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Scroll to top of page on back, or link selected - SharePoint Designer 2007


I have a SharePoint page which shows a reporting services report via a page viewer web part.

How can I force the page to always scroll to the top when it loads or when a user clicks back, or clicks a link in the report to open another report.

Generally I don't want the page to maintain its position at all, it should always scroll to the top of the page when it loads, or when the user clicks back.

(I'm using SharePoint 2007)

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


Please note I have also posted this question in the SharePoint customization forum as I'm not sure what the best place for this thread is.


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It seems that the page is influenced by some javascript code.

You can take the following steps to implement the function.

1. Download the JQuery file from here and the scrollTo.js plugin from here

2.Copy the files jquery-1.4.1.js and jquery.scrollTo.js to the C:/Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS.

3. Open the page you want to edit with Microsoft Office Sharepoint Designer.

4. Add the following code to the page in body section. Sometimes you have to check the master file to see which ContentPlaceHolder control is placed in body. Then you can add the following code to relevant Content control.


5. Finally congratuation you that it's done.



I have a SharePoint page which shows a reporting services report via a page viewer web part.

How can I force the page to always scroll to the top when it loads or when a user clicks back, or clicks a link in the report to open another report.

Generally I don't want the page to maintain its position at all, it should always scroll to the top of the page when it loads, or when the user clicks back.

(I'm using SharePoint 2007)

Thanks in advance :)



I have a lot of TAB on my main sharepoint page, and when I scroll down vertically, this Top Link Bar go up and disappear from the screen, what I would like to do is this top link bar still remain the same all the time and only some others contents scroll up and down using vertical scroll bar.

Could any one help me , how to do this.




I have a problem where I add a new web part to an aspx page in SharePoint designer and everything appears correctly however the "Add New Item" link does not appear.  I can't seem to find an option that would allow me to turn this link on.

For an example of the type of link I'm looking to include a picture is seen at http://www.novolocus.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/listview-with-add-new-link.png



hi All,

i am trying to edit BPOS Sharepoint Site Collection Pages from Sharepoint Designer 2007 but i am not able to do it.

checkout option is also not available on pages.

kindly help on this issue.




I used FrontPage 2003 for years. When I opened any folder a list of files became visible. Among columns I used to see one for Title. This helped me modify page title quickly without opening each page and going to page properties.

Now I have switched to SharePoint Designer 2007 but title column is missing. I went to view menu hoping to find a way to choose columns and select title column but I couldn't spot an option. I looked around in other menus but coudn't spot it either. I feel there must be a way to make page title visible for the file list in folder view but I am probably missing something that doesn't let me do it.

I can select each file in the name colum, right click, select properties, and modify the title but it is a longish way. I prefer the separate column for title as was in FrontPage. If someone can show me the way I would be thankful.



We are using SharePoint 2007 (MOSS). I created a blank webpart page. When I try to open this blank web part page in SharePoint Designer to add Data View Web part, it says, unable to Open.


Actual Mesasge is:

This Page cannot be edited in SharePoint Designer. You can edit the content in the browser, or edit the corresponding page layout in SharePoint Desinger.

with following buttons: [Edit in Browser]   [Edit Page Layout]  [Cancel].


I have administrator privilege on the Farm, and I had created the blank web part page.

What could be the reason, and how can I edit this web part page in SharePoint Designer?

Any help greatly appreciated.





We have a sharepoint site with two main lists.

List 1: I could open the pages, make changes BUT cannot create workflows (for the site).
List 2: I could not even open it. I get the message
"You do not have permission to do this operation. Ask your web site administrator to change your permission and try again, or log on with user account that has this permission ...."

I am secondary server administrator and also have 'full control' of the site.

Any ideas?

Thank you


We have a custom list definition that includes custom site columns.  When we try to open one of the list view aspx pages in SharePoint to update the view query we get an error when trying to save the page in SharePoint Designer 2007.  We receive a warning that the operation will customize the page from the site definition, which is fine.  And then get a general "Server error: ServiceRequestorID" alert.  ServiceRequestorID is a custom site column used by the list definition.

