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Sharepoint 2010: Browser compatible infopath forms are not open in web browser for editing

I created a browser enabled form with InfoPath 2010. I then published the form by selecting the option "Publish form to a SharePoint library" and then selected "Form library" and finally selected "Create a new form library". As a result, a new form library was created.When I click on "add document", the browser opens a new form, which I can fill and save successfully. However, after the form is saved, whenever I click on the form name in the form library to edit it, the browser "opens with" dialog box opens, asking for an XML editor software. In other words, the form does not open in browser for editing even on systems that do not have InfoPath installed.

The form is browser compatible and the form library is configured to open browser-enabled forms in browser. The issue is that the form hyperlink is directly pointing to form XML file rather than pointing to InfoPath form services URL.

I would really appreciate, if someone tells me how I can edit the form in browser.





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Answer 1

"The form is browser  compatible and the form library is configured to open  browser-enabled forms  in browser. The issue is that the form hyperlink is directly pointing to form XML file rather than pointing to InfoPath form services URL."

No, that's not the case.  Form Libraries are built specifically to know how to open forms when they are clicked if the library is set to open in the browser by default.  The whole "link to the Forms Services URL" is something I've stated many times, but that's only in relation to links OUTSIDE the form library.  Forms in a form library never have direct links to the Forms Services URL.  The form library just knows what to do.

Your issue is something I've never encountered and never heard of anyone encountering.  Can you go into the Form Library Advanced Settings and ensure that the default behavior is "display in web  page" or "open in browser"?


Answer 2

Thank you very much for your answer.

The issue is really weird. I have checked the library's Advanced Settings and the default behavior is set to "open in browser". Also please note when I click on "add document", the form will  open  in browser  but after I save the form and click to edit it, the browser's "open with" dialog box pops up.






Answer 3

What happens if you click on the context menu of the form and choose "Edit in Browser"?

Answer 4

The context menu does no have "Edit in Browser" option. It has an "Edit" item, which again opens the browser's "opens with" dialog box.

Answer 5

If you don't have an "Edit in Browser" option, then something else is very wrong.  Let me go fire up my test environment.  Also, if this is a form library, then it should not have an "edit item" option, because only lists have items.

Answer 6

Unfortunately I have left the office and do not have access to the server. I can't remember whether the label was "edit item" or "edit document". But the context menu had only one general edit option (and no "edit in browser" option), which opened "opens with" dialog box.

Please let me know if you came up with any solutions / ideas on your test environment. Thanks for your help ...


Answer 7

Records Centers are for storing records.  You aren't supposed to edit "records."  Documents get sent to the Records Center when they are delcared as records.  Was there a reason you were using a Records Center to begin with?

Answer 8

Since in my site there are several libraries in which only digital records (Such as scanned documents) are stored, I chose "Records Center" as the template. However, in rare cases I also need to manage InfoPath forms  in that site. For such requirements that there is a need to manage records and forms at the same time, what is your suggestion? Shall I create two separate sites?

Answer 9

Yeah, for working documents/items, you use a collaboration site and then "send" the item to the Records Center by declaring it as a record.  This can be done with simple SPD workflows, which is nice.

Answer 10

I have a similar problem, using a blank site template and form library. In advanced settings, the 'open in browser' option is checked.

When I go and click 'Edit document' in the ribbon, SharePoint prompts me to open/save the xml document.
The only way I can get the document to open  in the browser, is when I click on the name of the document in the view.

Just don't get why the same link (http://servername/sitename/formlib/docname.xml) doesn't behave the same way in those situations.



Answer 11

This is a bug. 

If publishing feature is enabled appears to always open in client.  Only work around if you need publishing is to intercept the HTTP request that looks lit it may be opening an Infopath form and redirect to form services.  Yuck.

To Repeat problem:

In Central admin set InfoPath Form Services default to open in browser Create a site collection root team site Enable publishing features create a Form Libary, publish a Form to it, make sure for libary default is to open in browser Fill out a form -- opens in client


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