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SSRS how to expand table horizontally in SSRS

I am trying to make a report in SSRS. My requirement is to expend table dynamically instead of vertically..is this possbile in ssrs.

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Answer 1


You can go with the matrix and have column grouping done.

Hope its clear....


Answer 2

Matrix could not resolve my problem i tried it. Acutally i want some columns in my query should expand  horizontally rather verticall. as i have multiple columns under same ID which should expand as horizontally  on the base of its header table  id but don't have any row group columns acutally these should be as column values.

Answer 3

I want to put my queries in 2 data sets, join with same parameter, then design two sepearte table  for them one should expand  vertically and other one should in both sides, as i have multiple columns in the 2nd table but have not any column which i can put it correctly in the groups in matrix....any help..


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