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Rename security groups in Active Directory - Will it affect TFS ?


We need to rename some of our security groups in Active Directory - we use these groups to grant privilages to users use TFS

on some projects/folders etc.

Does it going to affect the permissions and privilages in TFS ? Will I need to fix it in TFS ?




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Answer 1

Renaming AD objects won't affect  the structure in TFS, the names will change accordingly.


Answer 2

Hi Demix,

TFS records SID of the groups  in the AD,  no matter how the account name change, its SID remains the same.  TFS synchronizes with AD depend on SID.  So if you rename  the groups in AD,  it will not affect  the permissions  in TFS.

For more information about synchronization,you can refer to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/906951

Hope it helps!

Cathy Kong



Answer 3

My company is in the process of renaming groups  in AD that are used in TFS.

The structue we are using is based on AGDLP and we have TFS groups that map to the AGDLP groups

For example

Contributor -> DL-TFSServer-<Team>-Contributor -> GL-TFSServer-<Team>-Contributor -> user(s)

When the DL and GL groups where changed I noticed the following

When I access the TFS Grougp (ie contributor) through security  groups

DL group was changed correctly
GL group showed old value, not new value in TFS 
Members are still correct

Group name is not updated at all (sites settings->advanced permissions)

Reporting Services
Names seem to be updated correctly

It does not appear to break anything but it will become confusing if someone is reviewing the groups.

Has anyone else noticed this...if so how have you handled it...




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