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Steps to do database sharding in sql Azure


        I want to implement database partition(sharding)  in sql Azure and i got below link in forum ,so my query is it completely manual process to do partition in database or is there any built in feature which can help to Scaling up and scaling down in sql azure.



Please help me if any one have idea on same.


Thanks in advance..



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Answer 1

You should post this on the SQL Azure forum.


Answer 2

You could probably dream up a scheme of sharding  and use SSIS to make it happen.

Answer 3

The short answer is no, its is up to you as a developer to make sharding  work.

MS employees have posted an excellent example how this can be done in sql  Azure.



Have a look at it and see if it gives you some understanding and inspiration how it can be achived.


- Raoul


Answer 4

There is a sharding  library on codeplex that does just what you are looking for.


This sharding library is continually updated so if you have feedback please post your comments.



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