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How to make SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in asp.net web application

I have an asp.net web application based on e-commerce built in .net 3.5 using vb.net language.  There are so many product. I want to optimize the search engine so that if any one search the product that is available in my site, it will resolve the result using google, yahoo, msn or bing search engine.

Now my questions are:

1. How the search engine works if any application build on asp.net and what are the things I have to careful to get the search engine resolve?

2. What I have to do  to resolve the search result for my website from search engine ?

3. What are the steps I have to follow to resolve the search engine results?

4. How can I frequently check that whether my website is resolving the search engine?


thanks in advance to reply.


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Answer 1

Please check this url for how to make  asp.net website as search  engine optimized


Use Google Analytics to track your website pages hit count.

You can track all the pages using Google Analytics

Hope this helps



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