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SQL 2008 SP1 - ALTER FAILED in Maintenance Plan


One of my SQL 2008 SP1 servers is experiencing periodic failures of a database maintenance plan that includes integrity checks. 

Failed:(0) Alter failed for Server 'ssomsitrack1v'. 

I've seen other postings from people who have had this issue with SQL 2005 and fixed it by either applying a service pack, enabling the "automatically set processor affinity mask" and/or I/O affinity mask settings, or by executing a sp_configure 'allow updates',0.

This server already has both affinity mask checkboxes set, and allow updates is already set to 0.  The maintenance plan fails with this message about 1 in 4 times.  The server is on a VMWare VM w/2GB RAM and two vCPU's.  There's only one user database and it's tiny (~200MB).

Any ideas?


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Answer 1

can you show us the output from the M-Plan log.That would be a detailed one.

Or the detailed Job history .


Answer 2

Here's the output from the job:

Microsoft(R) Server Maintenance Utility (Unicode) Version 10.0.2531

Report was generated on "ssomsitrack1v".

Maintenance Plan: User Database Maintenance

Duration: 00:00:01

Status: Warning: One or more tasks failed.


Check Database Integrity (ssomsitrack1v)

Check Database integrity on Local server connection

Databases: SpmData

Include indexes

Task start: 2010-09-01T22:00:03.

Task end: 2010-09-01T22:00:05.

Failed:(0) Alter failed  for Server 'ssomsitrack1v'. 


I'll change the /REPORTING parameter in the job step to V (verbose) to see if that'll add additional info that we can see the next time it fails.




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