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Synctoy .dat files

Inside the paired directories/folders there are sycntoy dat files located. I wonder what happens or is it critical if I relocate those files' place? For example; I cut those files and paste somewhere completey different...  

(I'm using version 2.1 on Win7 x64 machine.)


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Hi HUG00,

These .dat files  you see were firstly introduced to resolve the driver letter issue. Drive letters, especially the ones for USB external storage drive, may change. Thus SyncToy need some make to indicate whether a path is the sync folder of current folder pair.

If the .dat file is deleted from the sync folder, SyncToy will not consider it as a sync folder any more. The re-located .dat files affect only if the new location is the same to the original one except the drive letter. Some users tried to copy such files to such folders (which is empty), and SyncToy only copy the new created or updated files/folder to the new location.

It is recommended that such files should not be manipulated manually. If you no longer need a sync folder pair, please delete it by SyncToy. If you need a new backup place, please create a new folder pair. Multiple .dat files can exist in one single folder if it is involved in mulitple sync folder pairs.


This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Answer 2

Hello JiGuang,

I just have a quick little question regarding the .dat file. I have a network location synchronized to my local hard disk. Since there is no drive letter involved, is there any way to make the .dat file not appear at all?

I just feel like I don't understand your response completely. SyncToy will not consider it a sync folder if the .dat file is removed even if the files  are still existent in the same exact location as before?




Answer 3

Hi -

I am sorry but if that file is missing SyncToy cannot function so SyncToy will not consider it to be a sync folder if you move that file to any other location other than where we put it.


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Inside the paired directories/folders there are sycntoy dat files located. I wonder what happens or is it critical if I relocate those files' place? For example; I cut those files and paste somewhere completey different...  

(I'm using version 2.1 on Win7 x64 machine.)

I recently deployed SharePoint 2010 and ran into an error when clicking the 'view workflow reports' button (with a

Correlation ID: 422c92ea-0f2e-4dd4-9159-f79f82fcf966). I went to the log files located in the default location to find this error only to discover that as of a few days ago, these .log files have ceased being written as .log files that I can open as text and are now being written as .dat files which i can not open. Does anyone know why this is happening?

I moved the location of the log files to see what would happen and in the new location, it was writing .log files again but they were completely empty. Thinking it was a security issues, I went into a few of the service accounts and elevated their permissions and made then local admins (knowing this is not a permanent fix but just trying to find a solution). However, this did not fix the issue. The last readable log entries i have were from the OWSTIMER.EXE and the w3wp.exe files. When I switch the log location back to the default location, it starts writing .dat files again. 

Any advice and explanation would be helpful. 


We have added files into Window folder with help of platform.bib file and with help of platform.dat file all required files we are coping into application folder.

But after this we want to delete all files from windows directory to get more space of program/storage memory.

Is there any command to remeove/delete unwanted files from window directory with help of .dat file?



I've had this problem for a while now.  It existed on 2.0 as well as 2.1.

When I preview I get a list of files that have not changed since the last sync showing up in my list with "Overwrite" shown for those files.  Many files don't have this problem, but several files always show up in the list of files that will be updated.

If I DIFF the two files (they're source code) they show no differences.

If I manually copy the source file to the destination location, the target file is overwritten without any issue.

Error: Cannot write to the destination file. Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)) Copying D:\My Documents\Visual Studio Projects\BF2Query\TestForm\Form1.resx to \\DLINK-NAS\Volume_1\Backups\ANTECi7\Documents_Backup\Visual Studio Projects\BF2Query\TestForm\Form1.resx

Is there a way to when using SyncToy to force a copy even if the files you are trying to copy from the Left side are older then the files on the Right side?

Want to use SyncToy as a simple deployment and rollback tool for a few folders and I've set up 3 folder pairs.

1st - Makes a copy of the target ( Right ) directory
2nd - Copies updated files from source ( Left )  directory to target ( Right ) directory
3rd - Copies original files back to the target directory

My 3rd Pair does not work because the files are indeed time/date stamped eariler on the Left so they don't copy back to the Right.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Ron Madaffari



i am trying to generate a dat file for a managed application. i keep getting the following error.

"C:\MicroFrameworkPK_v4_0\Product\Samples\HttpClient\HttpClient.csproj" (defaul
t target) (1) ->
(MetaDataProcessorCompile target) ->
  MMP : error MMP0000: Cannot locate file for assembly 'Microsoft.SPOT.Net.Secu

Any ideas on how to fix this ?



Does anyone know why I get   .Datxxxx      files appearing in my explorer favourites.  I keep going in and deleting them but a few days later more appear.  I know the answer is probably simple but then so am I.

