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Sharepoint Site for mobile-device.

How to test sharepoint site for mobile users? Does it have to be tested on a mobile phone with internet access? Can it be tested on IPAD, does it display the same on IPAD as on a mobile phone?

And is there a way to add detection code to our home page, so when people access our regular home page url from a mobile device, it will automatically forward them to home page of the mobile site? -which is regular url +/m





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well, this in not really a development question except for the last part...

The first part - all you need is for the mobile  device to be on the same network as the sharepoint  site (if the site  is open to the internet  then yes, you will need the device  to be connected). then, just access  the site (on the condition that the site url is registered on the DNS server that the device is using to resolve addresses). To know more about this, post in the administration forum.


The second part - there are several ways to do this in code, from a httpmodule to a custom control in the master page. However, did you consider this solution?





1) I am aware that simply adding a "/m" to the site URL gives me the mobile URL but it opens the _layouts/mobile/mbllists.aspx page instead of showing the site default.aspx page. I want the site to be accessible on mobile devices in the same way as through internet browsers. What is it that I need to do?

2) Can someone also tell me how does MOSS handle mobile requests i.e the underlying architecture?





I have a claims based site with FBA setup. I have two problems:

- I use a custom made login page instead of the default FBA login. This works fine in the desktop browser, but it gives me a 403 error on my mobile device.
- I checked which page should be the mobile login. That seems to be /_layouts/mobile/default.aspx. I can access that page with my mobile device, but when I try to login, it throws an error on the server: "The security token username and password could not be validated" and I cannot log in.

I know quite sure the security token service has been configured properly, since I can login via desktop browser. I've tried entering my loginname as username, domain\user and even the claims based user id (i:0#.w|domain\username); they all fail.


I've created a Public Folder Calendar on my Exchange Server that our Office Manager uses to inform all our partners and staff (small medical practice) of vacations, group meetings, etc.

I'd like to make this calendar available to mobile devices (1 Windows Mobile, 1 Blackberry, 3 iPhones). I know that individual user Exchange Calendars can sync, but I'm told Microsoft isn't making any effort to make this happen for Public Folder calendars because they're being deemphasized and will disappear in either the next or subsequent version of Exchange. There's a third party product that claims to do this (Outlook AddIn). Since the Public Folder Calendars are being de-emphasized in favor of the Sharepoint calendar, one would think that Activesync would be able to work with the SharePoint group calendar, but apparently that's not the case. Is my best bet still the Add to Outlook product from diditbetter.com?


I need to develop a mobile page for foundation 2010 which contain two search textboxes and retrive fields from a sharepoint list. I never worked on sharepoint mobile pages. I am totally confused with SDK information. Can any one pull me out with some example..  thanks




Greetings all

I have a Win Mobile 6.5.3 device which I'd like to use to display data received from my car's ECU.

My car has a fully programmable ECU that is normally accessed via a Windows laptop. The car's ECU connects to a laptop computer via a USB cable. The software on the laptop interfaces with the ECU and can be used to monitor the car's performance and configure various parameters. Obviously this software is proprietary and developed by the ECU manufacturer. I'd now like to write software for the mobile to mainly use the mobile for heads-up display from data received from the car's ECU. Driving around with a laptop on the passenger's seat is not very practical, or safe.

I've already spoken to ECU manufacturer briefly and they say they can provide "the data stream that the ECU puts out". I have no idea where to even start doing some R&D for this and would appreciate any suggestions.

How do I interface via WM using C# to an external USB device? Is it even possible?

When I connect my laptop to my mobile phone, the phone prompts me to choose if I want to connect to Active Sync or Internet Sharing, so it is detecting a USB connection happening somehow...? How is that done?

Thanks in advance




I am making a simple mobile device application. I have done with calling and sending messages from my mobile app to other mobiles. Now I want to access the information that are stored in mobile, for eg, Contacts, which sim card is present in the device, accessing the sim card information like its number or the operator to which it belongs. Please help.

Thank You.


Hello ,

Hope you doing well ..

I am having query regarding mobile site , i am able to see my site in mobile bt not able to see its site pages properly as url is - http://sharepoint.softwebsolutions.com/SitePages/Home.aspx

when i click on page of site pages it redirects to back on view all site content. so i need to create page that can be open in mobile as page open in normal browser in PC. i have also checked Mobile folder in IIS folder but i m just able to customize home page only , i m confused now that how do i create mobile page like we create site page in sharepoint. please let me know if anyone has done this kind of task or having knowledge.

Thanks & Regards,

Dipti Chhatrapati



I have created LIST in SharePoint 2007- MOSS  and using desinger 2007.
I have created Custom Data Form Web Part and drag my List on page. And on Save Button I have below Code

onmousedown="javascript:{ddwrt:GenFireServerEvent('__commit')} ;"
onkeydown="javascript:{ddwrt:GenFireServerEvent('__commit')} ;"
onkeypress="javascript:{ddwrt:GenFireServerEvent('__commit')} ;"

My task is to redirect NewForm.aspx page to some other page after user submit Single item list form. Everything works fine in Internet Exporer and Mozilla but does not work on mobile.

