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SQL Merge Replication does not propagate changes between subscribers

We have a problem which involves multiple Windows CE subscribers (SQL CE 3.5) replicating with SQL Server 2005 in merge replication. The subscription has one table.

When a subscriber changes data, it gets published to the server, as expected. When data changes on the server, it gets published to all subscribers, as expected. However, the changes from one subscriber does not get downloaded to other subscribers. It seems that the server gets the updates, but the other subscriptions seem not to be "notified" of the new changes made by each subscriber. So these updates get "stuck" at the publisher after being uploaded.

If a new subscriber comes in and replicates the entire table (the first time), then all updates are properly downloaded. If the subscription is re-initialized, then all rows are downloaded correctly. However we cannot do this because it will downgrade the synchronization performance too much to download the entire table for each synchronization.

Another detail to note is that if we move the database to another database database server instance and create the publication again, the synchronization works properly. Thus it does not seem to be an issue with the subscribers or the database schema, but rather the configuration of the server itself.

What could be the reason? Where is a good place to start looking to resolve the issue?

Advice appreciated!


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Answer 1


  i dnt think problem would be with server configuration or replication configuration settings...as u able to setup on other server(assuming you running scripts from ur main server)... looks like problem with replication metadata(throwing out idea) tht merge agent not recongnizing changes ....


Answer 2

I do not quite understand here. Which type of "metadata" are you referring to?

Clearly, the publisher database server does not publish the changes to subscribers if they come to other subscribers.

Is it possible that some trigger is not working?



Answer 3

Same Problem, if we re-create any subscription and generating new Partitioned Snapshot, it downloads the Partitioned Snapshot, and everything is OK. But the old subscription sometimes (not always) cannot download changes from the Publisher. I think sometimes, Replication Triggers do not fire correctly? Is there anyone to help us in this issue?


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