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Hi All,

I want to show SharePoint 2010 Refinement Panel categories Horizontaly (By default showing vertically). I have only 5 categories, I want to show all categories by default with their search count.Please let me know.



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Answer 1

You can definitely do it.  Obviously it would have to be custom.  Here's a couple examples of blog posts about how to do some custom search visualization using refiners -- I know it isn't exactly what you are trying to do, but I thought it might give you some insight about to interface with the refiners that would allow you to build a web part that displays like you are looking for:




Answer 2

Thanks John for your response.

I am looking for exactly like this

I need sharepoint custom search with  dyanmic tabs( This tabs comming from search metadata settings).Each tab is showing count for particular result, if the result is Zero that tab is not clickable mode.

I need 5 tabs : 1 st tab is constant tab [ Showing all results], Rest of 4 tabs I wnat to genarate dynamically from metadata search settings.Example : My website consists 100 webpages.

1st tab  shows : all 100 pages result , 2nd tb consists : 20 pages , 3 rd tab consists : 50 pages, 4 th tab consists : 20 pages, 5th tab : 10 pages

how to create webpart or usercontrol ....

Eaxample link..


Please let me know..I need very urgent






Answer 3

I think you're going to be writing a heap of code to make that happen.  The refinement panel does not support exact result counts unless you are using FAST Search for SharePoint.  Even then, I think formatting it in that matter might take some work if it's even possible.  More than likely you would have to write your own web part and execute multiple searches (one for each tab to get results and a count).



Answer 4

Thanks Corey.

Any sample code or suggestions please let me know. I was alredy created metadata properties for Search Moss 2010.







Answer 5

Here is a post on using the QueryManager class to query search.  You should be able to use this API to get started.


Hi ,

I have created a custom user property,and created metadata property and added mapping to it, still i m not able to Search in People,Please advise



Please help regarding Searching People based on Custom User Property Created in User profiles In SharePoint 2010,

Please provide the detailed steps for the same,,Thanks in advance


Hi All,

I want to show SharePoint 2010 Refinement Panel categories Horizontaly (By default showing vertically). I have only 5 categories, I want to show all categories by default with their search count.Please let me know.



This is going to sound crazy, but anyway... bare with me...

I have a SharePoint Search Server 2010 Express (RTM) installed with a crawl account (call it sharepoint_crawl) which has full read permission to an entire site collection of 100,000 documents. I have logged in with this account to make sure it has read access to everything, and it does. I run a full crawl of all documents and allow it to finish. If I try and search the content for an extremely common term (i.e. 50,000+ hits) I get no results. However, if I log in with a site collection admin I do get search results. There are no indexing errors or query errors in either log files or event log. Everything looks like it is working correctly - just no results for non-admins

Anyone tripped on this? I have recreated the crawl account and perform a full re-index with the same results. What gets me is that the crawl account does have read permission to the content it is indexing, the content is indexed correctly, but the crawl account cannot get results back. It is as if security-trimming is removing everything.

Any ideas?



In the newer version of Sharepoint 2010, we are using federated search feature to list custom open search service results in sharepoint. This works fine, but we are unable to customize the original sharepoint search result page to host federated search result webpart in it. This page just doesn’t show up in Sharepoint Designer. While working in sharepoint 2007, we had a result.aspx page when we type something in search text box, it lands to this page and we were able to edit this page and put our own webpart to customize the search by giving .FLD file (Federated Search Results webpart), we have our own open search service running so we used it. Like wise this when we are upgrading to sharepoint 2010, it lands our search to site/layouts/OSSSearchResults.aspx page which is basically in "_layout" folder and its template file. so we are unable to integrate our Federated search results with sharepoint 2010 default search results. Could you plz. help me in this regards? How this would be done?

Shamshad Ali.

I have backuped and restored a site collection from our development server to our production server. These servers are on different active directory domains. I have got the site working except for search. When I attemp to run a search - just a basic site search - I get the error 'The search request was unable to connect to the search service' displaying on the results page. Any help would be appreciated - even if it is just help on how to apply the fixes that would have worked in 2007 to 2010. Thanks

We have a sharepoint 2010 Fast server. We are planning to use document sets to store documents with common metadata.(Previously were using zips in moss 2007).

Now, the requirement is we need to return only  document sets even if the search results contain multiple documents within that document set. ie, if we searched for a keyword that was specific to a document within the document set, the search results should return the document set and not the individual documents.

Please help!!!

Thanks in advance







sharepoint 2010 Enterprise version but i am using standard search and NOT fast.

all i want to do is set a priority order for SharePoint Standard Search results so that results from a certain list are shown before the other list that has lower prioriy.

is this even possible?

thanks in advance.





Standard search is configured and running succesfully and returns results by searching in documents and columns of lists\ calendars and everything else except for Document librarie's columns may it be text or lookup datatype, any clue?





We are using SharePoint 2010, and we would like to disable / remove phonetic and Nick Name search.


1) Is this really possible to remove?

2) I am trying to remove few NickNames froms the Search Service through Remove-SPEnterpriseSearchLanguageResourcePhrase.(http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff607611.aspx) . I want to remove only few Nickname Mappings? Above link does not explain much about Identity parameter.


Is there any way that I can return the search results for a synonym of a term in People search?  For example, the end-users will enter the jobtitle search term rm and I want to automatically search for the term "relationship manager" in the People scope.

