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SSRS how to expand table horizontally in SSRS

I am trying to make a report in SSRS. My requirement is to expend table dynamically instead of vertically..is this possbile in ssrs.

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You can go with the matrix and have column grouping done.

Hope its clear....


Answer 2

Matrix could not resolve my problem i tried it. Acutally i want some columns in my query should expand  horizontally rather verticall. as i have multiple columns under same ID which should expand as horizontally  on the base of its header table  id but don't have any row group columns acutally these should be as column values.

Answer 3

I want to put my queries in 2 data sets, join with same parameter, then design two sepearte table  for them one should expand  vertically and other one should in both sides, as i have multiple columns in the 2nd table but have not any column which i can put it correctly in the groups in matrix....any help..


It is possible to make reports where data expands Horizontally and you can also control the number of records displayed.

First open section Expert, click Details at right side bottom you will see Format with multiple columns.Check this option .Now go to the Layout Tab on top of same window.

Set width to 2 and in Printing Direction check the option "Across the Down" and the OK.

Now in your detail section place your fileds like one below another and also place labels on left side but for labels you need to do something extra.Select all labels > Format > Supress if duplicate.Your report in design mode should look like this, ill try to post image links.

In details Section.

Label1 Field1

Label2 Filed2

Lable3 Field3

Now what it does is it displays records horizontally and when space in one line is filled it moves to next line.

Now to limit number of records displayed per page you need to use formula.

Create a formula @CountChange

RecordNumber mod 3

Here i have set record limit to 3 per page.

Now open Section Expert and click Details and check the option "New Page After" and click "X-2" and type :

{@CountChange} = 0

Thats it, hope this helps.


I am using SSRS 2008 in integrated mode on a WSS 3.0 site.  I have a report with a matrix in it.  THere are two columns (Project/task).  When I expand the project column (clicking +), the tasks will show up.   Everything works fine in BIDS.  But when I try to view the same report in WSS, the numbers in the columns beyond task get pushed over by 1 column whenver I expand the project column.  

For example, this is what the report looks like before I expand the project column -

Project              MTD    YTD
+ProjectA           100    200
+ProjectB           300    400

After I click +, I get

Project              MTD    YTD
+ProjectA       Task 1     10    20
                      Task 2    90    180
+ProjectB           300    400

Does anyone know how to fix this?



We have a cube based report which has the following layout:
1) Main Report which has groupings (and sections) on it.
2) Each of the groupings has a detail level which exposes a Sub-Report.

The Expand/Collapse functionality works fine on the button click (of the +/- icon). When the Default was set to "Hide" the icon made sense - it would show (+) in order to allow the user to expand and (-) once the section is expanded.
Based on user request, we switched the functionality for a section to show default "Expanded" and the icon still behaves the same way which is wrong (we expect the icon to now behave in the reverse way...that is to show (-) since the section is now expanded). Numerous attempts to set the defaults/ toggles etc have failed to switch the icons. (Note:- BOTH the Grouping AND the Detail levels have default Visibility set to "Show")

Even creating a new report to check this functionality produces this same erratic behavior.
In short - For a Cube based report in SSRS 2008, when the default is Expanded for a section, the toggle icon appears to work in Reverse order.
(Please reply specific to this issue above, we are aware of how to set the Visibility of a Section, Set default to Expand/Collapse by going to Properties as well as use the Toggle button - its the weird behavior of the icon that is the issue, also if there is any way to customize the icon that would be helpful too...Thanks Much!!)

Also we have tried everything on the issues:-
1) http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/forums/en-US/sqlreportingservices/thread/852012f8-fc08-4240-8885-48272590ea4f
2) http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sqlreportingservices/thread/207be3a6-a70e-40f7-99a2-5478f67813dd
3) http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/forums/en-US/sqlreportingservices/thread/07b229fe-d24a-4bdd-ac69-e88acfa2b529
4) http://forums.asp.net/p/1079306/1596209.aspx#1596209

Hi All,

How do i create  expand collapse control types for parameters in reporting services. For Ex. i am using Cube as my data source and passing Time as year,month , quarter from parameter.

SO i have created time parameter using MDX query and i want to see the parameter collapse and expandable as we see the dimension in cube. is it possible to do it.




I have the details section of a table hidden....when I deploy the report to my website and expand a record for viewing, the screen shifts moving so the newly expanded section is at top of the screen.  I'd like to know how I can prevent this from happening.

When previewing a report in Visual Studio I do not get this behavior.

It's SSRS 2005





I have been able to have a report with Group / Group count and Details.

The issue I have are:

1. When I collapse the drilldown to get only the Group and Group countit just collapse per page not the full report...I would like to have all Group / Group count on 1 or two pages and then epand as needed...

2. The title and column headers appear only on the first page... how to get it on all pages?





I have created a tabular report in SSRS. The report drills down to monthly level when toggle image (+) is clicked. When this report is viewed in Firefox, it gets expanded & collapsed and the proper toggle image is displayed. The same report when viewed in IE doesn't expands and hence the toggle image remains as is (just the page is refreshed).

