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Hi All,

I want to show SharePoint 2010 Refinement Panel categories Horizontaly (By default showing vertically). I have only 5 categories, I want to show all categories by default with their search count.Please let me know.



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Answer 1

You can definitely do it.  Obviously it would have to be custom.  Here's a couple examples of blog posts about how to do some custom search visualization using refiners -- I know it isn't exactly what you are trying to do, but I thought it might give you some insight about to interface with the refiners that would allow you to build a web part that displays like you are looking for:




Answer 2

Thanks John for your response.

I am looking for exactly like this

I need sharepoint custom search with  dyanmic tabs( This tabs comming from search metadata settings).Each tab is showing count for particular result, if the result is Zero that tab is not clickable mode.

I need 5 tabs : 1 st tab is constant tab [ Showing all results], Rest of 4 tabs I wnat to genarate dynamically from metadata search settings.Example : My website consists 100 webpages.

1st tab  shows : all 100 pages result , 2nd tb consists : 20 pages , 3 rd tab consists : 50 pages, 4 th tab consists : 20 pages, 5th tab : 10 pages

how to create webpart or usercontrol ....

Eaxample link..


Please let me know..I need very urgent






Answer 3

I think you're going to be writing a heap of code to make that happen.  The refinement panel does not support exact result counts unless you are using FAST Search for SharePoint.  Even then, I think formatting it in that matter might take some work if it's even possible.  More than likely you would have to write your own web part and execute multiple searches (one for each tab to get results and a count).



Answer 4

Thanks Corey.

Any sample code or suggestions please let me know. I was alredy created metadata properties for Search Moss 2010.







Answer 5

Here is a post on using the QueryManager class to query search.  You should be able to use this API to get started.


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