Now onmousedown if user uses mouse and onkeypress if user uese Keyboard both works fine with regular computer but in mobile this thing does not work.

on Mobile If it Redirect then does not save List item. if it Saves List Item then I can not redirect . I am only able to use ONCLICK Save on mobile.

I am new to SharePoint mobile site development , any help appreciated.

Also  mysite/m used to work not it does not work.



I am working on a small screen version of a portal site which needs to be designed for the major mobile devices (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone) and needs to support multiple languages in the future. Is this feasible with SharePoint 2007 variations? The large-screen site is mostly built and controls etc. available, which can be leveraged to some extent.

Key points: can layout changes on mobile devices be handled with css etc. using the same page? We have an experienced phone developer available. We can create a separate Variation Root for the mobile site, and add labels for future foreign language support.


Hi all,

I am not sure if this is relevant to this particular forum; but I'll give it a try.

I am facing the following very very strange scenario. I have a .NET CF 2.0 application that has been installed successfully on a Symbol Motorola MC75. The application works fine. However, after some time (I don't exactly how many days, let's just say 3-4 days), the application gets uninstalled automatically. I don't understand what I should do to prevent this from happening. So far, this has happened twice.

Has anyone ever faced this bizarre situation?

Anyone out there, please help!!!

Hi all!
I've an Hp Ipaq Data messenger with windows mobile 6.1. On my pc i've Win7 enterprise.
when i connect the mobile an error shows on WMDC.
My pc discover the phone as a portable device and I can browse it, but i can't sincronize the outlook and the calendar....
i've try to uninstall and reinstall 3 times the drivers from the pc but nothing seems work.
someone can help me?!
I am running Vista 64 and have downloaded Mobile Device manager off of the Microsoft website.  I save it to my desktop and when I try to install it I get a window that pops up saying "The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed.  This can occur if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed.  I have tryed everything that I know.  What do I do?
Hi everyone,

We're searching a reliable architecture to implement OCA  (occasionally connected applications) scenarios with mobile devices Microsoft based (frontend/end user oriented). With regard to Microsoft Sync Framework we've several doubts and questions refererring to network connectivity issues.

We appreciate any help with these Microsoft Sync Framework.

1) Has Microsoft Sync Framework any thing to know when the 3g network is available and establish an automatic connection to synchronize data? We need no user intervention in syncronizations. Is it possible or do we need to implement it?

2) Can we syncrhonize data between a mobile device with Microsoft sync Framework and a middleware web service XML-Based?

Thanks in advance.


I understand one can "remove" an established partnership through Exchange using Cmdlets.  However, that doesn't prevent the device from sending another request and fom a partnership again with Exchange.  Does Exchange have any built-in capability to reject a partnership from forming either by User or the DeviceId that was sent to Exchange previously?  If so, is there an API that allows that to be done programmatically?  Thank you.



because there is no windows script host support on WinCE, could we at least have a method of writing files to the local filesystem. Preferably through an HTA, that way we could specify which scripts are run at differing security contexts. This seems like a more favourable request than actually asking for a fully featured windows script host.

Java VM support has been pitiful on WinCE, or has poor performance. And we really need a way to read/write files programmatically on the device itself.

I'd like to see it happen for older devices running HPC 2.11 Pro and HPC2000 at the very least.





i want to do file transfer from desktop to a device by creating a RAM drive in the device. Also i am using RAPI/OpenNETCF in C#. Can anyone tell me is there any API to create RAM drive in mobile device using C# also RAPI?



i need a code for implementing bluetooth search in C# as i am working on a project for windows mobile 5.0 sdk smartphone.

plz help



i am developing a project in c# for bluetooth communication for windows mobile smartphone 5.0 sdk.   i need to use "button" for some designing work but there is no button in the toolbox for windows mobile smartphone 5.0 sdk.plz tell me where i can find button or instead of button what can i use?

reply soon




Hi All,

To evaluate Exchange 2010 Mobility features, I installed Exchange 2010 on Win2k8 R2. Prepared client machine as Windows 7 and installed Windows Mobile Device Emulcator 6.5 and configure Outlook email a/c. Received default email but when I tried to send email it says synchronize error.

I already installed virtual pc network driver, provided specific IP address but not connected with Exchange 2010.

Can anybody provide suggestions and solution to configure emulator with Exchange.

KK Paliwal





We have a master list of all our employees listed in a List. Each "site" on our sharepoint is recreating this list to display the employees in that group (Example: HR would only list the employees that column ABC='HR' and Accounting's sharepoint would only show anyone where ABC='Accounting'. The problem is when I am trying to create a page on the HR site, I can't seem to find a option to import the employees assigned to HR in the master employee sharepoint. One other thing that I was going to have the list do, is to look up a calculation at another sharepoint list to see how many items were assigned to that one employee (A Count).

Can anyone give me any suggestions or ideas on how to do this? I have been searching around and not able to find anything on it.


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