Note: A dashboard is created in sharepoint 2010 and deployed. 

Please help.




I am creating an ASP.NET web Application in which I have a many controls in my table. I want to add the '+' sign to expand the table and '-' sign to colapse it so that it looks neater.

How to achieve this??

Thnx in advance..


sample: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms535893(VS.85).aspx#
script: mtps-bn20101004.js

Can you fix JavaScript function "ToggleMutliViewTable(strImage)" for compatibility with new browsers?

 add one more if "if (thisPanelOb.parentNode.childNodes[i].style)" before "if(thisPanelOb.parentNode.childNodes[i].style.height=="300px")" with its "else"

explanation: childNodes contain textNodes, which don't has property "style" => new browsers output error "Cannot convert to object".



I am trying to use the AddqueryOption with an "orderby$" on an expanded table.

The orderby works fine for a property on the main object in dataServicequery but I am not sure how to properly format the string to

order by a property on an "Expanded" table.

For example:

waterHeaters = ((DataServiceQuery<WTRHTR>)waterHeaters).AddQueryOption("$orderby", "MFG").AsQueryable();   works perfectly



waterHeaters = ((DataServiceQuery<WTRHTR>)waterHeaters).AddQueryOption("$orderby", "CUSTOMER.Address")  Fails.  CUSTOMER is an expanded object on the DataServiceQuery to WTRHTR.


Is this a limitaion or is there a specific way I need to pass properties of expanded objects ?




We have a job which runs each day which repeats the sequence of (1. drop table a,  2. insert into table a from x ) many times

While this job is running we are unable to expand the tablesfolder in object explorer as it iwll time out, additionally queries will be blocked by this job.

Why would a drop/insert job lock expansion of the tables folder and block queries from being run? How can we prevent blocking these queries without stopping the job?


I use Blacklight expander in my Silverlight project and i want to create a Button to expand or collapse all the expander in the same time and change the Button content. The Blakclight control have the property "IsExpanded". Is there a way to do that ?

The Blacklight expander is similar to the Silverlight Toolkit Accordion control.



Can I set a table to display 20 rows and then scroll instead of expanding down several page? (SSRS 2005 )


Hi All you helpful people :)

I'm fairly new to SSRS and am struggling to find a way to solve my problem.

I am printing what is basically a staff list, where a staff member's photo and name is displayed, 18 per page, 6 pics across, 3 down. My problem is that I need the pictures to be displayed horizontally across the page, but instead they are being displayed vertically... for example, if there were 3 staff members with last name beginning 'A', they would be displayed in the first column. I would prefer them to be displayed as the first three pictures horizontally.

...Am I making sense?!

Please do let me know if you have any suggestions!


I have my ssrs 2005 SP3 web server pointing to a SQL Server 2008 SP1+CU4 for its metadatabase ReportServer and ReportServerTemp.  (For now,  assume I have a valid reason why my SSRS is not on 2008).

I have a web app that calls the reportserver/ web services to render reports for end user.

Everything works fine - except that sometimes - my users get a timeout error.  When I go to the ssrs log, I see:

Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.ReportServerDatabaseUnavailableException: The report server cannot open a connection to the report server database. A connection to the database is required for all requests and processing., ;

Then I noticed that if i manually browse the report manager and run a report, then the timeout goes away and my web service call to render the report starts working all over again...until later when this happens again.  This happens intermintelly so it's been hard to troubleshoot. 

Does SSRS 2005 SP3 suppot a SQL 2008 Report Server DB?  it seems like it does because this works fine otherwise.




I've been asked to display four images horizontally on the home page. I'm using a content query web part to display the images from a Picture Library. I can get them to display vertically, but not horizontally. Is there also a way to format them for size?

Any recommendations? Thanks.


SharePoint Server 2007:



I am having the lists which has the field of type checkbox for displaying the states, I inserted the field as multiple form view webpart in an aspx page.

Now i am getting the  checkbox Vertically.

Please guide me on how to bring it Horizontally.

Also guide how to make it disabled. So that user can't edit it.


Umar Ali 




I made made a report with 2 columns but I want to fill them horizontally and I can't find how to do it. They are always filled vertically (I do that for some labels) but when the columns are filled vertically the right column is lost. For example if I print 10 labels ad they are filled  vertically I also lose the 10 labels on the right because I use 10 labels instead of 5.


Can you please tell me how to do it?


Thank you




I would like to know which approach would be the best to show breaking news which will craws horizontally in MOSS site


Hi there, my knowledge of the SQL Database is not very well.

I have a database with sales, period and year. Our financial Period is April - March.

The period is stored as number. The table below shows the equiavent output.



I want to be able to display each month sales against every accounts.

How can I make the output to display this? using a

<th>April 2010</th>
<th>May 2010</th>
<th>June 2010</th>
<th>July 2010</th>
<th>August 2010</th>
<th>September 2009</th>
<th>October 2009</th>
<th>November 2009</th>
<th>December 2009</th>
<th>January 2009</th>
<th>February 2009</th>
<th>March 2009</th>




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