to know that how can I save it in client computer and send it to some email addresses provided by Client on demand?

I am failed to solve this problem as I don't know how to get INFORMATION OF CLIENT'S LOCAL DRIVE AS CLIENT MAY USES DIFFERENT OPERATING SYSTEM.

Any information will be very helpful to me.

Thank you.


Okay this is a bit odd, but i am making a program that saves and loads simple RTF files from my computer to others, i am woundering how to do this. The thing i was worried about was the seccurity but i think i have it now, im using a program called Hamachi that gives you a IP through them that links to ur computer w/o accually giving out your IP. So is there anyway that i can do this? here is what i have now:

If EmailTxt.Text = ""Or PassTxt.Text = ""Then
      StatusText.Text = "You cannot leave anything blank!"ElseIf Directory.Exists("C:\MJA\" + EmailTxt.Text) = TrueThen
      PassText.LoadFile("C:\MJA\" + EmailTxt.Text + "\#Password.txt", RichTextBoxStreamType.PlainText)
      If PassTxt.Text = PassText.Text Then
        MsgBox("You are now logged in, please wait while we load your journals", MsgBoxStyle.OkOnly, "My Journal")
      StatusText.Text = "Your email does not exist"EndIf

The emails will be the name of the folders there data is saved in and within the folder is a file called #Password which will store there password for that account. I just need to find out to allow them to save and load files from my computer. If anyone has anything it would surely help!


Thank you so much for your time and help,


PS: for the name "Replace Text" was a mistake lol it was from my first post and i thought it was the name of the post lol



We are setting up our SharePoint 2010 Farm. I liked the idea of the managed accounts with auto-generating passwords managed by SharePoint. So I setup all my accounts as managed accounts and scheduled several of them to update the password weekly. After the "update" happened my farm went down. So I manually reset passwords and went back into Central Admin to see what was going on. From the managed accounts I tried to manually update the password of my Farm account with the Generate new password functionality and get this error.

The password does not meet the password policy requirements. Check the minimum password length, password complexity and password history requirements

Servers are in a domain with a one-way trust to a parent domain.




            i want to create a desktop application , where user have to login.  i have to give feature on save password. so that if user open that application he/she does not need to enter user id and password again .

i want to know what is the best way to do this.

Note : my application does not connect to database.





In the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, connection dialog box, it prompts to save the password. But it never stores it. Every time I have to enter it manually. (Non-Windows Integrated Environment)

Is there any way to fix it?


Hi All

Does anyone know if there is a way to disable the "save password" checkbox in Pocket Internet Explorer 4.x

PIE pops up a window to enter your User Name, Password, Domain and a check box to save Password. I need to disable that check box.

This is for Windows Mobile 5 and Pocket PC 2003.


Faisal Siddiqui


Hi All


Does anyone know if there is a way to disable the "save password" checkbox in Pocket Internet Explorer 4.x


PIE pops up a window to enter your User Name, Password, Domain and a check box to save Password. I need to disable that check box.


This is for Windows Mobile 5 and Pocket PC 2003.




Faisal Siddiqui


Hi. My application uses Settings for some configuration. But that configuration values can be eventually changed by users at runtime. BUT in this case I need every Windows user to have the same configuration values. Since user Scope saves different values for each user and application Scope can't be changed at runtime I'm in the middle of it.

Hope for a clue. Thanks!


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