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SSRS Graph - Adding Parameter Expression to Title

How does one add a parameter value within a Title of a Graph?

I'm using Reporting Services 2005 and it wont allow me to click on the expression like it has for other fields.



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Answer 1

Hi Sam,

You can double click on Chart title  and paste or type your expression  in that field.





Answer 2

Hi Sam233,

Sorry I don't have a copy of SSRS 2005 but this is what I did in SSRS 2008 or SSRS 2008 R2.

1. Go to "Chart Title Properties"

2. Click on "fx" in Title Text:

3. Enter your experssion, e.g. ="Games Service: " & Join(Parameters!FISCAL_YEAR_QUARTER.Value, ",")

You should be able to click on "Parameters" in Expression Builder.

Please let me know if it's the case in SSRS 2005.

Hope this helps!


Answer 3

It doesn't look like there is an expression  Builder in SQL2005 for chart title, although i've just tested it and they can be used.

In the Chart Title, just add  your expression:


NB: This has been "fixed" in SQL2008

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