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Silverlight plugin not working

This has probably been answered a million times, but I can't find it anywhere so a little help would be appreciated.

The Silverlight plugin says it is installed in both IE8 and Chrome5 but it doesn't work on any page. The Silverlight portions do nothing and the "Check online for solution/close program" box pops up... it can't find a solution as usual and then IE8 closes the tab and Chrome5 puts up the plugin crash bar and switches to the dead plugin image where the Silverlight is supposed to be (unless there is a replacement, like on the Silverlight site it says "Loading Silverlight Experience" instead of the dead plugin image)

Example: http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/8576/silverlightcrash.jpg

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and no luck. I'm on Win7 64bit. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Answer 1

If you have been able to install and reinstall it sucessfully my guess is one of the internet explorers settings is causing the crash.  Try on the advanced tab of the internet options pressing the reset button.  Once you restart the browser hopefully it will work properly 


Answer 2

Thanks for the idea, but resetting IE didn't work. The plugin still crashed.

I also tried it in fresh installs of Firefox and Opera just for kicks and they both said Silverlight installed successfully, but both said the plugin crashed when trying to view a page using Silverlight, just like IE and Chrome.

Also tried it out on my Mac Book Pro and it works fine on the mac side in Safari and Chrome and also works fine on the Win XP side in IE8 and Chrome


Answer 3


Is your browser a 32-bit browser or 64-bit browser? Silverlight doesn't support 64-bit browser. 


Answer 4

1. I've been installing, and uninstalling Silverlight ever since I upgraded to windows 7 several months ago.  It seems my computer works fine without silverlight, however the msft update insists I need "Silverlight"  When it is installed on my computer, I can not use the Internet Explorer!

I've been trying to find out the fix for this, but so far have not found it.

It seems many people on these forums also have similar problems, has anyone found out how to fix it??? 


2.  I noticed from the beginning that supposedly "Silverlight" does not work on "64 bit"

     Then why does Msft update keep insisting on installing it on my computer??


Answer 5

Hi Frank,

I'm using the 32bit version of IE, in the 64bit version it says it's not supported on the check page whereas it says it is installed correctly on the 32bit... and every other browser (also 32bit) and seeing as it works on my laptop with the exact same browsers (versions and settings) I'm thinking Silverlight just doesn't like my desktop with Win7 64bit


Answer 6

I am having the same issue. I downloaded Silverlight to play Netflix and no matter what browser or version I use, the Silverlight plugin crashes.

I am running Windows 7 64bit and have tried both 32 and 64 bit versions of IE8, Chrome and Firefox. It has never worked since I got it and have updated video drivers, Silverlight to most recent version and most recent version of browsers.


Answer 7

I'm having the same issue. I am running Win 7 64-bit with the latest version of Chrome (I don't know whether Chrome is 64 or 32). I've been using Netflix via Silverlight plug-in successfully for well over two months now, yet suddenly the plug-in is crashing every time I try without fail. I ran chkdsk on my system, and it actually fixed some bad clusters relating to Silverlight. But all that did was make it load 33% of my video before crashing the plug-in, whereas before it would crash upon loading the page.

Also, I was able to run Netflix via Silverlight successfully with an older, 32-bit Vista Laptop.

I am at a loss!


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Answer 9

Same exact issue.

Nothing in event viewer, have tried uninstalling and installing.


Answer 10

I'm having the same problem too! I use win7 64 bit, and I have the latest version of chrome and firefox, and the IE9 beta. starting today I have been unable to view any videos or use pandora. when I try to use netflix (on chrome) it loads and buffers, but before it starts playing the browser crashes and I get the notification that the silverlight plugin has crashed. I have been having trouble with you tube and pandora as well, however, on these sites I get a notification that a shockwave flash plugin has crashed. To me it seems like the problem must be connected since both of these problems started today. I am worried that I can't use these sites, and frustrated! Please help!



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