Any advice appreciated but specifically related to this problem would be GREAT Surprise)


i've removed the SyncToy 2.1 from my desktop already, because there is a "SyncToy_[ID].dat" file stored in my own folder, i don't think it is elegant to create some stuffs under my data folders.

i was using "Synkron" as my folder synchronization tools. it doesn't create any files under my folder.

it will be appreciated if "SyncToy" can move those files under itself.


We have a source system where the data is residing in flat file structure (.dat files) and the files has SSN, Bank Account and other confidential information. I know the way to run the masking scripts on the SQL Server database tables but not on masking the information in flat files.

Can someone suggest me a way to do this?



Hi All....

   My client gave me .DAT database file. But I am not know how to use it or how to attach it to the sql server. So please help me so that I can use this .DAT file.

Thanks in advance...

I have a dat file which consists of thousands of columns which i have to insert into a database. I have to insert the data into multiple datatables. I am looking for the best possible way to do that. I have looked into bulk insert also but is there a better way? something like normalizing the data in the data access layer and inserting into the tables or creating ssis packages? Any help is highly appreciated.

Hello All,

I wan to edit Database file which is with .dat Extension.

The Connection string use in Configuration file that is.

<add name="TecsHomeConnectionString"
            connectionString="Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=TecsHome.dat; Jet OLEDB:Database Password=fdsa"
            providerName="System.Data.OleDb" />

I have TecsHome.dat file. I am opening it in MS Access using Passwored = fdsa but MS access prompting invalid Password

how can i open it if the given password in connectionstring is not working.

keep in mind i don't have source code. I just want to open .Dat Database file.


Hi all,

We are still using Visual Studio 2003 (I am hoping to go to 2010 early next year). I am running in a virtual environment which has a c and d drive. The d drive is used for personal configuration. The c drive gets refreshed every week so the VCComponents.dat loses any data such as include and library directory entries. Is there a way to have it point to the d drive instead? I have been looking but cannot find anything.




here is my program where I am trying to oopen a .dat file within my program. I cant get it to work, maybe my .dat file is saved incorrectly?

#include <stdio.h>

#include <stdlib.h>

#define filename "suture.dat"

int main() 


 int record_no; 

 int data; 

 FILE* suture;

 double percentbig; 

 int countbig =0; 

 int counttotal = 0; 

 suture= fopen("suture.dat", "r"); 

 printf("The information in the file: \n"); 


 while(fscanf(suture,"%d %d", &record_no, &data)==2); 


 printf("%d\t%d\n", record_no, data); 

 counttotal= counttotal + 1;

 if (data>100) 

 countbig= countbig+1;


 percentbig = (double)countbig/(double)counttotal * 100; 

 printf("The percent of data greater than 100 is: %lf\n", percentbig); 

 return EXIT_SUCCESS; 


We need to have a page that is capable of playing .DAT video files.. i have found links to using VLC but they are from 2008 and 2009.. so not sure if they are current enough and if they are what is the latest version of the software so i can include in my project.

I found this link http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=58935 which someone else asked pretty much the same question, but like i said its an old post..

Is there a better solution that does NOT involve converting of the file? We are going to be playing video from a DVR within a webpage.. and it needs to play in its original format.. I have downloaded the windows VLC client software adn the videos work fine.. but would like to see how to enable that playback within my page..




I am right now testing the install file of my software, and I can't open the output log file with AppVerifierLogParser, the following error appears:
"The selected file is an invalid AppVerifier log file".

Any help?

Here are the steps:
1. I Launch AppVerifier on W2k8 R2, add my application install file (.exe), and select only the HighVersion Lie test.
2. I proceed with the installation.
3. I launch the AppVerifierLogParser, browse to the log file of the AppVerifier "MyApp Setup.exe.0.dat", then double click it, the following message appears:
"The selected file is an invalid AppVerifier log file".

Is it a problem due to the installation file itself?



I export subsite with stsadm command like this:

stsadm.exe -o export -url http://ServerName:4040/sites/management/office -filename E:\sharepoint\SharepointBKP\backup.dat -overwrite

but it’s create 2 .Dat file ,backup.Dat and backup1.Dat in my backup folder.

now how I can import these 2 .Dat file with import command? I mean how I can give 2 Dat file to –filename in import command?

I’m very appreciated if anyone can help me.



Hi all ,

I am trying to process x12 file which with .dat extension instead of .txt. with default EDI Global settings and getting an error "No valid Segment terminator found".


Any one has an idea how to process .dat and .txt file with CRLF and LF as line terminator.




Right, not entirely sure about this.

I can successfully get ST to copy all files from my iTunes folder over to my external HDD, or at least it says it does.

I have a habit of verifying copies manually:  Doing a "property" of the source and then of the destination, then comparing files folders and file sizes.

But with ST my verification says that there are about 21 files missing of about 11,337, folders are fine and file size says it's about 10-20MB out.  Considering this is my entire CD collection I really don't want to be losing files all the time.

