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signer's certificate is not valid

I have programmed succesfully with VB 4.0 for years and have recently started to "Update" myself with Visual Basic 2005.  I tried to build an application to distribute via CD.  I received the following error:

Error 2 SignTool reported an error 'Failed to sign bin\Release\Counting Stewards data entry.publish\\setup.exe. SignTool Error: ISignedCode::Sign returned error: 0x80880253

 The signer's certificate is not valid for signing.

SignTool Error: An error occurred while attempting to sign: bin\Release\Counting Stewards data entry.publish\\setup.exe


I am totally "out to lunch." I have no clue of what this is about and cannot find anything in my references which address it.  I have found no code on line that enlightens me.  Is there a simple explanation and/or fix?  Where can I learn more in order to avoid this in the future?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Answer 2

Thank you for your quick response.  I believe I understand.  The purpose of the signer's certificate  is to improve security for sending stuff over the internet.  Is this correct?  If it is, then this is more than I need.  I am not interested in sending applications or data over the internet.  All I want to do is create an application that I can install on  my church's computer so that the people who count Sunday's offering will have a tool to organize their work, which can be a complex and error-prone process.  Is there any way that I can do that?  Must I have a signer's certificate?

Answer 3

I modified the url in the setup.exe file clickonce creates and then tried to resign the file using the following command

 signtool sign /f TradingPlatform.pfx setup.exe

where TradingPlatform.pfx is a valid certificate  in the same directory as setup.exe.

 Here is my output

Done Adding Additional Store
SignTool Error: ISignedCode:Tongue Tiedign returned error: 0x80070057
        The parameter is incorrect.

If i use the signtool wizard i get the very informative error:

SignTool Error: An error occurred while signing: <>

If i try to sign the setup.exe file before i modify it, it works fine.  Does this mean you can not modify an already signed file and then resign it using this tool????


Answer 4

-In VB2005
-Go to the property of the Project
-Select the Signing tab
-Click 'create test certificate' button
- it will ask for new password 2 times and you have another 1 year extension!

Answer 5

I had the very same problem, your answer solved it. Thanks!!!

Answer 6


u solved my problem too

many thx!!!

one more question,

for the next expired date, i am supposed to do the same thing?

many thx




Answer 8

My problem is solved.

Thanks Smile


Answer 9


thank you very much. The official MS workaround to this issue involves creating a new C++ program to generate a new certificate  (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/925521), I was sure there was a simpler way to do it!


Answer 10

That solved my problem too in C#.

Go to Signing (Properties>Signing)

Create test certificate.

and thats it.



Answer 11

THANKS so much!   Works also in VB 2008 for projects migrated from VB 2005.


Answer 12

Is it possible to just extend an existing certificate, or to make the certificate  last more than the year?

I ask because when a new certificate is created, all the users where the application is deployed will need to do a certain amount of work. (such as remove the old link and create the new link to the install url.)


Answer 13

Click the CREATE NEW SIGN, leave passwords blank...

No More sign required.


Answer 14

This really helped me too.




Answer 15

The Microsoft workaround allows to keep your user's certificates valid.  (Otherwise all your users will have to authorize the "new" application...

You can get an already compiled version at


Once you get the new certificate, don't forget to select the new file from Visual Studio's signature tab.  Visual Studio won't re-read it, even if the file has changed :-(


Answer 16

Where do I find this information for Visual Studio 2005 or VS 2008?

Answer 17

Great. it is working

Answer 18

Thanks a bunch. It solved the problem!

Answer 19

Resolved my problem.


Answer 20

It's the advice that keeps on giving!  thx

Answer 21

thanks a ton.

U solved my problem



Answer 22

Brilliant, it even worked in VS2008.




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Answer 23

Thanks, it solved my problem at VS2005





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