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SharePoint 2010 Email Alert on list

Is there an easy way to change the Title that appears at the top of email alerts from lists in SharePoint 2010?


Item ID44 has been added
Modify my alert settings | View Item ID44 | MView Daily Operations Status | Mobile View

I've been requetsed to change the "Item ID44" in both lines to something more user friendly such as Status Item or something like that. I've searched and found several posts about modifying the content but not the header.


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I dont think this can be achived OOB. Only way is to implement the custom email alert handler. Link to begin with: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/948321

Share your views.



Is this is possible to make html format Email alerts in SharePoint designer 2010??

Thank you


hi ,


I am having the same problem as you, but I have also realised that I cannot tuse the re-assign fucntion on my to do list that is connected from sharepoint, but I can for my personal to-do list. I am having the same problem with the reminder function not being set. Are you experiencing the same probelms? or have I set something up incorrectly.

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I have a SharePoint 2010 portal, and it seems as though some people receive alert's with a language other than English for the alert's title.

You have successfully created an alert for '???????'

Can someone help me understand how that would happen? Is that a configuration on the SharePoint side? Configuration on each site? Configuration in Outlook?

Thanks in advance.


When sending an email which contains an email attachment such as "Hello <World>.msg" from Outlook to SharePoint 2010 email enabled list such as an "Announcements" list, no item is created in the list and the attached email and the orginal email are not saved.

The log file contains

09/23/2010 13:51:17.54  OWSTIMER.EXE (0x18FC)                    0x0B2C SharePoint Foundation          E-Mail                         6873 Warning  An error occurred while processing the incoming e-mail file C:\inetpub\mailroot\Drop\f17ce37101cb5b600000002a.eml. The error was: Illegal characters in path.. 9f265722-74c9-4bd8-9504-ac265f2351d7

Repro Steps:

1. Create an email file in outlook with subject "Hello <World>".

2. Enable SharePoint Announcements list to receive email and save attachment and original email.

3. Write a 2nd email in outlook and use "Insert"-> "Attach Item" to insert the 1st email with subject "Hello <World>" into the new email.

4. Send the 2nd email to SharePoint 2010 Announcements list.

5. No item is created.

6. Repeat step 1 to 5 but in step 1 create email with subject "Hello World". The item is created and email is attached to the list item.

Microsoft.SharePoint.dll file version is 14.0.5114.5000



We have a specific reuirement in our SharePoint 2010 portal solution

1. Some other system will send email to a particular email Address

2. Our portal need to capture it and save its contents in a list after parsing  it and formatting

The solution I have suggested is

1. Configure a Document Library with Incoming Email Settings

2. Add an ItemAddel event handler to that library which will process the email content and save it in another list

I suggested this based on our MOSS 2007 experience. Will this work fine with SharePoint 2010 too?

Is there any aletrnative approaches to it?

We are planning to have a text parsing method to fetch mail content and store it in a list after formatting. Is there any other better methods exist?

Thanks In advance...



I have created an out of box Approval workflow in SharePoint 2010. I am receiving email with below information

Task assigned by Chinna Malipedu on 10/7/2010.

Due by 1/1/0001

Approval started by Chinna Malipedu on 10/7/2010 11:43 AM
Comment: Approve



To complete this task:
1. Review SharePoint2010.
2. Perform the specific activities required for this task.
3. Use the Open this task button to mark the task as completed. (If you cannot update this task, you might not have access to it.)

But I need to go to Workflow Task List by clicking 3 item "Use the Open this Task" , this is not a link here

or I want like "Edit this task to mark the task as completed."  Edit this task should link to Task List

How to do this? do i missing any configuration?

I have successfully done the same  in MOSS 2007.                                                               Is there  any extra steps  do I need  to do while creating an OOB  workflow  in SPS 2010 getting the next approver's task link?

thnx in advance.




 I'm storing user personal details in a list which also contains email id, user's date of birth.I want to send e-mail to the user automatically on user's birthday.How do I acheive it in SharePoint 2010.


Shamia jamal



I've got a custom field and workflow attached to a SharePoint list.  I've already modified the default list view so these fields do not show up.  However, whenever items are added or modified to this list, an email is generated to users via the "Alert Me" function.  This email includes the field and workflow name I want to hide.

How do I prevent these from being included in the email?


 the list can't send alert email successfully when filled in the assigned value with a user.  the out-going email configuration is right in central administration.

the strange thing is If I create a new list, its can send mail successfully just one day, and stopped to work later.

anybody can help me?



I am trying to determine how I can include the URL of any attachments of a list item in the alert email; has anyone been able to do this?  Basically what I want is if there is an attachment the URL to be shown as part of the alert.  We are running MOSS 2007



I have migrated TFS2008 projects to TFS2010, everything seems to work fine, except auto email alerts when new work item is created.

I used to have this functionality in TFS2008.. any thoughts on how can I achieve it??




