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Sharepoint Site for mobile-device.

How to test sharepoint site for mobile users? Does it have to be tested on a mobile phone with internet access? Can it be tested on IPAD, does it display the same on IPAD as on a mobile phone?

And is there a way to add detection code to our home page, so when people access our regular home page url from a mobile device, it will automatically forward them to home page of the mobile site? -which is regular url +/m





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well, this in not really a development question except for the last part...

The first part - all you need is for the mobile  device to be on the same network as the sharepoint  site (if the site  is open to the internet  then yes, you will need the device  to be connected). then, just access  the site (on the condition that the site url is registered on the DNS server that the device is using to resolve addresses). To know more about this, post in the administration forum.


The second part - there are several ways to do this in code, from a httpmodule to a custom control in the master page. However, did you consider this solution?





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