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Separate Date and Time report parameters in SSRS 2005


Is it possible to declare separate report parameters in SSRS 2005 as Date and Time?

I want the user to be able to enter a date and a time.

When I declare the parameters in my stored procedure as datetime, in SSRS the parameter just shows as a Date only.



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There is no option to define a parameter with time  Datatype. Alternatively , you can have one another text parameter and parse it by concatenating with date  selected. To avoid the format issues of time being entered , you can add the all the time from "0" to 24 hours in the available value of the parameter so that user will select rather than enter.



I am wondering if there is a work around for a 2005 Reporting Services report parameter to display the timestamp on a date/time at midnight. For example, I have the default set to 1/1/2010 12:00 AM for a particular parameter. I want the parameter text box to display 1/1/2011 12:00 AM NOT 1/1/2011 as it does by default.

I hope it isn't too confusing what I want to do. Thanks in advance.


Hi friends,

I have one Landscape Report in SSRS 2005.

It is contains only 5 recrods in one page report.

But when i am previewing and giving printout , it is printing in two separate pages.

What could be issue ?



I have a question regarding SSRS 2005 and MOSS 2007. I want to pass parameter for report using URL. I have come across lot of information related to it 

This post suggest a solution:


It says instead of using following link:


Using this: https://www.myRSServer.com/ReportServer?https://www.myMOSSServer.com/mysite/doclibrary/test.rdlamp;KeyDate=1/4/07

Solves the problem. 

When  I tried it, I got an error :

The type Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.Analytics.UI.ReportViewerMessages, Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c does not implement IReportViewerMessages or could not be found

I used this link to take care of error:


 This nasty error message appeared when I published my Reporting Services local report to a custom Web Part.

"I solved this be comment out the ReportViewerMessages line in appSettings section in the web.config

<!--  <add key="ReportViewerMessages" value="Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.Analytics...... /> --> 

So far, I haven't seen any issues by commenting out this entry. "

Now, I can see the report but only when using Admin login. When I use a less-privileged account, I get an error :

The permissions granted to user 'ServerName\UserName' are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied) 

As I understand It is to say to access report, person needs to have access to report server. Has any body encountered same problem? 

Thank you in Advance!


I have created a SSRS report and called from Dynamics AX MenuItem.

To create SSRS report i used SQL Server Business Intelligence Dev Studio
tool. I have Company ID as one of the (Hidden) parameters in the  report and
used in query too (as @compayid)

When I call from Dynamics AX menu, How do I pass the current Company
(CompanyId)  where i'm in?

I would appreciate if someone help me on this.


I use Join(Parameters!P_OWNERSHIP.Value,",") to pass parameter multiple value to drill through report, but id doesn't work.

Thanks for any help!


I have SSRS 2005 reports with two parameters, StartDate and EndDate. When I run the report in the internet explorer, the report takes 30 to 40 seconds to respond to the user control. I mean the calendar picker appears only if I click after 30-40 seconds from the time the report loaded. I'd appreciate your thoughts to resolve this issue.




I had a strange problem last week in few SSRS Reports, scheduled in a report server.

SSRS Report

This report uses StartTime and EndTime parameters defined as 'String' data type and the default value is populated from a dataset. (Format of String, 10/29/2010 6:00:00 AM)

The report uses a stored procedure (stored_proc) to pull the report data from the SQL Server database for display in the report.

The SP stored_proc uses 3 input parameters named below
@par1 nvarchar(4000)
@StartTime nvarchar(20)
@StopTime nvarchar(20)

It was worked well for the past one year, but suddenly it stop run in production and throws the below error.

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Conversion failed when converting datetime from character string.

When we look at the SP, the below line of code throws the error(CreateDate is the database table column).

Where (CreateDate >= @StartTime AND CreateDate < @StopTime ) 

From the profiler log, we understand that the below statement was triggered by SSRS.

exec stored_proc @par1=N'4',@StartTime=N'10/29/2010 6:00:00 AM',@StopTime=N'10/29/2010 6:00:00 PM'

To resolve this problem, we have changed the data type of the StartTime and EndTime parameters to 'DateTime' in SSRS report, now the report works well. Below is the trace from the profiler, while we run the report

exec stored_proc @par1=N'4',@StartTime=''2010-10-19 06:00:00:000'',@StopTime=''2010-10-19 18:00:00:000''

We are analyzing what went wrong last for the report stop working suddenly, but still did not get any clue. The report and the stored procedure were not changed for the past one year.

We undrstand that the date parameter may be truncated due to length of the SP parameter (20 chars width).

Please share your thoughts on this, if you have any clue.

Thank you, Jey



This is in parallel to one of the already going on thread from me on tuning a huge report with nearly million records.

This query is about switching between report pages, which is taking a lot of time; between 2 to 3 minutes to go from one page to another.



I have a web based Java application front-end ticketing software with a SQL Server 2005 DB.  Now when bulk updates are entered it can take 1-5 mins for the front-end server to populate the SQL DB, but when I try to run SSRS reports from Report Manager it can take over 30mins for the data to pull.

