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SharePoint Advance Search Web Part configuration


I try to use an Advanced Search Web Part to search in a particulare scope which is a single list.

(1) I have created a contact list.

(2) I created on my search server a special scope whith a scope rule which is pointing to my list

(e.g. Folder = http://intranet/Lists/STAFF_CONTACT_LIST/AllItems.aspx)

(3) I edit webpart and put in the Scope label and Scope section label the myScope name.

But he gives me the error message inside the webpart zone: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Well that's a nice hint but I thought the Object reference is the scope ...?

Thanks for any help related to this problem :-)





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Answer 1

Hi Mia,

The web  part you are trying to edit  is the advanced  Search web part.

The "Scope label" is just a label  that will display "Narrow this search..." by default. The scope  section label is a label that will displayed in front of the checkboxes for all the scopes, assuming you have selected the "Show the scope picker" checkbox.

the results of the advanced webpart  will by default be displayed in the /<SearchCenterUrl>/Pages/results.aspx page (you can check this in the Results url textbox in the miscellaneous section  of the web part  properties).
If you want only want to show results from a single  scope after searching from the advanced search webpart the best thing you can do is create a new search  results page, for instance  named advancedresults.aspx (do this in the pages library of the search center).
On the new page, edit the settings of the search core results webpart and under Location properties fill in the name of the scope in the scope textbox.

Then change the Results url of the advanced search web part to /<SearchCenterUrl>/Pages/advancedresults.aspx.
Also change the Results url of the Search box web part on the advancedresults.aspx page to link to the advancedresults.aspx page.

That should give you the results you want.

Good luck!


Answer 2

Hi Mirjam

At first thanks for your feedback :-)

Well I have done a solution in this way that I have used the search  Core Result webpart  and it works now fine.

I have also restarted the service and I think this was the problem, because I never got any search results.

It works now all fine but I need to get AllItems.aspx out of my scope  and I don't know how?

What I will do is to search in my contact list  for contacts.

I am using a Search Box webpart and the Core Result webpart. It works fine, but I want to get

only the entries insite the list but in the moment the result shows me also the contact  list as an result...

Any ideas would be more as appreciate :-)))




Answer 3


I'm also need some help  regarding the adnanced search  web part  which i see you have customized...

i want to add some custom properties which are managed metadata (taxonomy) and make sure that when the user choose to filter the search result by that property - he gets only the relevant results.

Can you point me how to add the property in the web  part so it will work?




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