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How can I send TFS 2010 alerts using smtp authentication?

I'm trying to send TFS alerts via google apps.

I saw a few posts but they all seem to be for older version of TFS....


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Answer 1

Hi Mike,

In TFS 2010 , TFS Alert is sent by Visual Studio Team Foundation Background Job Agent, and it will use the default credentical ( the service  account identity) to connect to SMTP Server, you cannot specify the username/pwd.

Sorry for the inconvenience, you can visit https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/ to submit your feedback and our engineers will take it into consideration. Thanks for your understanding.


Answer 2



I read somewhere that it would work if I created an smtp  relay.
Does this sound like something that would work?


Answer 3

Hi Mike,

I think it maybe work.

1 Create a your own SMTP Server that allow TFSService account to access.

2 The SMTP server then send  mail to Gmail


I my first reply, I mean that TFSService account need to access to the SMTP Server.


Answer 4

Yes, setting it up as a relay would work, I have that configured with BPOS at the moment.

Answer 5

Thanks Enrique,

I setup an smtp  relay but how can I go about testing that it is configured correctly?


Answer 6

Did you configure the Delivery Tab, being specific, the Outbound Security, Outbound Connections and Advanced areas?

If you did, any activity like a Build should then trigger an email.



Answer 7

I did do that.  I believe that I configured it correctly.  Then do I need to point TFS Alerts to localhost for the smtp  server or the actual smtp server that I ultimately need to use?

Answer 8

Yes, or the FQDN for that system.

Answer 9

Do I set the smtp  server to "localhost" or the actual smtp server (ie. smtp.gmail.com)?

Answer 10

The smtp  server to configure would be the local one, as that one will have the job to relay to gmail.


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