Can anyone shed some light on this please?



Synctoy 1.4 used to crash and Synctoy 2.0 got stuck at about 60-70% when attempting to sync a 'small' 30 gig folder.

OK, it's Nov09 and SYNCTOY 2.1 is released.  !!!!

Let's test to see if it can handle copying data from my source folder to a destination. 

The main reason I would like to use Synctoy rather than using Robocopy is to avoid unnecessarily recopying files and folders that you may have moved or renamed -  which should provide a vast speed improvement over using a simpler utility like robocopy.
To summarise the results below for Synctoy 2.1 testing:

-> Good news is that Synctoy no longer crashes, and no longer gets stuck.

-> Bad news is that if you use Synctoy 2.1 and create a new folder pair for a source and destination folder that ALREADY EXIST  (and are already perfectly synchronised using something like robocopy or perhaps by using synctoy 1,2 or 2.1 using a previous folder pair),  then it completely fails to recognise subfolders that you subsequently move or rename and it ends up copying them all over again,  leaving BOTH in the destination.

The following tests are using the 'Echo' feature of Synctoy 2.1.
This PC is an Intel Quad core 2.5GHz with 3g ram running Vista Ultimate 32bit.

My test folder is 184g (242,616 files in 9096 folders)
I'm still using robocopy to handle my backup to external usb drive; once the drives are synced  if I do a second pass robocopy takes just 4.5 seconds to whizz through the 242,616 files and show that there's nothing left to copy.

Using Synctoy 2.1 I created a new folder pair for this pair of folders using echo with standard options, and clicked Preview.

On the first pass I did think it was stuck at 60% but it carried on without problem taking 1 hour and 22 minutes. That's quite reasonable considering synctoy 2.0 got completely stuck on a folder a sixth of the size.  It has now created a database representing the file structure which should allow it to identify folders or files that were renamed, ultimately avoiding hours and hours of unnecessary copying and network traffic. It looks promising.

Strangely, out of the 242,616 files it did identify 15 files from two folders that needed updating,  even though I ensured the folders were completely in sync before I started.

I just used WINDIFF to check the source and target subfolders that contain these particular 15 files. Yup - the files in this folder are definitely identical, so I don't know why synctoy has identified that these files need to be overwritten. (The source and destination drives are both local and both NTFS).

OK, I let it run anyway,  despite showing me it had 15 files to copy from d: to f:,  it just actually only did 6 overwrite operations -  no other operations, (and 485,146 files did not require action which is presumably around 242+ thousand files on D and a similar number on F)

I windiffed the two folders again and all the files still match.

OK, let's see how long synctoy 2.1 takes now  on the second pass... there should be nothing to sync.  Wow... it took 2 mins 40 seconds - that's not bad at all !   Did another preview - now 2 mins 5 seconds.

So it's thumbs up for Synctoy 2.1 in terms of speed of working out its tasks, not getting stuck and not crashing.

Right, here's the big test for Synctoy 2.1:
Inside this 184g folder is a subfolder that contains 11.7gb and over 56,500 files including 1799 folders.   I'll now rename that subfolder on the source drive and then attempt to sync again with Synctoy.    Other methods of syncing including the robocopy script with the /MIR switch  would delete the 11.7 gb from the destination and copy the 11.7gb all over again.   Synctoy should recognise the name change and just rename the destination folder taking no time at all, though I appreciate it might accomplish it by doing 56,500 separate move operations - (which should still be a lot quicker than copying the 56,500 files! )

I clicked Preview to kick of the echo operation again. It came up with a vast number of delete and new operations and only a few renames. The preview took 35 mins 29 seconds and in total it found 76,738 actions to perform !!

That's a big fail for Synctoy 2.1.  What's the point of spending well over an hour to make that database on the first pass if it's not going to detect a single folder rename?

I then let it run - but I eventually stopped it when it had done over 19,000 operations after about an hour. I manually moved the folders back that it was copying unnecessarily and then deleted the 13186 files (2gig) that it had created so far in the destinations recycle bin.
OK, I can't trust synctoy now to get this right because I've messed about manually with the destination folder.  To get the destination perfectly identical to the source without deleting the destination and starting all over again, I used Robocopy with the /mir switch.  OK, the destination is now exactly the same as the source.

I then ran the preview once again on that large area but it now says there are 323 folders to delete, 6186 files to delete, 6186 new files and 323 new folders.   OK, actually, while doing my previous testing, I did do a few renames of other subfolders in both the source and the destination.  They do match perfectly, confirmed by robocopy, but of course synctoy has a database that reflects what it saw in the source folder the last time I ran it... so presumably it sees the changes I made and thinks it has a load of work to do, when in fact there is none to do. I'm not sure I like this idea of how synctoy checks against a database that it created last time - I think it really needs to check all of the destination files and folders each time.  It's really making the assumption that the destination is only ever changed by synctoy,  not allowing for manual copying or editing of files, nor for renaming of folders on anything but the original source.