I can go into SSMS and Open the table and see the data in there so now the updates reached the DB but for some reason SSRS will not pull in it's reports.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this lag? I have SSRS running on the same server as SQL so don't know if this is causing the issue but would think the opposite.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I have created several reports in SSRS 2008 and used several placeholders inside a text box that evaluate to data fields. I need to convert these reports to SSRS 2005 because our client has SQL Server 2005. Unfortunately I can't seem to find an equivalent feature.

Please help.



I have 3 parameters say A,B,C. I want that when I select values in A and B only then C comes alive. I am using cascading parameter in SSRS 2005.

I know that in cascading parameters, one parameters passes a value to other one and it comes alive. But I want that 2 parameters pass the value to a single one.

Please dont say to use multi select as multi select is used only when we have to multi select from one parameter.

Also one thing how can I use radio buttons in SSRS 2005 and how to hide null checkbox when allowing null values in calender control.

Please answer quickly and tell the whole procedure as my TL will throw me out as I am new to SSRS.


I am wanting to filter my report based on Fiscal Year.  I have the first parameter as @STARTDATE and 2nd parameter as @ENDDATE.  The values for both of these are hardcoded in non queried.  When the user selects the @STARTDATE , I want to automatically set the value for the @ENDDATE parameter.  I'm doing it this way because I'm using BETWEEEN in my SQL Query.  Ideally, I will just have the @ENDDATE value hidden if possible.

So for example:

@STARTDATE has values of 10/1/2009 and 10/1/2010.
@ENDDATE has values of 9/30/2010 and 9/30/2011.

When @STARTDATE is selected to 10/1/2009, set the @ENDDATE value to 9/30/2010.
When @STARTDATE is selected to 10/1/2010, set the @ENDDATE value to 9/30/2011.

Any idea how/if this can be accomplished?



I have a report that has a number of parameters.  I now have a requirement to make 2 of the parameters use only the default value under ceratin conditions.  My thoughts are around changing the parameters visibility based on some logic ... IIf(X=1, "Visible", "Hidden") [or maybe Internal].

Using the GUI, it would appear that this is not possible.  Is there perhaps a code method that can be used to hide/show the parameters?

The alternative is to create 4 different reports - 1 for each combination of the 2 parameters.


I have inherited some ancient SSRS 2005 reports.  As far as I know, there is no source to these reports.  They only exist in the SQL server.

How do I get the RDL back from SQL?  From there, I have to move them to SSRS2008.  I assume that this is pretty easy, but haven't done it before.

Just wanting to confirm as per my understanding that it is not possible to deploy ssrs 2005 reports to an ssrs 2008 server without conversion?

I am converting reports developed in SSRS 2005 into SSRS 2008. In the report design interface I have several rows and columans of data that calculate count or rate. In addition to rows and columns, I have around ten hidden tablixes in which report expression calls hidden codes inside tablix to perform calculation with main report. My problem is when I set hidden tablix propert into hide, I am not getting correct calculation in my report.  when I change tablix property from hidden to show I will get correct calculation but I do not want to see those hidden tablixes in my report page. Is there any way  you can still call expressions inside hidden tablixes without turning on tablix property show in SSRS 2008? Is it a bug in SSRS 2008 reporting system? Please help me out!!

My operating system is windows vista.





I have a report written with BIDS 2005 for SSRS 2005 and I want to convert it for SSRS 2008. I need to understand which problems could be, if I need to modify the report, etc.

Any helps to me, please? Thanks


I have my ssrs 2005 SP3 web server pointing to a SQL Server 2008 SP1+CU4 for its metadatabase ReportServer and ReportServerTemp.  (For now,  assume I have a valid reason why my SSRS is not on 2008).

I have a web app that calls the reportserver/ web services to render reports for end user.

Everything works fine - except that sometimes - my users get a timeout error.  When I go to the ssrs log, I see:

Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.ReportServerDatabaseUnavailableException: The report server cannot open a connection to the report server database. A connection to the database is required for all requests and processing., ;

Then I noticed that if i manually browse the report manager and run a report, then the timeout goes away and my web service call to render the report starts working all over again...until later when this happens again.  This happens intermintelly so it's been hard to troubleshoot. 

Does SSRS 2005 SP3 suppot a SQL 2008 Report Server DB?  it seems like it does because this works fine otherwise.




Hi All,

As you may know, in each report, there are 4 tabs including "View", "Properties", "History" and "Subscriptions".

Is it possible to hide some tabs for some users? For example, if I hide the "View" tab, I can control one user can only view report snapshots but not the real-time generated report.

I cannot do this by configuring item-level roles because it can only provide an option "View reports" and it does not provide any specific setting in a report.

I use SQL Server 2005 SP3. Thanks in advance!


We recently upgraded a report server and corresponding reports from SQL Server 2000 (reports 2003) to SQL Server 2005. After upgrade one of our reports which use two subreport is very very slow.

The sp's used for these all these reports are fast. All the sp's together takes about 40 secs.

Both in the BIDS environment as well as the report site the report is very slow.

We are using a database in which data is inserted through replicatoin. In all our sp's we have given 'with nolock' along with the table names.

Can anyone please help me here?


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