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I have a situation where i have to do a search on multiple lists at once.

List A - Field A, Field B

List A - Field A, Field C

List A - Field A, Field D

When a user searches by Field A i want to pull all records from all lists. How do i present it after u have done the search. What web parts should i use?

Is is possible to search on multiple lists. How to do it through designer?

Do i need to a roll up view and search on it. If its possible..

Should i do join of lists and try to filter it based on FIELD A? Can we filter on joined lists?

Any ideas on this ....

Thanks a lot in advance.





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Answer 1

You will have to create a manged property and map fields to it and then when you search  on that manage property it will in turn results from all the fields which are mapped to the managed property.

Then use this property to search for data.

Refer following links for more info





Answer 2



I should have mentioned it earlier but forgot i am sorry i don't have access to these things all i have to do is through SharePoint Designer.

Can you suggest a way to do it.

Thanks for replying.



Answer 3

You should be able to combine lists  with a SharePoint Designer Data View web  Part.  Another option if you have MOSS 07 Enterprise, is to use the filter  web parts.  You can configure multiple  lists to use the same filter.  So it won't necessarily be a "search", but your users could specify or select a value from a dropdown menu, filter the lists, and see the corresponding list/library items.

Answer 4

Thanks Chris.


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