ServiceRequestorID field definition:

<FieldID="{FA39D24D-AB40-4b1d-BD80-94ABE34A7578}" Name="ServiceRequestorID" DisplayName="Service Requestor ID" StaticName="ServiceRequestorID" Description="Help Desk Column - Service Requestor ID" Type="Text" MaxLength="255" Required="FALSE" Sortable="TRUE" UnlimitedLengthInDocumentLibrary="FALSE" Group="Help Desk Columns" ShowInVersionHistory="TRUE" SourceID="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/v3" Sealed="FALSE" AllowDeletion="TRUE" ShowInFileDlg="FALSE" CanToggleHidden="TRUE" />

The error in the log files on the server are:

09/27/2010 11:11:06.42  w3wp.exe (0x1128)                        0x0D8C Windows SharePoint Services    General                        8khu Medium   The error "ServiceRequestorID" with hr:-2130239098 in the thread context was not processed before thread detach. The full error log entry follows. 
09/27/2010 11:11:06.42  w3wp.exe (0x1128)                        0x0D8C Windows SharePoint Services    General                        8khv Medium   #210086: ServiceRequestorID 
09/27/2010 11:11:06.42  w3wp.exe (0x1128)                        0x0D8C Windows SharePoint Services    General                        8khv Medium   (#-2130575223: ServiceRequestorID)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey guys,

I'm pretty new to SharePoint, and at the moment, I don't have a lot of privileges to access the higher-level administrative actions that might allow me to try some additional solutions, but I'll share with you what I've done so far and perhaps you can point me in the right direction.

The Problem: We're using SharePoint Server 2007, MOSS 2007, and Designer 2007, all over VM. I'm able to create .aspx files in the Designer, but upon saving, closing, and attempting to re-open these files, I receive the following error:

"The server could not complete your request. Contact your Internet service provider or Web server administrator to make sure that the server has the FrontPage Server Extensions or SharePoint Services installed.

For more specific information, click the Details button.

[OK] [Details]"

Upon clicking Details:

"Below is the message that the server returned. For more information contact your Internet service provider or web server administrator.

soap:ServerServer was unable to process request. ---> Cannot complete this action. Please try again. ---> Cannot complete this action. Please try again."

I'm also unable to attach master pages to the Designer or to a page opened in the Designer. 

I'm sure you guys have seen this before; I've been researching the problem online for a couple of days and have found various solutions to similar issues, but nothing has worked for me thus far.

Attempted Solutions: I have performed the following tasks in an attempt to resolve this issue.

Checked for closed web parts: unfortunately there are no web parts in use on the pages I am trying to access, and thus no errors with any web parts. Cleared IE cache, cleared WebsiteCache, and recycle the App Pool: while helpful, this "witch's brew" of SP fixes did not resolve the issue. Checked the logs in the 12 hive: did not see anything new with regard to my attempts to access the files on the server (although admittedly I may have been looking at the wrong logs/in the wrong place). Attempted to open master page files through URL access via the Master Page and Page Layout Gallery: attempting to do so results in an error message indicating that no appropriate application was found to open the page.

What Does Work: I can create and re-open HTML files. Checking files in and out appears to work normally. Saving files to the server also works, they just can't be opened in the Designer afterward; these files are viewable via URL/Content Dashboard.

Possible (Untried) Fixes: I did find a hotfix provided by Microsoft that may fix the above Gallery issue (mentioned in Attempted Solutions), but I lack the privileges to apply this hotfix on the VM.


Your questions, thoughts, and comments are appreciated.



I've been using Sharepoint Designer 2007 for some time and Frontpage before that (and was very thankful for the improvements Sharepoint Designer brought).  My whole computer died (power outage UPS didn't protect against) and the new machine has Office 2010 (Windows 7).  Since Sharepoint Designer 2010 doesn't support FTP, I had to reinstall Sharepoint Designer 2007.  Now when I publish from local to remote, Sharepoint Designer 2007 doesn't change to the page status to "unchanged."  It's very annoying.  Instead of incremental updates, it takes an hour to upload my entire site.

I'm a professor and my college uses Office 2010 - read big, bureaucratic institution with sucky internal support.  I would consider Web Expression, but even a striped down version isn't bundled with Office.  I'd like to see a Frontpage-like (well upgraded taking out Frontpage problems) application continue to be bundled with Office.  Microsoft, what gives?  We got the new Office Suite that can't do the work we used to do. 

