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search on multiple lists


I have a situation where i have to do a search on multiple lists at once.

List A - Field A, Field B

List A - Field A, Field C

List A - Field A, Field D

When a user searches by Field A i want to pull all records from all lists. How do i present it after u have done the search. What web parts should i use?

Is is possible to search on multiple lists. How to do it through designer?

Do i need to a roll up view and search on it. If its possible..

Should i do join of lists and try to filter it based on FIELD A? Can we filter on joined lists?

Any ideas on this ....

Thanks a lot in advance.





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Answer 1

You will have to create a manged property and map fields to it and then when you search  on that manage property it will in turn results from all the fields which are mapped to the managed property.

Then use this property to search for data.

Refer following links for more info





Answer 2



I should have mentioned it earlier but forgot i am sorry i don't have access to these things all i have to do is through SharePoint Designer.

Can you suggest a way to do it.

Thanks for replying.



Answer 3

You should be able to combine lists  with a SharePoint Designer Data View web  Part.  Another option if you have MOSS 07 Enterprise, is to use the filter  web parts.  You can configure multiple  lists to use the same filter.  So it won't necessarily be a "search", but your users could specify or select a value from a dropdown menu, filter the lists, and see the corresponding list/library items.

Answer 4

Thanks Chris.



I have list which is we can able to filter with search option. 

Once we enter value in textbox and click on search button, then list will be get filtered.

Ex. If we List is

FirstName   LastName




If I have textbox with lable FirstName there if I enter value Edi, once we hit search button we will get following record 

Edi    Rane.

Any ideas. this i want to implement in Sharepoint Designer.


Hi all,

how to search using multiple attributes in 'search for records'

option available in contacts/accounts entities?





I have a search page with four fields. Each field belongs to columns in the database. None of these fields are mandatory, so user can choose which field/feilds they want to enter. I want the search results to be more specific as they enter values in more than one field.

For example.

First name, Last name, Pin code and Mobile are the 4 search fields.


Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you




I have the requirement to search for multiple words separated by commas passed as string in thousands of word documents.All the words should match and corresponding doc and the path of the doc should be returned and displayed in gridview.

I used Microsoft office classes but the search is very slow.The problem with word is every time doc should be opened, search has to be done and return.This is very slow.

Can anyone suggest better search functionality.


I've been unable to find a solution, if there is, to make a FT search using multiple columns and weights.

I have a table like this

     pkcol bigint,
     scol1 nvarchar(128),
     scol2 nvarchar(128),
     scol3 nvarchar(128),
     data1 ...

What I need is to pull out all the rows in a decreasing ranking order.
Logically the scol1 has weight 1.0 (thus most of the time, records containing searchterm in scol1 are ranked better), scol2 has rank 0.6 and scol3 has rank 0.1

I've tried a query like this (one of the many):
FROM SearchTable
JOIN CONTAINSTABLE(SearchTable, scol1, 'ISABOUT(searchterm WEIGHT(1.0))') ct1
ON pkcol = ct1.[KEY]
JOIN CONTAINSTABLE(SearchTable, scol2, 'ISABOUT(searchterm WEIGHT(.6))') ct2
ON pkcol = ct2.[KEY]
JOIN CONTAINSTABLE(SearchTable, scol3, 'ISABOUT(searchterm WEIGHT(.1))') ct3
ON pkcol = ct3.[KEY]

But it will return only the common rows, not all the rows having "searchterm" in ct1 first, then from ct2 and at last from ct3.

What am I doing wrong here?
How can I give importance in which column the term is found so that the records are more on the top than the others.



"Search this list" - how to enable that in the search box dropdown

I have a list of 3000 forename, surname and address and a bigger list of 3 million forename, surname and address

I want to find and rank occurences of each row in the first list within the second list but not using perfect matches

what do you recommend?



I am using MOSS 2007 and have a requirment to create one roll-up webpart across multiple libraries and site collections. I do see some third pary tools i.e. baboo tools, lightning tools etc. for this, but I would like to create my own custom webpart to show on the site as well to export into spread sheet. Can anyone suggest how to do this? thanks in advance to all.



Some one can help me, if possible screen shots.
Environment : MOSS 2007, InfoPath 2007

Hi all,

I created a workflow in designer attached to a form library. I also have a custom list "Admins" containing names of persons that serves a different purpose but would also like to be used as recipients for the workflow email everytime a new item in the form library is created.

I have been searching the net and tried out few work arounds but so far able to send to only one person in the "Admins" list. The list has a column "Admin Name" which is of type "Person or Group".

Thanks in advance!



How can I merge one list content to multiple lists?

Example: The scenario, we have a site collection and inside this site collection we have another subsite where we have a list called "sourceList"  http://sitename.com/collection/siteName/sourceList/ and we have another subsite inside that subsite that has a nother list called "destinationList" http://sitename.com/collection/siteName/subSite/destinationList/.  