I just downloaded Power Tool for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 on my local machine from here:http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/3e8c9b68-6e39-4577-b9b7-78489b5cb1da

I connected to TFS 2010 from Visual Studio 2010, right clicked the server to get into Alert Explorer . Tried couple of alerts, but nothing triggered when I made changes to the Work Items for that project in TSWA.Here is the filter expression

"PortfolioProject" = 'project name' AND ("CoreFields/StringFields/Field[ReferenceName='System.AssignedTo']/NewValue" = 'Sura, Mitesh' OR "CoreFields/StringFields/Field[ReferenceName='System.AssignedTo']/OldValue" = 'Sura, Mitesh') AND "CoreFields/StringFields/Field[ReferenceName='System.AuthorizedAs']/NewValue" <> 'Sura, Mitesh'

Though I am able to send emails from TSWA, when I manually select "Email selected work items as list.." from tools menu.

Thanks in advance.


Please forgive a newcomer with timid steps to test the water here.

I am have trouble with email alert which doesn't work quite all right. When an alerts is set up in, say, announcements or calendar, all users listed in the alerts receive an alert telling them an alert has been created for them. But not all of them receive subsequent alerts when changes (edit, adding, deleting...) are made to the item for which the alert is set up.

I set up a few new AD user accounts for testing, and all of them receive ongoing alerts as they are supposed to. But not all the existing AD users receive ongoing alerts. AD groups that the users belong to do not seem to be the issue, as some uses with the same group memberships receive ongoing alerts and some don't.

I have a SP 2010 and Exchange 2007 setup.

Any one with any idea? Thanks.


I have a a list that recieves email. I have few fields that shows me the originator: "E-Mail From" and "E-Mail Sender".

I am trying to create a workflow that will generate an auto reply to the originator but the SPD fails to recognize the email address in these two fields. It's either truncating part of it or uses the html ( href=mailto:Demo@DemoSomething.com) in the To field.

Thank you,




After migrating from VSS database the TFS email alerts is not working..We are not getting any error in event logs also.

Please help us in solving the issue.

Please find the system information:

Win server 2008 SP1

TFS2010 RC with TFS Power tools

Sql server 2008 SP1

VS2010 Ultimate

Thank you in advance..


I've got a manager who wants to customize the title of the email alert from when a workitem is changed or created. We've created all alerts under the TFSService account so I'm familiar with the TFS eventing system.

But how can I customize the actual title of the email that's being sent to end users?

Thanks for the help!



I would like to know if it is possible to configure an option in SharePoint 2010 to allow 2 users in separate security groups to send documents to each other without resorting to email.

We are beginning a SharePoint 2010 deployment and we have decided we are not adding email to the system.  However we still require a managed way of transferring documents between individual users (not necessarily groups of users) whilst maintaining a security model with role based access.

Ideally I would like a "Send-To" menu where you can select a user and then have the document appear somehow on their mysites page.  I am sure this is a viable solution, but I am windering if there is a more elegent solution.  We have also looked at setting up a document drop off doc library, where users can just dump documents and they expire via policy after a determined period.

I will be honest, I have not researched this in any great depth, but as we have a lot of work to do in a little time, I thought I would try to gain a quick win on one problem early.

thanks in advance




we use SP 2010, Exchange 2010.

We have configurated a receive connector in Exchange, SMTP VS in Sharepoint server, outgoing email in Central Administration of the Sharepoint.

If I create an alert in library I receive a confirmation e-mail aboiut an alert, but I get not any other email. For internal email address we have no problem with alert. If the user has an external email he get only confirmation email and no more.

THanks in advance



The last time I know they were working was before service account changes, however, it is possible that they were working after that for some time as no one started complaining about them until some weeks after the service account changes were made.

Also, it appeared that the timer jobs stopped running about a week after the service account changes. Apparently the timer service is responsible for timer jobs and email notifications and even though it was running, I restarted it to no avail.

I went through the steps for changing service accounts again and got the timer jobs to start working again and resolved a number of other problems such as not being able to do farm backups through Central Administration.

However, the email problem still persists. I checked the drop folder in the mailroot and there are no emails there. Emails are stuck in the queue folder however...

Email on this server is setup as a local smtp server.

I haven't been able to find any articles online to resolve this.


I am a novice sharepoint user.  I would like to set up two separate email alerts (to different groups) when Powerpoint documents are added to a particular sharepoint.  I would like to be able to customize the body of the email as well.

I have one group of users that I would like to have the ability to view two separate PowerPoint presentations, with another group that I would like to only have the ability to view one PowerPoint presentation.  Is there a way to set up alerts depending on the folder?

I see how to add alerts, but it looks like one can only add one alert per site, and there is no way to customize how the alert looks without being a coding expert.

Thanks in advance!


Also, I'm using Sharepoint Server 2007


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