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Subscriptions using Windows Integrated Security (Datasource)

Hi All, 

Having an issue with SSRS 2008 at the moment, trying to setup subscriptions.

Our system is configured so that any one of 10 users can login to the SSRS website using their windows domain account, and then launch report builder to design and save reports.  This all works very well, however, they have a problem when trying to setup subscriptions - the famous "Subscriptions cannot be created because the credentials used to run the report are not stored....."

What the message says is true - the credentials are not stored as they are supplied by the user when they login to report builder.

Is the /any/ workaround at all that doesn't involve storing the credentials?  It seems totally crazy that they cannot be prompted for them when setting up the subscription.  For this application its 100% essential to make the user provide their credentials when running reports, because they each see a filtered subset of the data in the report model (this is controlled DB side depeding on the login account), so their domain account needs to be passed to SQL server to enable this filtering to work.  If we saved their credentials then they would see all the data..and thats nasty.

The only workaround I can come up with would be to create  a separate datasource for each user and upload a separate model, but thats really nasty to be honest and creates an administration nightmare.

Any ideas?



Hi all,


We have a SharePoint 2007 and SSRS 2008 in intergrated mode. For cell security we use Windows authentication, which works well. Now we would like to use the create subscriptions option but it doesn't work since we use Windows authentication.

Is there an option to use Windows authentication for the ad hoc requesting of a report and the stored credentials for a subscription?





I cannot connect to a datasource in SSRS using Windows integrated security.  I read a post by Robert Bruckner stating....


Windows Integrated Security only works if your domain has Kerberos-delegation enabled - otherwise you will need to store credentials on the report server (more details: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms160330(SQL.90).aspx )

Our domain does have Kerberos enabled.  So how to I get this working in SRS and will it affect anything?





Can somebody provide me with a book reference, webpage or literature where I can read how to implement integrated security and form-based security in a .NET Windows application?

Things like: how to do it, best practices, advantages and disadvantages of both approaches, samples.

Best regards.


Up to SQL Server 2008 I have had insatisfiable results with subscriptions.

They demand to store a user account within the datasource in order to run.  This is obstructive with windows authentication security models which you use in the cubes or at databaselevel (or your own custom built security moel which relies on a windows account).

We don't want to supply a report, with a datasource which allows to see everything, in order to provide the user with the ability to make subscriptions. As a result we have to implement two versions in the portal, one which directs to the win authentication datasource and one which points to the stored user datasource.

The last version with the stored datasource is only available to IT staff which schedules reports for personell which raises the administrative costs.

What is your way to work around this?





For the TFSReportDS and TFSOlapReportDS data sources, can the "Connect Using" property be set to use Windows Integrated Security?

The install guide and forum replies all seem to indicate no.

Assuming the answer is no, why is that?



I have provided my setting and environment information below. My goal is to set Report Manager and Report Server URL with SSL connection so all URLs uses HTTPS (Secure connection) all the time. and remove HTTP access .

I applied following settings for this but I am getting errors. With Current Settings that I mensioned below, I am able to login into WebService URL successfully with all links working. For Report Manager URL  I logged in successfully but for some pages I am getting HTTP links instead HTTPS. It shows HTTP links for new datasource link, upload file link, subscription links so it shows blank page

I tried to look for solution and I applied but did not worked. I did some experiment with changing urls using application and manually from RSReportServer.config file but still not succedded.

Steps taken to solve problem:

To force to use HTTPS only, I tried to change SecureConnectionLevel = 0 to  1,2 or 3 but when accessing to Report Manager it gives 401 Authentication error. If I remove http://+:80/ReportServer and tried to visit 2nd URL with HTTPS. The Web Service URL opens successfully. but Report Manager url gives me error 'request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized'  To solve 401: Unauthorized error, I followed this article http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms159778.aspx but not solved my error. I tried to set ReportServerUrl also as shown below.



Reporting Service configuratin tool setting

Web Serivice URL -    1st URL) http://+:80/ReportServer   2nd URL) https://rs.test.abc.com:443/ReportServer

Report Manager URL - https://rs.test.abc.com:443

RSReportServer.config file settings     

SecureConnectionLevel = 0

Environment - Distributed deployment

Server1(report_srv) --Windows server 2003R2 64bit, Installed sql server 2008R2 reporting service, configuration tools

Server2 (report_db_srv) --windows server 2003r2 64bit, sql server 2005 for report server database

(Note: I am using domain user. Report Server and User both are in different domain. but everything was working fine on port 80 without SSL with default settings i.e.   http://fully domain name/Reports )






I have uploaded a report in Sharepoint site. Also I have a Shared DataSource connection in Datasource folder for the report. I dont want Report Users to misuse the datasource connection and connect to the Datasource for some other purposes. How can I limit the users not to have access to Shared Datasource folder ?

