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Strange Color Grouping in Chart Based on Cross-Tab

I have a crystal report with a cross-tab, and a chart based on that cross-tab (Chart Expert -> Data -> Layout -> Cross-Tab). The data consists of several items with similar names, such as TestProduct1, TestProduct2, BlahProduct1, BlahProduct2 (these are the series in the chart).

The problem is that the chart assigns the same color to TestProduct1 and TestProduct2, and the same color to BlahProduct1 and BlahProduct2. Only TestProduct1 and BlahProduct1 show up in the legend, but the bars for TestProduct1 are equal to the sum of TestProduct1 and TestProduct2, and the same is true for BlahProduct1 & 2.

Here is a picture:


See how there are 7 rows in the crosstab? They are shown as only 3 in the graph, grouped by similar names.

My chart is set-up like this:
On change of: year
Subdivided by: productId
Show: cost

The ids are unique, and I can change the group that a product is placed into by only changing its name. So if I rename T3stProduk5 to TestProduct5, it will become part of the blue 'group' (and the green one will disappear).

Why is this happening?

Thank you.

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