If I could remember all of the folder names that I renamed and put them all back again, I'm sure Synctoy would then be happy. But the only way to sort this mess out now and avoid Synctoy attempting to perform all unnecessary moves and renames is to delete this folder pair, recreate it and run the preview again. I did this and after waiting for the hour and a half processing, confirmed it now shows 0 files to copy.

Let's test Synctoy 2.1 with something much much simpler.
I created a folder d:\test with 3 subfolders a,b, and c. They all have files, but folder b has 2 further subfolders called fff with 12 files and 2 further subfolders,   and ggg in which there are 7 files.
Let's sync that to f:\test using echo.
The preview took under a second. The run took 14 seconds.
Ran it again - took under a second to show that there are zero files to copy.
Right,  I now manually rename folder b to t
The preview again takes under a second and shows 5 folders to delete, 67 renames and 5 folders to create and it ran this in 1.5 seconds.
Well that worked perfectly... That said, it's a shame it doesn't realise it can just perform a single rename on the top level folder and instead do individuals moves of every file within!   But what went wrong with my large folder .. is it just a matter of folder size that confuses Synctoy ?

I'll try a smaller folder within the 140 gig structure. This folder contains 17 files, 164meg and includes one subfolder.  OK, it got that right....  just rename operations and create folders.
Let's try another folder -  194 files, 1.25 gig including 74 subfolders -  it got that right too apart from 2 files which it decided to delete and recopy.
Now try another folder - 902 files, 5.22 gig including 572 subfolders.  Now it's starting to go wrong.  It came up with 209 folders to delete and create, 332 files to delete, 571 files to rename (move), 332 smallish files to delete and recopy - (totalling 75 meg).  In this case that wouldn't take too long,  but why is it doing this?
Now a bigger folder -  6760 files , 15.99 gig including 2162 subfolders.  It came up with 739 folders to delete and recreate, 5775 files to rename (move), 1051 files to delete and re-copy totalling 103meg.  Again, interesting it is choosing small files to recopy. I checked out some of these files - they're not read only.  Perhaps I have a clue.... these files are all from a small set of subfolders.

I'll try setting up a new sync pair using one of these subfolders that it decided to delete/copy rather than rename/move. 
This folder structure is 1174 files, 80 meg and contains 389 subfolders.  I'll start off with the folder names being the same; the preview ran very quick and showed nothing to change. OK, change the subfolder in question inside the source folder - YES - it again says these are new files. The patch is very long... I'll subst a pair of drive letters for the source and destination a long way down the path so that the folders are no longer long.  This'll tell us if it's something to do with the contents of the folders, or just a problem with path length.  It still says 179 new files to copy.
I substed a pair of drives letters as close as possible to the folder in question and it still showed 179 new files to copy.
In case it's something to do with the files themselves, or their names, I'll copy them to a simple test folder d:\test - then I'll rename the single subfolder inside.  It still shows new files to copy.  This is now a simple folder with a single subfolder. Still the same problem.

Now let's just go back to creating a very small test folder with just 2 subfolders and 1 file  similar to the successful test I did before.  Well now this causing trouble with synctoy.  I can't work out why sometimes it successfully renames/moves files, and other times it wants to copy a new file  (and sometimes doesn't delete the original leaving 2 copies in the destination).  [EDIT - I've since discovered this occurs only if the destination folder already exists when you created the synctoy pair. It never goes wrong if you let synctoy copy the entire source to an empty destination folder on the first run.....   but this means you can never delete and recreate the folder pair unless you delete the entire destination folder as well].

I'll try one more - with my pics folder - 28024 files, 62 gig,    already robocopied to the destination folder. The preview operation successfully shows nothing to copy. Renamed a subfolder one level down, and another subfolder at level 2. It's got the whole lot wrong, synctoy wants to copy 1608 files totalling 4.6 gig. If I completely close synctoy, reload and try again, the results are the same.

I'm afraid Synctoy 2.1 echo just doesn't work !  I really was hoping that Synctoy2.1 would be a winner. The fault may lie within Synctoy itself or within Microsoft Sync Framework on which Synctoy is based - so you'd have to test other products based on sync framework to see if the same problem exists in them.
Most people will assume that synctoy would work without problem so I guess a lot of time is going to be wasted; I've just spent 6 hours trying to get it to work properly myself. I hope MS can come up with an update to Synctoy and/or Sync Framework asap.

Tim from howeasyisthat.com and brisbanepc.com.au

[I've made a number of edits mainly to make this easier to read,
and to include a summary of the findings right at the top]


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