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How to Srink the report to fit the print in one page

Hello All.

i had a large reports having more than 60 to 70 columns . i need to print the report in a single page, means the report shoukd srink and print in to a single page (excel have the same type of options to srink the large sheet to fit in to a page) .

i dont want ot export to excel and mak the sheet to fit in to single page . i had try to chang the page size and intractive size fo the report . but it wont help too much.

Any idea ???

thanks in advance


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Answer 1

I am also having this problem, only with far less columns. I cant seem to even get the program to have the cells shrink to fit  their data.

Any help  would be appreciated.



Answer 2

I have the same problem. I let Internet Explorer 7 handle the problem

What I do is the following.

I set the interactive margins of the report  to 0,0

I remove any body margins.

I set the paper size  to A3 landscape

Then I run the report in Internet Explorer 7

I change the "preview size" in the reporting bar to "whole page"

Then I do a right click on the report and select "print preview"

I make sure that it is "shrink to fit"

That the page  setup (4th button on the left) is set to A3 and landscape

And then print

Have fun



Answer 3

Hi Constantijn Enders

Thank you for your responce ,

this may work , but i need a clean sollution to handle print  .

when i click the print button in the report  viewer toolbar the the report should srink and fit  it in to one page  for printing.

and one more thing i had used the A4 sheet  for printing.

I expects the same as the excel  application srink function in the SQl report server Application.




Answer 4

Hello All

i had gone through different techniques but nothing help  me , only thing is i had reduce the font size  and decrease the unwanted table height and width . the as functionality i don't get the clear sollution. may Microsoft had to give those functionality to satisfy the users .

is there is any way to post a message to Microsoft Developers ask for the new functionally.

Answer 5

hi dear,

Go to the property

you will find a option fit  to single page  if possible

check it out your problem will be resolved

if any clearification required feel free to ask.



Answer 6

select the required element like matrix,listbox,rectangle ,etc

and right click go to the property in general section you will find the fit   properties

check it will be use full to you

if any problem feel free to ask

Kamal Agrawala




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