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The report server installation is not initialized.

The report server installation is not initialized. (rsReportServerNotActivated) (rsRPCError) Get Online Help
Get Online Help

When i access the reporting Manager, I get the above error message.

How can be able to solve this.



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Answer 1


Check this link:http://www.awprofessional.com/articles/article.asp?p=357694&seqNum=6&rl=1


Answer 2

Goto program files -> sql server  2005 -> Configuration Tools -> reporting  Services configuration
Mention ur machine name,instance name and hit start.

If INITIALIZATION is still "X" Try the following :

1. usually done while configuring reporting for the first time on the machine. :
 check rsreportserver.config file for the <UrlRoot> tag , chnage the machine  name to ur machine  name , if it already is not that way

2. If u have recently changed ur windows password, you may need to check the  'database connection' , tab of reporting service config manager. if you  select to use 'windows Credentials' , re-enter  ur password , and this   should solve  the problem.

3. Another problem may arise at this point, that while initializing , the report   server can't decrypt/read the encrypted content of the report server   database, so , simply goto the initialization tab of the reporting service   config manager  , and delete the encrypted content.


Answer 3

go to start --->all programs-->Sql server  2005--->reporting Services---->Configuration --->Inslizing reporting  service then press intilizing button then work it will work fine


Answer 4

The posters above are correct. There is an additional clarification though that if you are reusing an existing reprot server  database, you could try to restore a previously backed up symmetric key.

If you changed your report  server service account using service control manager  (MMC), then you should set it back to the original account, check if the report server starts working correctly and then if it does, use the reporting  services configuration manager to change the service account.

General documentation on this topic is here. 





Answer 5

Hi I'm having almost the same erro just that mine display the error from below


The profile for the user is a temporary profile. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80090024) (rsRPCError) Get Online Help


My initialization Icon shows a Red X.

I tried to Initialize it manually and it didn't work.

Also The Initialization Screen show headers with no records

Please advice Sad



Answer 6

I got the error when upgrading TFS.

In report  manager under scaleout deloyment, remove the server  with wrong encription key.( in my case the removed old server from which the dabata was backed up).

restarted reporte services.



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