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Synctoy .dat files

Inside the paired directories/folders there are sycntoy dat files located. I wonder what happens or is it critical if I relocate those files' place? For example; I cut those files and paste somewhere completey different...  

(I'm using version 2.1 on Win7 x64 machine.)


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Answer 1

Hi HUG00,

These .dat files  you see were firstly introduced to resolve the driver letter issue. Drive letters, especially the ones for USB external storage drive, may change. Thus SyncToy need some make to indicate whether a path is the sync folder of current folder pair.

If the .dat file is deleted from the sync folder, SyncToy will not consider it as a sync folder any more. The re-located .dat files affect only if the new location is the same to the original one except the drive letter. Some users tried to copy such files to such folders (which is empty), and SyncToy only copy the new created or updated files/folder to the new location.

It is recommended that such files should not be manipulated manually. If you no longer need a sync folder pair, please delete it by SyncToy. If you need a new backup place, please create a new folder pair. Multiple .dat files can exist in one single folder if it is involved in mulitple sync folder pairs.


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Answer 2

Hello JiGuang,

I just have a quick little question regarding the .dat file. I have a network location synchronized to my local hard disk. Since there is no drive letter involved, is there any way to make the .dat file not appear at all?

I just feel like I don't understand your response completely. SyncToy will not consider it a sync folder if the .dat file is removed even if the files  are still existent in the same exact location as before?




Answer 3

Hi -

I am sorry but if that file is missing SyncToy cannot function so SyncToy will not consider it to be a sync folder if you move that file to any other location other than where we put it.


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