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.



I've integrated sharepoint with reporting services on version SQL 2005 enterprise with sharepoint services 3.0.

When running a mail subscription I receive the following error 


In the event loga remark about not knowing a  user "" in the sharepoint content database


Business Intelligence professional

Insufficient SQL  database permissions for user '' in database 'WSS_Content' on SQL Server instance 'server01.ourname.local'. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below.

The SELECT permission was denied on the object 'Docs', database 'WSS_Content', schema 'dbo'.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.


The very typical thing is it doesn't mention a user and refers to an empty user "". I can't mail and I can't to disk as well as it gives the same error

Failure sending mail: Report Server has encountered a SharePoint error.




I am having an issue with a report subscription not working properly when it is based on a snapshot of the report. The information is below:

Running MOSS 2007, SQL 2005 and reporting services in integrated mode.

The report resides in report library and opens fine in browser.

Created a subscription where the report is emailed in the body of the email on a schedule - worked fine.

Changed processing options to create a snapshot on shedule - worked fine.

Modified subscription to email when a new snapshot is created - does not work.

If I select "Create or update the snapshot when this page is saved" in the Processing options page then I recieve an email with that report snapshot. If I go to the View Report History and select New Snapshot the snapshot is created but the report is never emailed.

I recieve no errors nor can I find any in the reporting services log file that provides any hint as to why this does not work.

Basically, I need to be able to manually create a snapshot that will trigger a subscription but I can't seem to make it work.

Any suggestions?





Our organization has Sharepoint 2007 running in integrated mode with Reporting Services 2008.  Whenever users attempt to subscribe to reports (contained in a a report document library), the url included with the report subscription email (created by checking the "Include a link to the report" checkbox in the create subscription page) points to an incorrect path.  For example here is the URL returned in subscription email:

The report is accessible at the following address:


any tips / ideas of how we can configure the system to return the proper URL.  This functionality is very important with our users.

thanks much

Error when I try to add subscription: "Subscription cannot be created because credentials used to run this report are not stored."

I have SSRS 2005 and WSS 3.0 both installed on a Windows 2008 x64 Server.  SQL 2005 is the database, which his on a 2nd server (also Win 2008 x64).

I'm able to publish reports to sharepoint.  I'm able to view them in sharepoint web parts, but only when I set the credentials for the datasource to "stored connections" and check both "Use as windows credentials" and for "Set execution context to account".

Everything I read seems to say that I have to use Stored Credentials.  That's what I'm doing though.... necessary in order for me to view the reports within sharepoint.  

Other environment things that may be important:
The Report Server App Pool is using a domain account.  The same one I'm using to execute the report.  The WSS Content App Pool and the Sharepoint Central Admin App Pool are also using domain accounts.  However all 3 are using different accounts. 

I see reference to Kerberos vs. NTLM authentication.  Up to this point I've not had to completely understand that.  So the only thing I do understand about that is that in my Sharepoint Central Admin --> Application Management, Auth Type: Windows; Anonymous is NOT checked, and IIS Auth = Integratated --> NTLM.   So it seems clear enough there that Sharepoint authentication is NTLM.  I'm just not sure how to know what Reporting Services is doing in this respect.

Any thoughts / direction would be greatly appreciated. 


I have MOSS 2007 running SQL 2008 SSRS integrated mode and have created some reports and report subscriptions. Everything is working great. Now I want to use an Active Directory Distribution Group as a recipient for a report subscription - does not work, however the "last results" show no error. Try again using Dist Group in TO: field but adding regular email in CC: field...only email in CC field receive report, again all successful.

Does SSRS integrated mode support AD distribution groups? if so is there any special setup required?




I have some subscriptions in SSRS where the report goes directly to a Document Library on Sharepoint.  The subscription works fine, however, I would like to have the Title of the report be the current date that the report is run.  Is there a way to put a formula such as =[today] in the Title field of the File Options section on the Subscription properties?  I have tried this but either it is not possible or I am not using the correct syntax. 


Tim Olig

We have a few hundred clients, and we need to run a daily sql report for each of them. Saved in a document library, they can be picked up by the Search. I'd like to avoid the manual work of setting up 200+ report subscriptions. What would be the recommended route?

1) Work with the sql 2008 object model?
2) Work with the MOSS object model? (I see no class methods available for this - is this even possible?)
3) Work directly with either the report server database or the sharepoint database and with ado.net just loop through a set of insert statements, one for each client we want a report for?

Thanks for any input/direction.


This does not happen all the time, in fact about 5% of the time, but here's the error message when trying to "manage subscriptions" for an SSRS report:  Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.
Troubleshoot issues with Windows SharePoint Services.

