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Shows Percentages on Pie Chart ( Aspnet)

I have pie chart show the count of my customers.

1,2,2,1 - Counts in my sales orders. But it shows the totals and I want to view them as percentages on my pie chart


(12.5%, 25%, 25%, 12.5% ) respectively.

What property can I set to view as a percentage or do I have to change my values around and format a percent sign.




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Answer 2

I just have 1 last issue.

Thanks for the links. They helped a lot.

I have the Percent showing and the legend text formatted, but on the Percent showing it has decimal point I want them removed to show  as an int instead. Any ideas? I tried tons of combinations

      Chart1.Series.Add("Sales By Customer");

      Chart1.Series[0].XValueMember = "Name";
      Chart1.Series[0].YValueMembers = "Count";
      Chart1.Series[0].ChartType = SeriesChartType.Pie;
      Chart1.Series[0].IsValueShownAsLabel = true;
      Chart1.Series[0].Label = "#PERCENT";
      //Chart1.Series[0].LabelFormat = "{0:0%}";
      Chart1.Series[0].LegendText = "#AXISLABEL";

      Chart1.Series[0]["PieDrawingStyle"] = "Concave";

Any help is appreciated,



Answer 3

The answer was #PERCENT{P0}


Apparently PO means Percent with 0 decimal spots. Wish I knew where to find all the formatting with MSChart rules are...oh well


Answer 4

hey Nick

all those are just standard .NET String formats

you can start here:



Answer 5

hey Nick

all those are just standard .NET String formats

you can start here:


Ahh so it is...I always stopped reading at C and D.

Thanks for the info,

it makes more sense now.



Hi ,

    Any pls tell me why Percentage amount showing wrong values in SSRS Pie chart???

Example: Am calculating percentage of male and females in the customer table.

Total customer : 110

Male : 48

Female : 62

while calculating the percentage it is

i gave '#PERCENT(P2)" in the data labels expression.

Pls help me how to



      Im using "#PERCENT{P2}" this one to calculate percentage in pie chart.  It should take 2 decimal only rite?

But it is taking 3 decimal values.



After applying the formula "#PERCENT{P2}"  it is showing as 20.91

i want to show as 20.90 only pls help me

Thanks in advance,




   I have one issue in SSRS pie chart percentage calculation can u pls any one solve my issue.

I have the following data  in the data set

1.Whole claim amount

2. Claim amount based on creditor

I have calculated Claim amount based on one creditor/Whole claim amount for showing on one side.

example : i got 35% in one side based on the above formula

another side i want to show the remaining  amount  of 65%

i have  included the condition in the second expression.

But it is not showing in the another side.

pls help me find the issue.



I have a requirement where i need to display the percentages of pie chart as rollover labels. Can someone help on this.
I have a pie chart and I need to do one of 2 things. Either be able to move the percentages so they are not scrunched up or lengthen the line for percentage so that are not right next to each other. My chart is already big and I am trying to get it to fit on one page. I can expand the chart and that will help, but will also know the legend off the page. Any ideas?

Hi all ,

i have a pie chart and show percentage as label ,i set label data as #PERCENT{P0}

but when report runs it has 3 value: 58%,11%,32%

you can see the 3 value add up to 101%

is something else i need to set on label ?

any help for this ?



I am developing a Report in SSRS in which we have to show 2 Pie Charts next to each other. One pie chart has got 5 data points and other pie chart got 3 data point. The data points on both pie chart is dynamic.

Now for some reason the size of Pie chart get adjusted automatically based on the content and because of which both pie chart looks different in Size after it gets render.

Any idea on how to stop SSRS changing the size of pie chart based on the data points?




Is there any way i can create circular pie chart instead of regular pie or a dougnut pie inside a doughnut pie

main intention of having it is,i would like to have 5 diff circles in a pie(assuming 5 circular layers with 5 diff colors,with green as outer circle beginning  is life and ending with red as death),i would like to make a chart such that..i can display the particular technology is in particular stage...i need to point in the report.

is that possible with SSRS or anyway...asp.net reports or any other 3rd party controls...

Dear Friends
         I am drawing a Pie Chart for following groups as 

Group1 : 20 %
Group2 : 30 %
Group3 : 50 %
Group4 : 0 

Now When I Assign Data View to Pie Chart It Show 20 30 50 Including "0"  As Label . Is There any way to Hide That "0" Value Base Info On To Chart Please Help...!!! 



I hope someone can help me.  I have a report that uses several charts and while they render fine in SSRS, when I deploy them the Report Manager shows the pie charts that are too big and fall outside of the chart window. Also, when I run them though our report.aspx page I am getting charts that duplicate and fall outside the entire parameters section.  Now I can't get to the export drop down option because the duplicated charts are covering it.  Not sure if this makes any sense. 

Anyway it is my guess that the charts are fine (since they look ok in ssrs) so it is something in my report.apsx page or some configuration that is messed up.


Again thank you in advance for any help...

I use owcchart program for drawing pie chart, but position property for datalables doesn't work. I am wondering if somebody has some solution for drawing datalabels otside the pie. Many thank's.

can anybody provide me the steps to create chart(bar or pie) with drill down and drill up functionality in ssrs 2005 designer in layout tab

i have created the report using cube and wanna use that columns and row to make chart..

please provide the steps to create chart

thanks in advance

hi can any one provide me a solution for removing a label with 0% in piechart.

I have a page that dynamically adds pie charts.  The height of the chart is set based on the number of charts (chart areas) that will be shown, 250 pixels per chart.  I am setting the position of the chart area in the code so that all the charts will be in one column.
If I create 2D pie charts, the charts are created consistently the same size no matter how many pie charts are created.

If I create 3D pie charts, the more charts there are, the smaller the charts become.  If I create 50 charts, the chart is not even visible.
I am showing the border on the chart areas to verify that it is the size I am expecting.

I have tried removing titles and legends and docking them inside and outside of the chartarea, changing the point depth and inclination.

As I mentioned, the same code with 2D pie charts works as expected.  Is this a bug in the chart controls for .NET 3.5 or am I missing something?



I have a table (technologyname, Quarter, Count).

I have to create a pie chart with drilldown approach, how i can do this excel 2007?

any exe's for performing tasks.



I try to make an ASP.NET page that includes a pie chart.
My requirements for the pie:
- no 3d
- labels outside the pie
- labels connected to the slice with a thin line.

I can achieve 2 out of 3 (which is not bad :)
- 3d
- labels outside
- line from label to slice


- no 3d
- labels outside
- no line

Is there some way that enables me to have all 3 requirements?

Code I use (C#):

        Chart1.Series["Series1"]["PieLabelStyle"] = "Outside";
        Chart1.Series["Series1"]["IsValueShownAsLabel"] = "true";
        Chart1.ChartAreas["ChartArea1"].Area3DStyle.Enable3D = true;


How to rotate pie chart in 2D mode?


how to use c# dataset for rdlc Pie chart? and how to define values dynamically in pie chart?




 How to enable automatic sizing of Pie chart.

Pls help to me..

Thanks in advance....




I am using a pie chart made with Windows Forms Chart Controls, Microsoft Chart Controls for .NET Framework 3.5.


I need to respond to a click on a wedge of the chart to provide information about that wedge.  How can I determine on which wedge the user clicked?


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