Those lists have different columns and are in different sites but in the same site collection.

How can i make a web part that i will add it on the listName1 list and provide the source list(sourcelist) and the destination list (listName1). And the web part will merge the lists content. In our case the items from sourceList will be merged with the items of the destinationList, inside the destinationList list.

Becaseu the fields(columns) are different, and the metadata should be the same if the columns of both lists are the same, otherwise empty.

Thank you very much.



I am trying to create a query / SQL that will find duplicate rows that have any 2 of the 6 fields matching.

ie: Row 1 =   1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
     Row 2 =   2, 3, 10, 11, 12, 13

The query should find 2, 3 as duplicates even though they aren't in the same fields.... so long as they match, that's all that matters.

Thanks for your help

[EDIT]It looks like I might have posted this in the wrong place? If so, sorry.[/EDIT]


I need to be able to search/filter records on a number of fields, with wildcards ('bc' matches 'abc', 'bcd', 'abcd'), but I don't have access to SharePoint Designer or the server, and I can't rely on the indexing. Is this even possible? (And no indexing basically eliminates the possibility of using a search, right? Which leaves me with only filters?)

I could probably find a custom web part to do this, but I don't think it's possible for me to add it.

I could add several filters, each bound to a different field, but that would be a bit ugly, and I'd still need to find a way to do wildcard searches.

Any thoughts?

Thank you.

I want to create a search page for my users that allows them to perform one keyword search and see the results in 3 different Search Core Results web parts, with each one sufacing results from a different scope. When I try to set this up, whatever scope is set on the first web part that I added is the same one that is used by the other 2 results web parts, even though I've set different scopes for those web parts.

Is this typical behavior and if so, is there any way around it? My use case is that when people perform a search on our intranet, I want to show them results from our full index in one web part, results from our corporate wiki in another, and results from a product knowledge base in another.



In a document library, for the "ReportedBy" column user is trying to add his name.

In the textbox, if "hoppe, carsten" is typed it doesn't show any matching result. If the same is type in the advanced find, result is displayed.

Could you please check and help us on this ?

Thanks in advance.



I need to create an internal search page and an external search page using microsoft search server 2008 express or microsoft search server 2010 express.  the internal search page would require password authentication and search internal content sources.  The external search page would search our public web site only and not require any type of authentication. Is this possible with wither MS Search Server 2008 express or 2010 express?



I dragged a DataTable with a two-column primary key onto my Form in Details view (not DataGrid ) and added a 'Query' Button .

The QueryBtn_Click() should query the database with the values in the textboxes corresponding to the primary key, then populate the remaining fields for that record. If the record is not found, do nothing.

The BindingSource.Find() and BindingSource.IndexOf() both seem to only search on one field.

How do I achieve the above behavior?

Note: C# answers acceptable, but VB.NET code is preferred.


Hi everyone,

I'm working on a library that stores information on various cases. The case table has several columns that contain descriptive strings on what happened in the case. I would like to create a single filter that returns all cases where the search string is found in any of the columns. I've looked at Dynamic Data Filtering, but as far as I can tell, the "Contains" filter only allows you to connect to each column individually. Has anyone tried this?




I'm building a stored procedure to return a set of records, yes nothing big.

The column is an NVarchar column and I'm using a select statement of

Select * from Table1

where Column1 Like @Column1

Table is currently one record containing the words:  ***Some Test Word***  Is my test word

I've set the value of @Column1 to:

Some - no records returned

Some% - no records returned

%Some% - 1 record returned 

% - 1 record returned

*% - no records returned

%*% - 1 record returned

%Not Here% - 1 record returned


Can someone tell me why if I have a leading and trailing wildcard I will get all records returned?  Does it have something to do with the '*' characters in the field because some of my users are using these characters.

I've also tried changing the select to:

where RTRIM(Column1) Like @Column1 with the same result


where RTRIM(Column1) Like N'%' + @Column1 with the same result


What way should I give a user the way to search for a substring inside of an NVarchar field?

Oh, I tried using the Substring function and got the same result.






I want to query an SQL table using some Web controls to provide the parameters for filtering the records in the table. Results are displayed in a GridView.

I have a TextBox with an ID of "keyword" where the user may enter one or more keywords. I'd like to search 2 columns for instances of these keywords.

I also have a DropDownList named "category" that lists categories contained in a "category" column of the table.

I have a dataset with a TableAdapter for the table I want to search. Got it working fine with the DropDown List but not sure how to proceed with the TextBox and keywords.

What SQL query should I use? The user may not enter anything into the textbox, they may enter one word, or multiple words.

This is where I am now:

SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE category = @category AND ?????



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