Now if I send a copy of the report to file, rename it, upload it again, and try again -- then the error message usually goes away.  In short, intermittently the subscription capability goes away for a given report and then only way to get it back is to delete the report and re-upload it under a slightly different name.


I developed a custom membership and role provider for our SharePoint Foundation 2010 site, which uses claims authentication to support Active Directory users as well as users in our existing application login table in a SQL Server database. The providers are working, as users are able to login to SharePoint with the permissions assigned to the appropriate role(s).

The problem is that some new report subscriptions will fail to execute with the error "The permissions granted to user 'i:0#.f|custommembershipprovider|<username>' are insufficient for performing this operation." It seems random, as not all new subscriptions will fail with this error. All users are given the "Manage Alerts" permissions, which translates to "Manage All Subscriptions" according to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb283182.aspx

The version is Reporting Services 2008 SP2 (not R2), running in SharePoint Integrated mode, with SharePoint using a Trusted Account (the Reporting Services service account). I have verified that the Reporting Services service account has full permissions to the SharePoint site.

Any additional advice or troubleshooting steps would be appreciated.


Hi All,

Is there a way to run a subscription without user configuring the time settings. What I mean to say is there a way to make an option available to run the subscription "NOW", so that each time a user does not have to go and set the time for an existing subscrption at the time they intend to run it. In my case client wants a history of users running a report. So I have a sharepoint document library set up and everyone runs the report subscription to dump the report output in that SharePoint document library. In this way when an entry is created in that library information like who ran that report and what time is available and the report output format as well. And the report itself contains on the first page the parameters details. So in this way users are able to get hold of complete report history.

Can somebody please guide on this as it is definitely not sophisticated to enter time settings each time?

Thanks and Regards,

Pulkit Ojha



    We are using SSRS 2008 with Custom Security extension for all authentication and authorization.

    When trying to use report subscription attaching actual reports (not a link to the report), we get the following error.


      1. Can we use report subsription (as attachment) with custom authentication?

      2. Can we use external email addresses for email subscription?

Actual Error:

processing!WindowsService_10!1130!07/08/2010-11:35:11:: w WARN: Data source 'Historic_Agreement_Report_Model': Report processing has been aborted.
processing!WindowsService_10!1130!07/08/2010-11:35:11:: e ERROR: Throwing Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportProcessing.ProcessingAbortedException: An error has occurred during report processing., ;
 Info: Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportProcessing.ProcessingAbortedException: An error has occurred during report processing. ---> Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.ServerConfigurationErrorException: The report server has encountered a configuration error.
   at Microsoft.ReportingServices.Library.Security.get_AuthorizationExtension()
   at Microsoft.ReportingServices.Library.Security.get_CachedAuthorizationExtension()
   at Microsoft.ReportingServices.Library.Security.CheckAccess(ItemType catItemType, Byte[] secDesc, ModelOperation modelOperation, String path)
   at Microsoft.ReportingServices.Library.ModelCatalogItem.CanUserSeeItem(ModelItem modelItem)
   at Microsoft.ReportingServices.Modeling.SemanticModel.LookupBaseModelItem(QName id, ModelItem requestingChild)
   at Microsoft.ReportingServices.Modeling.SemanticModel.LookupItemByID(QName id, ModelItem requestingChild)
   at Microsoft.ReportingServices.Modeling.SemanticModel.TryResolveModelItemReference(ModelingReference itemRef, ValidationContext ctx)
   at Microsoft.ReportingServices.Modeling.SemanticModel.TryGetModelItem[T](ModelingReference itemRef, ValidationContext ctx)





I'm trying to use integrated security in IIS7 (Windows 2008) to connect to a database and add some tables as part of a Vistual Studio installer. I've set up my Application Pool so it users a domain user account to run the pool. As part of the installer, I connect to the database and add some tables though it doesn't seem to recognise the Application Pool indentity from the installer. The same method works fine in Windows 2008 R2 but Windows 2008 seems to have issues with this.

I know it's a long shot but has anyone got any ideas?



So, I'm still getting errors when configuring a connection with integrated security: and YES, I copied the sqljdbc_auth.dll into system32 directory (and I put a copy into systemWOW64 also.).

<---   error message:
ect to Development Server.
  Error creating SQL Model Connection connection to Development Server. (Error: This driver is not configured for integrated authentication.)
  This driver is not configured for integrated authentication.
  Error creating JDBC Connection connection to Development Server. (Error: This driver is not configured for integrated authentication.)
  This driver is not configured for integrated authentication.

end error message --->

I'm no expert here, but the message indicates, to me, that it's the *driver* that doesn't support integrated security. WTF? Was this an oversight? Or is something wrong on my side (Win 7, SQL2005, Eclipse Data Tools, sqlJDBC4, both ver 2.0 and v3[CTP]).
I saw messages relating back to version 1.2 that this problem would be fixed.


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