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sharepoint number field in list comes with decimal places in dispform

hello guys,

 the sharepoint number field in list comes with 2 decimal places in dispform, like

when I enter number like 12 on new form, when I open the dispform, it shows 12.00

I tried to keep the decimal places to 0  but it didn't work.

Do you guys know anything about this one. I don't want to make it a single line of text.


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Answer 1


What are the number  of decimals set to on the list  settings for this column?  If automatic try setting to 0 if that's what you want.

Is this a listformweb part?  i.e. has the page been customized?  How does the value show up on the edit form?

Best regards,



Answer 2

Thanks for the reply,

yes it is a custom list  form and the page is customized. ON edit form  it shows  as 12.

but on the dispform  it shows 12.00

But I got this one. I just changed type in the xslt code of dispform of that particular field.



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