So between big, bureaucratic Microsoft and big, bureaucratic college, professors get screwed.  And people wonder why our educational system is so screwed up and online education is so difficult.  Well, duh?


I completed my workflow in Sharepoint Designer 2007.  I have the workflow to kick off certain actions base on the status of a Sharepoint Server 2007 workflow.

Example: Program Manager Approval workflow is In Progress.  Wait until status changes from In Progress.  If the status goes to Approved, then it suppose to kick off another Sharepoint server workflow.

The workflow created in Sharepoint Designer is not giving me any errors except it goes directly into completed status.  I have added a pause at the beginning until the Sharepoint server workflow gives a status, then the Sharepoint Designer goes to work.



Will changes to MOSS 2007 with Sharepoint Designer 2007 work after upgrade to Sharepoint Server 2010?

Or do I have to make same changes again with Sharepoint Designer 2010 after upgrade? 



I've inherited a site that does the following:

- Indexes a large number of zipfiles
- Each zipfile is associated with a "summary page" - it's kind of like a customized properties page that displays the metadata/attributes for that zipfile
- When a search is performed, it returns search results that are hyperlinked to the summary page. However, the search scope is set to the document repository, so this is custom functionality that was built.

Our requirement is to customize Enterprise Search Result so that we can:
- Modify the URL/hyperlinked search results to point to the summary pages instead of directly to the file
- Display whatever custom columns we desire.

I know that we can customize columns that are displayed, and this is a relatively easy task, but has anyone tried modifying the URL that is returned, while still using the Core Search Results web part? Or do we have no choice but to stick iwth an absolutely custom page?



Select top 5 in select Top 10

Can provide me a sql statment ?


First I want to give u an idea about my site hierarchy

MSS is my root site under which Devlopment,QA,HR are sub sites.

I enabled publishing feature to get hover drop down menu for my top link bar. Under global navigation of my root site i added headings to my subsites and added some more links under headings to show pages of my subsites.

The problem is when users log in to subsites the link to top level site is visible to them. when they click it, it is showing access denied because they are not users for that root site. It is correct.But i dont want to dispaly that link for the users of my subsites.





I was wondering if anybody had any experience in forcing a MVVM Silverlight application to scroll to the top of a page. 

Some suggest using JavaScript (http://johnlivingstontech.blogspot.com/2010/04/forcing-browser-to-scroll-to-top-using.html), but there must be a more MVVM-friendly method?

Thanks in advance, 


I have a huge Site Collection and in which for a particular Web application I have developed several SharePoint Designer Workflows.

When I am trying to take the backup of that particular Web application using stsadm export command, I was able to take the backup successfully without any errorsĀ but while restoring the same, I am not getting the SharePoint Designer Workflow associations with List and Columns... So I need to do the complete rework on the SharePoint Designer Workflows as there are no associations after restoring of the application and hence restoration fails.

Is there something that I am missing in taking the Backups for SharePoint Designer Workflows along with the SharePoint Sites, so that I don't miss the associations as a part of backups... Kindly suggest me for the right way to take the Backup of SharePoint Site which includes SharePoint Designer Workflows and also the Userprofiles.


hi All,

i am not able to open BPOS sharepoint site from Sharepoint Designer 2007.

kindly help.

thanks in advance.




i am doing those steps:




In the condition:   If Hotel Department equals IT

Action:                   Collect Review document from Domain\user (Output to Variable :ID of Review document task)

then Set Variable:review status to Variable:ID of review document task

then Log                  to the workflow history list


Condition: Else if Hotel department begins with Department

Action: Email "send to created by user to put his department"



Condition: if Variable:Review status equal Approved


Action: Collect Review Document1 from domain\user1 (Output to Variable:ID of Review document task)

then Set Variable:review status to Variable:Review status

Then Log                  to the workflow history list

Condition: Else if Variable:Review status not equals Approved

Action: Email:"send mail to the user to check his superior"



PS: only step1 work 

i don't know why when doing step 1 it doesn't jump to step 2 can you help me please can you tell me if there any kind of error or other way to do it.

Best regards

we have UserList contains columns FirstName, LastName.
We have to create UI to import data from Excelsheet in to UserList.
want to implement import functionality in Sharepoint Designer 2007
Please suggest if we have any inbuild functionality for the same or ways to implement it.


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