The jobtitles in our organization are currently set as managed keywords, but I can move them to managed terms if this will help. (and add aliases at that level)

Is there any other facility within Search that will let me configure the 'Did you mean' terms?



Every time when I try to search on our Search Server (after Web Application recycled) it takes about 20 sec to return search results from first search, then it's about 1 sec.

Our farm topology:

Dedicated SQL Server 2008 R2 - 8 GB RAM, 4 Core 2.5GHz, Raid 10, All Search Server 2008 Express topology components are installed on this server.

Web Application Server - 8GB, Dual Core 3.19 Ghz, everyting else is onstalled on this server.

We have 5 site collections, and each one has its own Search Centre. We have only 3.5k searchable elements in entire Web Application.

I had similar issue with accessing websites (first time slow, then ok), and I managed to resolve it by installing SPWakeup that runs just after Web Application Recycling. (http://spwakeup.codeplex.com/).

After running this script accessing websites is ok (including the Search Centres), but first search is still very slow.

I can run 5 first time searches (each from a different site collection), and each time is slow(first about 20 sec, and next from other site collection about 10-15 sec).

When performing a Search I search default scope: All Sites (that searches entire Web Application).

Could you please advise what should I do to improve speed of the first Search.

Is there anything I can do to warm up the Search before users do?


Kind Regards





We are using SharePoint Search server express 2010 , is there a way to make it search inside office documents and also pdf documents ( i did confirm ifilter , does it need the registry changes to go inside of the pdf documents) . I did a full crawl after i installed ifilter

also when the search results are spit out , even though the search result has say a word or an excel type document , on the 3rd page it does not show up on the left hand side where it says " any type of document" and also lists different document types , but when i get to the page where it has the excel document , then it shows up in " type of documents
SharePoint 2010 search crawl error:
The SharePoint item being crawled returned an error when requesting data from the web service. ( Error from SharePoint site: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. )

This error is for both document and folder. The document and folder were created/uploaded via SharePoint User Interface only. Later these doc/folder were deleted. And we found the search result showing the documents that were deleted from the doc library resulting in '404 page not found error' upon clicking. Ofcourse we did an incremental crawl after  deleting the file/folder. The error is same even after full crawl.

Environment details:
1 server - WFE role
1 server - App server role
1 server - index server role

Another information if helpful: We used some third party tool to migrate few sample data in the same server but on different site collection, different content database but on the same web application. The tool migrated the data and set unique permissions too for the migrated files. We tried deleting them via SharePoint interface and that files too gave a similar error!

I am having a custom list in sharepoint 2010.

1. List is having a collection of fields (with types as calculation, lookup, number, text, multitext, options, peoplep picker etc).

2. In List Ribbon, i clicked on "Customize Form". system has opened the enitre fields in infopath 2010 form.

3. In infopath 2010 form, when i click to "Preview" all the fields are opening in readonly mode because "control bound to missing field or group". how to avoid this?

and i need to write a code this from in infopath 2010 ( based on the option value selection i need to display a concerned section).

Pls help me to resolve this issue.


I have a custom Master page in sharepoint 2010. i want to use breadcrumb  navigation on only custom pages not, all sharepoint pages.


Dear All,

I am new to sharepoint, i am developing a custom application on sharepoint 2010. i need to create a custom login page in sharepoint 2010 with a custom membership provider which will authenticate against a 3rd party web service. 

Can anybody guide me with the steps i need to do for this. do i need to write a custom claims provider for this or is it enough if i write a custom authentication provider and use it for my login page which we do for asp.net.

i am confused about these. 

thanks in advanace 






I want to include a custom .aspx page with code behind in sharepoint 2010. This aspx page is supposed to take data 
from custom list and generate an xml. So the output is xml. Our site is an internet facing site and it is anonymous
access. Some swf files are using this aspx page to get dynamic data from list in xml format. When flash is trying
to get xml from this page sharepoint first redirects to login page. I need help from you guys, since I am new in sharepoint I got really struck here.

Thanks in advance,
Jiju Alex.


Does Search Server 2010 Express include Sharepoint Foundation? Or do I need to install Sharepoint first and then install Search Server on top? This is for a brand new install on a single server.


Hello,  I have two questions that may be fairly complex.  We have just built a SharePoint 2010 test environment and are crawling Exchange 2010 Public folders with search.

We have portal links pointing to public folder HTTP addresses that have been broken since the HTTP functionality went away in exchange 2010.  We have since built a SharePoint 2010 instance and are using OWA to crawl the Exchange 2010 public folders (per http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee806927.aspx).  This seems to be working well with a few caveats.

Question #1:  Now that we have all of our public folder data in the index, is there a way to form a query that will give me only items in a specific fublic folder discussion path?  before E2k10, we would link to something like http://ExchangeServer/public/TopNodeFolder/Level2NodeFolder/DiscussionBoard?Cmd=contents.  Now, what we are hoping to do is add links with formed queries to the portal that point to result sets that are being served from the Search index.  i.e. Give me all the items that have this public folder path in the path.  Is this possible?  I would like the user experience to be a list of links in an HTML/ASP (Non SharePoint) page pointing back to a SharePoint Results page with the PF items.

Question #2: When clicking a link to a public folder item in the search result set, the user is prompted to login to OWA.  Is there anyway around this challenge for authentication?

We are not using ISA or other proxy solution.





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